Will getting punched in the stomach stop my pregnancy?

I might be pregnant && im 14…I don’t know yet…I hope not…but if I get punched and the stomach can I loose it?

Answer #1

Have you had a pregnancy test ??? If you are thinking of punching yourself in the stomach to bring on a miscarriage then don’t, you could end up damaging yourself. permenantly. You must get the test first and if you are pregnant , if you can’t speak to your parents, speak to your doctor or someone you trust asap. If you are not pregnant please use birth control in future.

Answer #2

hmmm u should of used a condom hunny, i did and im not pregnant, i dont think it will stop you from getting pregnant but it might give you a miscarrige, if u have done it recently u cud try going on the pill or morning after pill (if u did it less than 48 hours ago) if i where you i wud get a test at the doctors and ask then for advice cause at ur age u dont want a baby… it wud be the end of your life, but please use a condom!!! get tests and look out for pregnancy symptoms! best of luck!!! from me xxx

Answer #3

its funny all you 13 or 14 yr old kids are pregnant and dont know what to do. I am 22 w/a 1 yr old and I got preg 4 months ago because my ex boyfriend wanted another… well needless to say, I got screwed now w/ 2 kids and noone to help take care of em. I hate that im pregnant I didnt want 2 kids I wanted one, but ya know what, life sux sometimes ya dont always get dealt the hand that ya want, so you deal w/ what you got I guess. if your 13 or 14 quit having sex!! I think school is a lil more important then gettting off huh? and if its to impress a boy.. haha please even 28 yr old men dont really give a crap, its just gettin what they want and thats in your pants, so what if you get knocked up, the women has to deal w/ it not the man that still has a free life and baby straped to his freaking hip 24/7. unless you want your life to change drastically forever and to have to grow up right now and take responsibility for another persons life, quit if your not pregnant right now. wait till you finish your schooling find a man you want to marry stay w/ him for at least 4 years to make sure he’s what you want, believe me, 4 years may sound like a long time kids, but in 2 I found out the man I thought I loved and wanted to marry was so not the person I met. good luck girls. oh and everyones right most parents do worry about there kids more then they are angry they may seem like it, but I promise you, your parents love you more then any thing, its kinda of hard not to love your kids no matter what they do. your young and made a mistake, I think you would be surprised how much they are willing to help. um, to gyeen, there are a couple of different ways to abort a baby, look it up online, look at the pictures, I know I wouldnt get an abortion just from looking at the pictures of some of them. its said and disgusting and some of the ways arent even 100% sure you will get rid of the baby. good luck talk to your gynie she will knowmore.

Answer #4

I don’t think punching yourself has that much force to make you lose it since it’s so tiny. But I’m not sure. I was 6 - 7 weeks pregnant and I was sliding home in my softball tournament and me and the catcher collided and her knee protecter went straight into my lower stomach. I couldn’t move and I was dizzy and felt like I peed myself. I puked. And I got real pale. I went to the bathroom and I had lost my baby.

It’s hard telling.

Answer #5

I think I may bee pregnant I really do nt want the child I am in the middle off my GCSE’s and its too much stress I need to knoe if there is anyother way off aborting a child if I am pregnant with out hurting myself internally someboddy help xx

Answer #6

im the same but I don’t think im pregnant don’t want to know about the hitting in the stomac or anything but I have done 5 tests and they are all negative but im still late for my period

Answer #7

you are 14 you shouldnt be having inter course yet cause things like hep c um std herpes u know u dont want them at your age you are still a kid it will be like a kid having a kid not a good mix and u have your whole life a head of you .once this baby comes there will be no more u it will all on the baby no 18 birthday party, no 16 party and no drinking you will be up 2 to 3 times a night changing feeding plus a heavy period to go with it.

and the answer to the queation is depends on how hard your hit i know someone who was in a car accident where a truck slamed into her from the font and 3 weeks later she delivered a perfect healthy baby so it probly alot to the angle of where you hit aswell so good luck . p.s safe inter course pill condom .

Answer #8

im 14, and I think I might be preqnant but I dont know but I’ve told a few friends and theyr’e here for me. im not ready for a baby. im not. and im too young. I dont know what to do. I want to qet the pill but I dont have any money and im afraid to tale the test because im afraid its qoinq to come back positive. plus where am I qoinq to qet a test? im scared…please someone help are there any other ways to unsurgically abort a child without hurting myself permanently?

Answer #9

Even if you don’t want the baby, I think killing it is a lil drastic, no?

Answer #10

LOL that’s easy. First take a pregnancy test and if you are then don’t punch yourself because you can go to jail for killing your baby yourself without a doctor. Secondly you could punch yourself and lose the baby and bleed to death. So if you don’t want to have the baby then go to a school counselor and tell her you were raped and she will call your parents and they won’t be mad at you and then he state will pay for yur abortion because you said you were raped but really didn’t

Answer #11

Blunt force trauma could cause a miscarriage if you are pregnant. It can cause internal injuries that can , depending on the degree of damage, cause serious injury to you and could cause permanent damage. Violence, in my opinion is not the answer to problems. Get tested before you worry too much. If you are pregnant, it may seem like the end of the world and that there is no way out, but there are SO many options for pregnant teens. Alot of people your age might be too scared to talk to their parents, but when they do, they find out that their parents are only disappointed, and are willing to help them with their future decisions. If you can, talk to your parents. It is hard to be alone with all the stress and worry of being pregnant, going to school, etc. you need a good support group. If you can’t talk to them, find an outlet, a teacher, a doctor, counselor at school, etc. You need to get talking. Once you do, you’ll realize that there are options.

If you are not pregnant, I suggest that you be more responsible. If you do not want to get pregnant, which I imagine at 14 you do not, make sure you are the one that brings protection. In my opinion, 14 is too young to be worrying about whether or not you are pregnant. The best option is to wait. There is a big responsibility involved in being physcially involved with someone. Not just that you could get pregnant or an STD, but the emotional stress of being physically involved with someone, the attachment goes a lot deeper and is difficult to manuever for the oldest of pros.

Remember its better not to have to worry about being pregnant, but if you are, its better to make informed decisions than resort to drastic measures. There are other options.

Answer #12

yes it can. my baby was killed a few day ago becuase a girl punched the mother in the stomach because she was pregnant. she is 15 so if your pregnant and have been punched in the stomach and lose your baby, it could be terriable even if you didn’t want the baby

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