I hate Change

This isnt much a question as it is an opinion.

I hate change with a bloody passion.

for one tiny example. Guitar hero…


Guitar Hero

what the hell is up with it?

I loved Guitar Hero 1

I played it day in and day out.

then I heard Guitar Hero two was coming out.

and I was thinking “Ok, ok thats cool”

and I bought it, played it all the time.

Guitar hero rocks the 80’s “cool, cool. thats good now”

guitar hero 3. saw the comercial. dude… I was so mad.

I mean… LOOK AT IT!

the singer looks like a monkey for christs sake!

what was wrong with the the first graphics?

I loved how everyone looked. Pandora was my favourite.

why did they have to change it?

so now I dont play guitar queero anymore because it changed.

I swear to god they better not change rock band for rock band 2 T_T

tell me how you feel about the change in graphics and stuff

Answer #1

yeah but it bugs me…

I mean… before microsoft got it,

Banjo Kazooie didnt change at ALL! the graphics stayed the same.

id be ok if guitar hero kept the graphics, but got different songs.. but they made it look bad XP

Answer #2

I hate change too but a completey different change to that …I hate say, music changing and getting crapper or peoples feelings change ect video games are one of the main things that are going to keep changing …10 years ago there was a gameboy… a few years ago there was a playstation…now in so little amount of time theyve got a playstation 3, and a whole bunch of different versions of consols with new consols comes a demand for new games, newer games, sequal, prequals, ect of older and newer games the same time a movie comes out, so does a new game for it …video games will always be changing like that

Answer #3

change sucks balls!

makes me not want to grow up <=(

Answer #4

Well the first game I got was guitar hero 3! Then I got guitar hero 80’s! Then I got the first one and I think it sucks because all the songs are so old and crappy except for a few!

You have to except change because if you don't you are never going to get anywhere in life! I mean just think how you would be in the future if you don't except change!     It is ok because everybody has to go through it too and it sucks!

  Take my advice Guitar hero Aerosmith sucks!
Answer #5

I played Guitar Hero 1 for about 2 weeks straight until I finally beat it on all difficulties. It wasn’t really -that- challenging. Except for the Pantera song. That was a pain.

Guitar Hero 2 was a little tricker in difficulty, in fact there’s one song I was never able to beat.

Guitar Hero 3 might take me a while… lol

Rock the 80’s… I thought it was crap, and I’m not wasting the money on the Aerosmith edition.

Personally, I like the graphics, change never hurt anyone, and the game plays all the same. If you’re watching the finger board, why are you looking at the lead singer anyway?

I won’t waste my time with Rock Band 2, Rock band is fun, but the guitar is awful IMO… the guitar hero guitar is better, and the drums are too difficult because of the kick petal that you HAVE to use. Gives me a leg cramp to play for longer than 20 minutes or so.

I play Rock Band maybe once a month, other than that, I won’t spend any more money on that one.

Answer #6

I hate change tooo!!! like I live in london right so my area is changing for the olympics in 2012 and the lake I used to go by when I was a kid is all getting renovated and theres gunna be some big stadium sh!t there now!! grrr and also my school is gunna get renovated when I leave next year one part of it is gunna get knowcked down and the other part is becoming like an academy thing after 150 years of that school which I love ITS GETTING KNOCKED DOWN!!! omg I bloody hate it I hate how television and movies have changed I love classic 80’s and 90’s movies movies are getting sh!ttier now and so is music and I loved the 90’s cartoons and omg power rangers I miss it :( cartoons and shows nowadays SUCK! omg I wish I still lived in the 90’s

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