I fail at all things humanly possible... please help me?

I try to be funny… I get made fun of.

I try to be pretty… I get called a poser

I try to sing well… im never complimented

I try to write poems… I am told im looking for atttention

I try to find help when I want to end it all… even my mother tells me im looking for attention

I try to draw… my one talent ceases to exist…

How can I make myself feel like I have any worth?

Answer #1

ignore everyone and do what you want just convince yourself you CAN do all of those things you will be a lot happier I pretend I can sing even thouhg I cant but ti doesnt bother me anymore =]

Answer #2

I dont hve a purpose

I even started a club at school called T.A.S.L and it stands for Teens Against Stereotypes and Labels… it starts tuesday… and I dont even know what to talk about -sigh-

Answer #3

Sing like nobody’s listening, and dance like nobody’s watching… Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks, because you will never make everybody else happy, and only serve to make yourself miserable. Be yourself, lighten up, and try to keep a positive attitude at all times!! One of my favorite quotes is…

“A positive attitude may not solve all of your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort” :-)

Answer #4

Stay positive.

  • sort out your own problems with friends and family + consult them about it ;):
Answer #5

Don’t try so hard. Be yourself. Your talent will come to you naturally.

Answer #6

people think I do things to get attention too, but I ignore it. keep writing poems, singing, whatever. who cares if people think that way about you. I mean, theyre probably just jealous. I write poems and theyre not that good but I dont care cause I like to be myself. I dont care what people think of me. what I do to calm myself or express myself is writing poems. thats one way I cope with…well…life. trust me, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’ve been there and yet…im still there. sometimes I think im not worth it but I have friends and family that support me and care about me. and if your friends are the ones making fun of you, then theyre not good friends. im not really close to my parents but I have a best friend who I can talk to about ANYTHING. she’s always been there for me through everything. im sure you have someone like that. someone whos supportive and understands you. everyone has things that theyre not good at. im not good at school and sports. I get made fun of cause im trying to be myself. (goofy,funny,outgoing, that sorta thing) Just remember ALWAYS be yourself. NEVER give up and ALWAYS remember that your worth it. :)

Answer #7

your always worth something, every human life is worth something. you just havnt found your special talent yet. youll find your special talent in time.

Answer #8

Stay positive about yourself and seclude all negativity. Never, ever, ever think you have no use or purpose in life. Everyone has more than a sole purpose. If singing, dancing, and writing poetry are some of your interests, do it with all your freedom and happiness. You should NEVER care what others think. There will always be people who judge other people, but that is just corrupt society, ignore it. Honestly, don’t tell people or tell yourself you want to end it all. ‘Oh, she wants attention’ is the most likely response you will get. Poetry is a form that is pre-conceived by people who think its ‘deep crap that attention idiots write’, but they don’t understand. Also, many people believe it’s for attention because there are actually cases where it’s for attention. Most teenagers desire attention, it gets pretty annoying. Did you know over half the freshmen in my school love attention? It’s silly. They are so young.

There’s differences between attention and interests though. If you like writing poetry, write it, although try not too much about depression if you write a lot about depression, it’s not good for you + you will just get insults about ‘attention’.

You want to HAVE FUN when you sing and dance! =) It’s not about ‘skill’ and ‘I am so good.’ It’s about taking pride in your silliness of hobbies.

Answer #9


Begin with definitions of what “stereo types” and “labels” actually “are”. Ask the group to give you some examples from their own experiences if they can. Then ask the group what ways “they” would suggest to take steps to combat the bad things about these. Take “one single” step… and have the entire group do something “each” to act upon that one step.

When you meet with the group for your second meeting… ask the group if they fel that they were successful or not in meeting the goals of the group from the previous meeting… “and”… how they “know” they were successful.

Let this group meeting be about the individual members of the group and not that you have founded or “run” the group. Be there, yourself, to “help” them be of service to others with their cause. Don’t ask for any approval from them. Then, if and when they actually give you their approval… you will know that it was given in earnest and not prompted from them by you. :-)

Humm…you have already begun in your life to do “good” things for others. Isn’t it rather funny how your initial question had the answer in it all along?

Many times in life we already know the answers to our own problems. It’s just sometimes that we have to dig a little deeper to find them.



Answer #10

The way you wrote your question may very well hold your complete answer to your problem. Aside from the detail of each and every thing, your questions might possibly fall close to categories like the following:

Me - Them

Me - Them

Me - Them

Me - Them

… and so on. (Go back and read what you wrote to see what I mean by this)

So, it rather appears at the onset that you are simply trying things to get love and/or attention from others… and you rate your success and your failures in life on how much attention others immediately give you for your efforts. If people ignore you or they don’t compliment you right away, then you have considered yourself a failure. And, of course, it just doesn’t work that way in life.

For example, take an analysis of the question that you wrote and see how many times you used the word “I”. Your answer lies within that one little word. You could detach yourself from the issue more if you substituted the word “Somebody” every time you had used the word “I”.

You said that you “fail at all things”… but I really don’t feel that you fail at all those things what so ever. Perhaps you have only failed at one thing… believing that attention from others for your efforts in life is the measurement by which you should determine your success and failures in all of life. Just that “one” premise is not correct , is all. You actually probably did pretty good on the things you tried… but you simply measured your success incorrectly was.

There is never any improvement in life without change. So, let’s just change that “one” thing that you are basing all of your successes and failures on (attention from others) and redesign things here a little, ok?

We’ll start out small and somewhat more like a secret. And, we’ll change just a few small things and see how that goes. Kind of a “laboratory test” … but nothing for real. Just a “test” to see how it goes.

Here is our first, and major, premise (plan):

Do good for others without expecting any compliments in return. In fact, if you can do good for others and they don’t even know “who” did it for them… that is so much better. Then just sit back and watch their reactions… but expect some people not to notice. That’s just normal… it doesn’t reflect you what so ever. Just them.

The “big idea” of our test here is to do stuff to “help others”… not to do stuff to make yourself look wonderful. If you do stuff to “help others”… then automatically you have already don’e wonderful stuff. It’s really that simple to start out. In fact, it’s actually “fail proof”.

Barrack Obama started helping out his neighborhood in Chicago… just helping others… and he ended up as President of the United States. Well, you probably won’t end up becoming the next President of the United States, but you may actually gain that respect and admiration from others just the same simply by helping everyone you know in just some sort of simple way to begin with.

Next, will come the big test. We will take that “laboratory example” and put it to use for real. In otherwords, “now” go back to all that same stuff that you were doing in your question… but this time, figure out how you can use each one of these things to help others an make each of their lives better… one by one.

Know what you are going to find? You were really a magnificent person all along to begin with and you just had a “measure tool” wrong for the stuff that you were doing. When you use each one of those things to help others, you will be suprised how much dang near everything turns around for you … no matter what you do.

I’m really glad that you brought this question up. I think that almost immediately you have changed so many lives of others by bringing to the light such an obvious and common mistake that many of us have made in our lives at one time or another.

New inventions were never created unless there was a need first. I’m sure that everyone on this site is most anxious to see how you do with your new approach. Perhaps you can help others with it in the future when “they” end up with similar problems.

Good Luck !


Answer #11

No worries you’ll find what you are good at, just let it happen don’t go looking for it I promise you’ll eventually find something everyone has a talent and a purpose.

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