I hate the principal at my school...

okay I really dont know what to do when I go back to school because the principal at my school yells at me all the time and she told me mother that she hate me and she told me she hate me and doesnt care… and the last day of the school it was a good day it wasnt rain outside I was so happy about it and I asked the busdriver if he can get me off the bus that day because I dont need to go to school and he said ya I can today its like if thats is no school so me and my friends get off the bus we had so much fun I was like 600 poeple from my school and at school we are 800 and my dad call me he said why are you not at school the driver is worry sick about you and I told him she is not worry he yell at me to go back to school so I said ok I go back the principal sees me and my friend she yell and say what the hell are you think going its still a school day and your going to ssc ( ssc is a place for bad people at school) and she looks at me and say your on drugs and I get so so mad about that I yelled at her im not on drugs and ran to go to ssc I hate her I told meseld I hate her I want her dead I go in ssc and the one who works that said what are you doing here I know your here all the time but today no one can go here its like if there is no school look no one is at school maybe just 20 poople out of 800 people… I look at her and the principal talk to her and said I need to be put in here… I sit down with my friend the principal looks at me and says you on drugs and I hate you why do you go to school no one needs you. I looked at her I didnt say some back. and she said who told you you can have friends no one I dont want you to have friends I looked at her and I yelled “you fing cant tell me something like that its mad and dont never say I cant have friends just get out of my fing life your so mad I didnt take drugs” she walked away looked back and said o so you dont take drugs now I know you dont take drugs your drunk walked away and I yell im not drunk… and the time I had to get out of ssc the teacher saw me in class and said why are you here no one is at school and I said I know and the principal walked in and yelled were is she the teacher said here she look at me and walked away… I was cry the last day of school and I cant go outside and when I did go outsid I take 13 smokes and smoked them in like 20mins… what do I do about her im not mad to her so why does she hate me??? help me

Answer #1

sometimes it feels like my mom hates me,but I know she does mabey your mom is just stressed or depressed

Answer #2

I didn’t understand one thing of this. O___o. Hun your grammar. It kills me. Not trying to be mean, but ya know. Maybe it’s cause my moms boyfriend has the music all the way up, but from my understanding you have a principal who hates you and you’re innocent? Hmm, your principal is a prick. I hated my principal, my teacher called me a hyprocrite and he like.. didn’t do anything about it. I also hate cops with a firery passion, but that’s another story. Hang in there.

Answer #3

have your parent/parents contact the administrator or superintendent of schools and threaten a lawsuit with this woman and her conduct. Her conduct is appauling!!

Answer #4

your principal sounds really rude. no one should be yelled at like that. ESPECIALLY by the principal or any other teacher authority figure like that! if I was in your position I would do whatever it took to reveal her for what she’s really like to everyone! and I would also try to get her fired. if she yells at students like that then what is she doing overseeing 800 differents students?!?!?!?!?!? thats just bogus.

Answer #5

Is there a counselor at your school? It sounds like you need an objective third person to get involved because it sounds like a pretty gnarly situation. Ask one of your teachers if there’s a counselor at your school, if not then is there a teacher who you like? Maybe you could talk with that teacher and explain how you feel? The teacher may be able to communicate with the principal (or not, whatever you decide) for you. good luck to you.

Answer #6

hmmph, my deans and the guy above the deans hated me too, and the most I can tell you is f**k them, who cares what they think. Go about your day and do your thing, half the fun in high school is making those peoples lifes hell, they have nothing to do with your further inhibitions and so on, they can’t change your transcript

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