I have a boyfriend but I can't forget my ex

I have a boyfriend but I love my ex..I just can’t forget about him. We broke up about a year ago and I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 3 months..I love my boyfrind but who I’m in love with is my ex. The thing is that I dont know why because he really hurt me. plus, he lives in new york and I moved to florida so I haven’t seen him since we broke up, I have just talked to him on the phone a couple times. Could it be that I can’t forget him because he was the first man I ever fell in love with.. what could it be?.. I just need to forget about him because this is interfering in my actual relationship too since I just can’t seem to trust my boyfriend. I told him it was because I got so hurt by my ex and he tells me that not everyone is the same way. that’s true but I just can’t get it out of my mind, either my ex boyfriend and the fear of my actual boyfriend cheating on me and getting hurt again. PLEASE help me.. what should I do?? how do I forget about my ex and move on?? HELP!!!

Answer #1

I dated my ex when I was 16 and we broke up when I was 8 months pregnant with our first child. Then had a one night thing a couple years later with our second child. My ex just moved here to be closer to his two children that we have . My current Boyfriend (boyfriend) and I of almost 4 years now don’t have kids together. Its been quite the struggle for me. I thought I was truly over my ex but now he is coming around more to see our children and I cant seem to block my feelings for him. I love my Current boyfriend so much but I feel as if we aren’t close on an intimaint level anymore. He does support us finacially and adores us. I feel as though I’m falling and moving closer to my ex tho . I have know clue what to do or how to feel about this. I have also explained to my current boyfriend my feelings because we do have a very understanding connection . He understands my feelings but at the same time I think he is worried of losing me. Which I would feel the same way too, if I was in his shoes. My Boyfriend and my kids dad like each other so far, but its still weird to me. any advice?

Answer #2

for me its ze same thing i have one boyfriend now and i cant forget my ex he will always b my yoven i can`t see him with his new girlfriend it hurts me very much i fink that i will leave my boyfriend n go towards him once again!!

Answer #3

Time doe’s ease the pain..but memories will allways remain..some days when you feel low a tear will fall and you will yearn to be back in his arms again..But life does go on..without experances you would not be the person you are and believe me you will have many more experiances some sad but most will be happy. These create the memories that later on in life you will reflect on with loving thoughts and silent tears.
be brave and live your life one day at a time, and live it and love it with open arms as if it was your last. I still love my first love and that was over 38 years agoe but I have gone on to marry a fantastic man, we have been married for over 36yrs with 2 grown up children, Sometimes I think”what if” but I am sure when anyone is having a sad day we all do. Sometimes we all like to believe that we are still in love with the memory of being in love. Good luck to you. Cheers Kaye

Answer #4

my friend is goin through the same thing.all i cud say is the reason u stil love ur ex is coz he was ur 1st love.u need 2 fink about who u really love.if u love ur ex bf this much then tell him bt if u love ur bf more than ur ex then think of wot u h8 about ur ex bt all u really need 2 do is fink WHO U REALLY LOVE is up 2 u.n maybe u r not ready 2 move on yet maybe u need sumtime alone 4 a lilbit.

Answer #5

iam 15 years old I like this guy in all my heart and soul but all hewanted from me was sex I didnt sleep I said to him I’ll keep myself till when iam ready and he says to me no there is no point to be together with him if we are not going to sleep. I mean I liked him so much in my heart that he didnt understand I felt for him when kissed me for the first time he was special but we are not together anyyomre.iam sad and happy as he’s got a grilfriend and I wsih him the best but is till like him a bit buy his not the right guy for me so I have forgotten him a lot and iam looking for the right guy in my life…x I hope you learn from me

Answer #6

im in the same situation but if you really love him try and win him back thats im doing .. do what your heart tells you too and not your head ..

Answer #7

I know it’s very hard to get over someone who you loved and be in relationship with another guy.. I do understand you,I was so much in love when he broke up with me, he hurted me so much but I could give him a 100 chances just to be with him, just to look in his brown eyes…I compared every guy to him, I could do anything for him,one day I woke up and I decided to move on… Finally I met someone and he is much better than him =O)

Answer #8

I have been dating my boyfriend for 1 year and 1 month but im in love with my ex and I just cannot stop thinking about him I dont know what to do me and my ex were together for a couple months but I’ve knew himfor a ery long time and we were really really close and he was my first but somebody plzzz help!!!

Answer #9

I am currently going through this sea of confusion. I broke up with my first boyfriend because he cheated on me. Then 7 months later, I met a gentleman who was very understanding. I told him I still had feelings towards my Ex, but he was very patient and decided to win my heart over. I guess people make mistakes and I don’t hold any grudges against my ex for what he did. But it still hurts when I think about it. Me and my ex were going out for four years. Anyways, right now I’m officially going out with this gentleman who decided to win me over, but during all this time, my ex boyfriend would also try to get me back. I’ve been dating my new boyfriend for three months and I still don’t know what to do, I really like him a lot, but my heart is still wondering somewhere else… I am scared to let go of my new boyfriend because he treats me right, but I am also scared to let go of my first love. Should I give my ex a second chance?

Answer #10

I am so in love with my ex, but my current boyfriend totally adores me… me and my ex hadn’t really talked that much since we broke up a year and a half ago, except that I was best friends with his sister (their mother was like my mother) and would see him sometimes when I went over to their house. their mom set me up with her daughter’s ex, even though I fought it for about 6 months…but finally she convinced me to go on a date with him (because my friend had left him 2 years ago after cheating on him, and by this point had been married and had a child) saying that she was well over him. however, he ended up breaking up with me, and I finally got to talk to my ex about a week after…and we are just so perfect from each other–it was like when we were together. but then me and the current boyfriend got back together again, and I never get to see my ex because I went away to college. then my friend found out I was dating her ex, and she cut me off…and so did her mother! now im terrified my ex will have nothing to do with me, but that shouldnt be what im feeling! I love my boyfriend and he wants to marry me..but im in love with the ex. what do I do?

Answer #11

Sometimes I guess people change and we have to learn to move on…Not fully forget but forgive ourselves and that person and move on…In the end of the day you will always be in love with your first love and sometimes that never changes, that too…if it is true young love…But we have to be with someone who treats us like the princesses we are and are sincere, trustworthy and would always be there for uss…You may not be a 100% happy with this new guy but remember its no use fighting for something that has moved on, treats you like crap and no longer wants you

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