How to get rid of a scab on my face?

I have a scab on my face help!! and I want it to go away as soon as possible. or tone down a bit by tomorrow! help me

Answer #1

yeah I have one on my chin, and I have a nervous habit and am always playing with it! its not good to do. but if I put cover up on it, it dosent look all that bad. but im always getting hollard at by my parents about it.

Answer #2

I don’t know what to do!! :( I have scabs underneath my left eye after a milia treatment at my dermatologist. I had it done 3 days ago and the scabs are so embarrassing. I don’t want to show myself in public and putting make-up on it will just make it worse! I’m going to 21ST In 7 days and desperately want the scabs gone! :/ what to do!!!??

Answer #3

if you go in the bath put a hot flannel on your face that should make it go soft just do that a few times and it should just come off easy :)

Answer #4

I’ve been using e45 cream and bio oil, which is slowly working. I’ve always been told if you keep picky a scab it will scar…so try not to!! lol

im 21 and it really embaressing! a bit more than when your at school as people asume you shouldnt get spot ect! ^.^

Answer #5

I have a scab on my face too but there is no need to pick it because it will just come back just ask worse you should try putting a face wash for a little bit it might help prevent getting rid of it and another thing is you should put bio-oil on it,this will help make it go away this is how mine is going away try it,it might help Good Luck !! Diana xoxo

Answer #6

oh I have a scab as well. not goood! I usually take a steamy bath and dab it dry, then I blob a bit of E45 cream on it. its usually clears up in the next two days

eleanor :)

Answer #7

oh you have a scab on your face tooo!!!jux DONT PICK IT!!![I cant stop pickin at it jux hopin it will go away but I stopped]ugh I hate it!!!I go to school and I jux feel like everybody is staring at me!!!jux put some makeup on it when your out of the house but put some hp on it and neosporin on it!![dats what im doin]well hope your scab heals mine hasnt!:|

age 12_ahhh middle school!!!tear tear . . .
Answer #8

I have a really big scap on my chin !! kept picking at it evey morning then buting makeup on it .. BAD IDEA !! dont put makeup on it because it will slow diwn healing AANNNDDD it looks worse .. . my mum said to but vitamin E on it then leave it and dont touch it :D and I worked .. the scab might look really bad but it wont last long so it doesnt matter ! im 14 and at high school so its even worse for me . . you just have to live your life and leave it :D x x x

Answer #9

DO NOT SCRUB OR PICK AT IT. I no it is hard to deal with a scab on your face cause I have one to on my chin. you CAN put makeup on it but try to do this when you have to. when you are home put lotion on it or anti baterial cream. try not to strong chemicals on it also.

Answer #10

witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, both fantastic things. then add some anti bacterial stuff! gl I need some to

Answer #11

I just keep picking at it, then putting hp on it and that seems to help hasn;t gonna away yet but its only been 2 days… ~haley eilleene <3

Answer #12

I have a scab on my face and I was adviced to put some cod-liver oil on it, and its working its healing really well, and much quicker than usual!

Answer #13

sudocreme is good. and germaline- (is also good for spots because its draws the infection out faster) :):)

Answer #14

OMG- I have a scab too :/ its such a pain. and yes DO NOT PICK IT!! I did that with mine hoping it would re-heal not as bad and it didnt! the scab ended up thicker and looked noticable even more with makeup over it!! All I can say (and what im doing) is wear makeup over it but when your not going out and your just around the house make sure you have the makeup off of it! as this will help it and I also put moisturiser over it while im asleep as this sofens the scab and it wears away the edges naturally. I also found out a couple of days ago NOT to wipe makeup off the scab using a makeup wipe as the harmful stuff in the wipe makes the scab emflamed!! what you should do it jenly dab the scab with a sponge that has warm water on it! and then dab it dry with a towel (do not rub as your basicaly picking the scab meaning it will re-heal thicker) AND picking and poking at it with dirty nails will make it become worse as it will be infected!!

Good luck! And I need some! haha lols. Emily (age 15, xx)

Answer #15

I don’t think you should apply make over it- it probably will make it even worse and you probably will look awful with all that extra make that you have to put on your face (not to be rude). Try going to the dermatologist/physician and see what they would recommend or go to the pharmacy and see whats available for healing scabs quickly and you could ask the pharmacists for help if needed.

Hope this help,

Answer #16

You should first take a cotton ball and apply hydrogen peroxide to your scabs. They will then turn white. Allow the peroxide to dry, then apply Neosporin or any other Antibiotic Cream, and leave it on your scabs over night. Continue this every day until they heal. Apply makeup during the day; it will look much better compared to the scabs without makeup. Then after the scabs heal you may have red marks. These are not hard to get rid of, apply Aveeno Clear Complexion Correcting Treatment to them over night. They will be gone quickly, probably in about 1-2 weeks. Not long at all. Love, Cayla

Answer #17

don’t peel the scab, it will only come back in a few hours except 10 times worse. apply polysporin or any other scab medication cream on it to speed up the healing process. you can put some concealer and power on it too, to make it less noticeable. good luck!

Answer #18

A scab takes time to heal - no way to rush - maybe make-up to cover…Good luck !!

Answer #19

hii, just don’t pick your scab because it will end up worse and just put anti-ceptic cream and moisterisers on it so it can soften the scab so it will go quicker x

Answer #20

Now I know everyone here has said not to pick it, but I find that when I pick mine they go away within days! When you pick it get some tp (toilet paper) and hold it on there with pressure until the bledding stops. Just keep picking!! -Kate

Answer #21

I have a scab right on the top of my forehead and everybody is calling me a hindo/bindi wowww very embarassing I always have the tend to pick it and well trudt me it comes back and even a thicker scab and never never put make-up or cover up its worse so just wash it with warm water and and put some neosprin and sometimes if it burns or is bothering you just put some vaseline/potroleum jelly hope it heals and same 4 me so GOOD LUCK :):):)

Answer #22

Well with mine yes I picked it but some thimes when I pick it I get a tishu or whipe and then keep dabbing it so their is no more bloode flowing from my head and then it leaves a tiny red mark but it is really easy to cover with conceler - or I use DETOLE because I had a friend comming over so I kept applying it when ever and it really helped - I lost them with in 3 days!

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