I have a 6 week old kitten who is very skinny and has stopped eatin

from its mother I have been giving it half an aspirin twice a day what else can I do to get it back healthy without going to the vet

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Stop giving it aspirin. You're only going to hurt it more.
Take it to the vet.

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Asprin is never good to give to a cat so maybe theaspirin is keeping him away from his food ( thinking )

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Try giving it a variety of foods. Try feeding the kitten bottle formula, wet and dry food. If that doesn't work I'm sorry but your going to have to bring it to the vet. If you don't the kitten could die, its a serious issue and by becoming a pet owner you took that responsibility on. If you animal is sick you have to get it treated, it is a crime not to.

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Try feeding him bottle formula I raised several kittens and I had a similar problem with a special one. The kitty is really young so is going to be a lite hard for you to feed it he really needs his mom. If that doesnt work you'll have to take it to the vet or it could die. Take the best care of it as you possibly can. The kitten needs a lot of care.

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I have had 2 litters of kittens and they started eating soild food by then and acting like normal cats did you check its mouth to see if it ate something but it didnt go down

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STOP THE ASPIRIN!!! You'll kill him!! STOP STOP STOP!!! Take him to the Vet, and make sure he has some clotting factors left!

Cats are much more sensitive to aspirin. Cats cannot break down aspirin as quickly as dogs (or humans), and thus, the cat can be easily overdosed with the accumulation of the drug in the body.


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There is nothing else you can do without going to the vet!!!
Has your kitten had any shots? Any de-worming? Any kennel cough vacinations? Anything? That stuff is necessary to keep it alive!

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