I guess,I like my cousin...

I’m just being so bothered..I’m torned of conflicting emotions…I do not know, but I just feel like I’m so dirty. Imagine, I’m interested to have a more intimate realtionship with my cousin. Aside from being a girl(MY Gosh!) I am 5 months older than him.He’s the best cousin I’ve known all my life…we grew up together…And now that we are already in college…we’re living in one house, and sometimes we do sleep in one room, because the TV is placed in my room, reason for him to sleep in my room. I admit,we’ve talked about it, and he feels the same way as I do. Could it possibly work? I really feel dirty about it…I have so many questions. What will people say if they will got to know about this? How will our parents react?They knew me as someone who is a conservative type…I don’t really know what to do now?

Answer #1

Its the same with me. I am like in love with my cousin. But i guess its where you grew up at if your allowed to like them or anything. Its gross but I dont think you can help it right? MY cousin is 17 and I am 12. Yeah big difference. But I love him more than anything in like family way and boyfriend way. Every night he holds my hand and hugs me. But his girlfriend hates me. Everytime she walks out of the room he starts hugging all over me. But its fine as long as nobody knows except for you two. =] Have fun with him though.

Answer #2

Don’t listen to doc_sel… society made liking a family member wrong, but when you think about it, theres nothing wrong with it at all. Some animals, and humans back in the day, sexual produced with there family members. Why is it so wrong to love someone off the same blood.

The question here is… How much do you love him? Will you risk social suicide, for him, being frowned upon for dating your cousin. Even so, do not others get to you. Do you love him so much you will do anything for him? If so, go for it!

Answer #3

Depends if its illegal, if your not ready to be put on bottom of social then I wouldnt but see if its legal, in UK it is and tbh if I could I would but I probably couldn’t so if you can then go for it but don’t tell anyone unless you are ready to

Answer #4

yeah I like my cousin too, he’s 15, I”m 14. We’ve grown up together and I was always closet to his younger twin brothers who were only a year younger than me because he was always closet to my older sister. But just recently we’ve developed these feelings towards each other and It just gets really confusing and sad to think about how this will effect our families and our lives but we get to the point to where we really don’t care anymore because we really do love each other… we just haven’t gotten the nerve to tell our families because they’re really close and we aren’t ready for that drama yet lol. But I understand what you’re going through and it’s really not that wrong because if you think back to the beginning of man kind biblical characters had to marry their brothers and sisters!!!

Answer #5

ok well…id say its ok aslong as he not first cousin…well if you to like eachother a lot then go for wit sweetie =] its not dirty its a personal relationship and people wont have to know unless you tell them =]

Answer #6

no matter how you feel about him you have to fight that urge because it is wrong..can you imagine what that’ll do to your family?..as for how they would react I’d be disgusted to find out that my family members were intimate with eachother..I could see if you weren’t blood cousins but you grew up together how can you even look at him like that?..maybe you should think of getting professional help..why is it that you 2 can’t find a realtionship outside of the family?..the reason you feel so dirty is because that is gross..the fact that you feel dirty about it is telling me that you already know that it’s wrong..good luck on whatever you decide to do..remember if you do hook up that will reflect on your whole family..every time your family is thought about thats all that people will remember..incest..u ready for that..does your family deserve the hassle?..

Answer #7

I know exactly how you feel..a while ago I thought I liked my cousin but then I hadnt seen him for a few years and I got over it..but then I saw him at church (yea I know church) and he had grown up sooo much I tried to convince myself that I didnt like him…but I could tell he liked me too because we both tried to avoid looking at each other.. and then after church while the family was talking I could tell that he was trying to show me how much his voice had changed because he kept talking really loud lol…the thing is I like my cousin too..it sucks and I wish I didnt but techniqually his mom was adopted into our family and had kids soo im really confused :p and he’s going to be a freshman and im a sophomore so its really not that big of a difference..and me and his sisters are close and if I told them I liked their brother the whole family would freak out

Answer #8

I know exactly how you feel..a while ago I thought I liked my cousin but then I hadnt seen him for a few years and I got over it..but then I saw him at church (yea I know church) and he had grown up sooo much I tried to convince myself that I didnt like him…but I could tell he liked me too because we both tried to avoid looking at each other then after church I could tell he was trying not to let me see him looking at me but I did..the thing is I like my cousin too..it sucks and I wish I didnt but techniqually his mom was adopted into our family and had kids soo im really confused :p

Answer #9

I kissed a second cousin when I was 16, and his mom was adopted into my extended family so we are not actually related, but our families would be shocked if we told them, we both feel the same about eachother and everytime we see eachother we want more… I dont want to hurt anyone else in the family he doesnt either, but this has been happening for 17 years now. We havent actually had sex but it gets closer all the time. As I said he’s mum was adopted so there is no blood relation whatsoever, it still feels strange though as our families are quite close. I don’t know if I feel guilt because of us being kind of related, but in actual fact we are not, our families just know eachother well through adoption… Pls help.

Answer #10

After all, many people go through this every day. Every 1 in 1,000 married couples in the US are cousins. What is really wrong with dating your cousin? Many people disagree with the idea because they’re already related and it’s just wrong. Or they think the Bible says it’s wrong to be with your cousin. But if you read the Bible, it actually has some cousin couples marry. There’s nothing to stop it. Why should you even try to?

Some people think that if two people are related and have a baby together, the child might have birth defects. Although inbreeding can cause defected babies, it takes many generations to shrink the gene pool to such an extent. Just one pair of cousins having children will not necessarily risk a higher chance of producing birth defects.

Answer #11

look im the son of parents who are indeed cousins their families are okay with it but theses days bad idea I told a group of friends and their like gross your parents are disgusting so I suggest no hope I helped

Answer #12

I’m in love with my cousin and we’re getting married soon. Don’t listen to these idiots and follow your heart. Cousin marriage only has a 2-3% increase in the chance of birth defects for your children. Women over the age of 40 have the SAME CHANCE of risk, but do we prevent them from getting married too? No. We don’t. Because consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody and trust me, love doesn’t hurt anybody. If the rest of your family has a problem with it, its THEIR problem, not YOURS. They have NO right to tell you who you can and can’t love and if they aren’t willing to accept your decision then it’s their loss, not yours. Cousin marriage is legal in almost every part of the world, including Europe and Canada and many states in the U.S. The ONLY reason cousin marriage is illegal in some part of the U.S. is because the Catholic Church sought to make it a social taboo in an attempt to prevent the accumulation of wealth and power within families. Don’t buy into the propoganda. Do what you want. If you really are in love, don’t let anything get in between you two. I wish you the best.

Answer #13

I like my cousin 2. hey is 13 and im 11.first when I seen him foe the first 2 weeks in went to his camper he would talk to me and so I said hi and stuff and he started calling me hal. and the other day we hung out all day and played video game and when we watched tv I held onto him and he didnt mind and he held onto me and then he tickeled me and we slept on the same couch together and I held him and fell in luv. a lot more happened but to much to say

Answer #14

well it dosent say its wrong in the bible so there ya go..you only live once ,,have fun hun ,:)

Answer #15

yeah I like my cousin too.. We started going to the same school two years ago, I was in grade 9 he was in 11.. we hung out and flirted a lot at the start of the year, but then we found out we were cousins so it kinda got akward, but we’ve always told each other everything, and his friends always tell me that he likes me as more then a cousin/friend.. This summer we had a family reunion and we ended up sitting together at a campfire till 2am cuddling and he even kissed me, the feelings I had for him before I knew we were related are coming back .. we’re 3rd cousins so I dont know if thats wrong or what to do :s

Answer #16

Mmm. I know how you feel… Me and my second cousin have been in love since we met (4 years), but he had to move back to Indiana, which sucks.

I think it’s okay, go to cousincouples.com , they have a lot of references that say it’s okay to do ( Bible, state’s ALLOW second cousins to marry, unlike first cousins are illegal in most states…)

But yeah, just my input..


Answer #17

I think that dating your second cousin is normal I mean I like my second cousin

Answer #18

I would say for you to just go for it…because I have the same situation my because is 13 and im 13 he’s just a few months odler than me…and I have had a crush on him sinse…well…basically as far as I can remember so around 2 to 3 or 4…and I well I don’t know if it’s love or not…it just breaks my heart that when evey time I see him I can’t have him…we used to be really good friends until around the age of 10..9…then we started to drift apart…he’s is just the most wonderful person ever…he’s very handsome (and my whole family agree’s on that)…, he’s so sweet and charming I just wish I could have him…I also don’t know what to do so please help!!…and about your question …JUST GO FOR AND DON’T WAIT TO LONG LIKE I DID!!:)

Answer #19

If you had children with your cousin they would be born with disabilities, that’s why it’s considered taboo and that’s also why it’s illegal. Why put a child through a life of being a mutated Martian just so that you can have your cousin? GROSS !

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