How can I lose weight but keep my boobs?

hya guys, I av 34e boobs and im only 14, but im dieting a lot to lose weight but I dont want to lose my boobs, what do I doo? help please! x

Answer #1

Tone your tummy. :] I’m 6’0” And my boobs are a 36C/34D depending on the store. I didn’t lose any weight but I’ve been toning my abbs and have lost an inch of my tummy and NOTHING off my chest. Try core workouts. Hope this helps.

Answer #2

OK I am a guy and have been training athletically for 6 years, I can help you lose the stomach and keep those boobs, that doesnt mean run everyday, and it doesnt mean join the gym, you can target areas on your body by using key focus. dont do a pushup to lose your stomach for example just like doing a leg workout isnt going to give you a 20 inch bicep a ha. do crunches 3 sets of 20, then do twists (lift your body while on your back and twist left, then right, 4 sets of 15. then lay on your back and lift your legs to your chest for 3 sets of 20, then bend your legs and let them fall to the side keeping your body straight then lift your body keeping your legs to the side and lifting your body upwards, then switch your legs to the other side and do it again, repeat this for 3 sets of 15. now that workout done everyday and eating regularly not starving yourself but not pigging out should help you lose the stomach and keep the boobs. I am 16 years old from CANADA. Add my msn that way I can help you with this routine.

Answer #3

Everyone pretty much said it. You will lose the weight wherever you body decides to lose it. However. The more muscle you have in a given area, the more fat those muscles can burn. So try and keep your stomach muscles strong, and you won’t have to worry about gaining too much weight in that area as quickly as in others. Thats just advice in case you start to gain weight back from dieting. If you don’t exercise it’s all sort of a waste in the long run.

Also, keeping your stomach strong will help a lot in supporting your boobs. If you have a weak stomach your back will have to do all the work in keeping your boobs in control. And make sure to get properly fitted or a bra or your boobs will make your back hate them in a few years. Most girls are wearing the wrong size bra.

Look up “Core strengthening” to see what type of exercise you should be doing. Good luck. I personally, hope that you don’t end up on the breast reduction road because you didn’t take care of your boobs when you were young.

Your boobs still have plenty of time to grow anyway. Don’t worry too much about it.

Answer #4

Yea im in that delima as well I love my boobs I have to admit… But I do want to lose a bit more. I found walking and a jog will help and helthy eating does help and it only wont make you go down that much

Answer #5

heyy im 13 and I am a 36C and im kindaa chunkkyy and I want to loose like 10-15 pounds. but I REALLY want to keep my boobs, I love them. ahaha but what should I do ? is there a wayy that I can loose myy weightt butt keep myy boobs ?

Answer #6

well if you loose wait your boobs wouldnt get much smaller and if your concered about the size of your boobs or your health then you can take a risk with your boobs i would loose the weight cause if ur over weigth and only 14 you dont wanna have alot of problems

Answer #7

I don’t think you’d really want to lose the weight everywhere but your breasts… I think you’d be way off balance! 34 e… sounds like back pain to me.

You could always lose the weight and then get breast implants. But that’s really the only solution.

Answer #8

some people can lose weight and not lose boobs. Especially if you are young, which you are. I couldn’t imagine being a 34 E. When I was 16 I was a 36 D and that was uncomfortable.

Answer #9

Dang! lol you should share :) lol If you loose weight you wont loose all your boobs you will just have a normal size for a 14 year old…lol. But you probably should loose some of your boobs if you dont want really really bad back problems.

Answer #10

Hey Im a 34F I have boobs and they are still growing but I thought since I was doing heaps of exercise they would go down but all im doing is walking in the mornings and just eating pretty much healthy. But I do eat a lil bit of junk every now and then and but thats okay. Like I’ve lost weight a bit of it to in my thighs and and stomach and I used to be a 36F So I have lost a lot of weihgt in my back. Just keep this up it may work for you too…

Answer #11

lose weight, lose a lil boobie, boobies grow more later. DW!

Answer #12

uhm… yeah… 34 e is huge… and if you wannabe thin… that would look kinda funny… so you have to choose… thin.. or boobs.

Answer #13

You have to choose:

Lose the weight (including boobie weight), or keep the weight (including boobie weight). You can’t really stop it.

Answer #14

just wear a bra with sholder pads in it!!!

Answer #15

I don’t think you need to lose weight at all…I like that little chubby belly.

Answer #16

well thanx guys, i weigh 8 stone but wanna weigh 6. but the ladz love big boobies, hehe. i dunno wotta do!!! x

Answer #17

you can’t exactly target places when you workout. everyone is different. so you might lose weight in a different place first before you lose weight in another place. I have big boobs too haha. I know what you mean. but yeahh. you’ll be fine.

Answer #18

u cant do nuthin u will lose so just keep dieting then u will get them back

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