Should I leave college to chase my dreams?

im 17 years old now and im in college, I started when I was 16 and turned 17 in november. I dont know if college is the right place for me. I’ve always gotten so impacient with my education that I just get bored and then when I try to get things up to my level I end up overloading myself. to be honest I really want to be a model, a fashion designer, or a photographer. I want to do something in the arts because I have passion for art. I hate being in college and cant stand doing all this math, english, and politics stuff. but I dont know how to get where I want to be. I cant just drop out of college because I am here on scholarships and student loans that will have to be repaid as soon as I stop going. but I feel like I am wasting my time here when I should be out chasing my dreams. people always tell me that I cant just give up, they always say to push a little harder for a little longer and things will get better. but they never get better, I just end up hating myself more and more for waiting so long to go after what I really want. I want to become a model, then a fashion designer, then a photographer. thats the progression I want in my life. does anyone know how I could go about doing that?? and should I leave college to go after that or should I get done with my education first?

Answer #1

You are young - you have plenty of time to pursue anything - since you’ve already made the committment (student loans) and you don’t want hard-earned scholarships go down the drain, I’d finish my education first - some of the other things you mentioned, you could certainly get a part-time job (learning) in those areas…I wish you every success !!

Answer #2

first off, stop everything and just Breathe!!! hey look you just got to college, you are younger than your peers, and college can be a very daunting task at first, but keep at it it’ll get easier as time passes by, u’ll start to get the hang of things, how to manage time, and friends…

as per what you should do for your major, sweetheart do something you like, I mean if you like arts, go for RTF(radio television film) as a major, and on the side take photography as a minor, or heck go for something in fashion designing like you want to do, find courses of that sort. but since you will do RTF, u’ll get the hang of what you are getting yourself into, kinda like having that as your networking connection to the world of fashion (per say)…

look plain and simple, I’ll tell you something most won’t, sad fact of life is “you have to have money to make money” or you have to be the lucky few who actually survive through their blunders and somehow turn them into riches.

take me for example, high school I was a great student, college the first 2 years I couldn’t manage my time, finally realized its this or nothing, and well I learnt (late but better than never) and now well I’m in med school on my way to becoming something in my life, I paid attention to how others did it and picked up a few good habits here and there and u’ll b surprised at what you can accomplish, the hardest part is learning that balance between studying and fun(partying, hanging with friends…and relationships[be careful with the last 1, your young so keep it slow, I know you might not understand it now, but if you just trust me on this one and learn from ppls experience, theres a reason people say things because they have probably been through the same situations)

otherwise, let loose a little, its college not jail, Study hard Party hard, and make sure to give your parents a call 1ce in a while, they’re the true support system that you need through these times

Answer #3

I have your same problem except I want to be an actress and my parents think its a stupid idea, I dont know how to get where I want to be. where I live there is absolutely no acting schools or anything like that. im stuck!!

sorry im not much of a help but until you find where you want to be and how to get there I would stay in college.

good luck x

Answer #4

I thought if you were im college, you get to decide what you want to study! Well thats how it is here, anyways! And we graduate when were 18 from high school, and then go to college! WOW, talk about a big difference!

Answer #5

Hey I have the same problem, but after much thought I found it is best to push through college. Especially you, you have a hell of a jump on most people because of your age. You can still get at least an associates degree while your 18. Then after that you should decide. At least get the two yr degree. Then go aftre your dream, you will be older and more experienced. You would have a lot better of a chance of being successful. patience is very important in life

Answer #6

I have the exact same problem . Many of time I’ve told my parent I want to drop college because I want to chase my dream ( being a actress) but I’m 16 and I know I have plenty of time. No matter how hard college is push through and chase your dream after least you will have something toi fall back on is unfortunatly your dream has not been carried out. Don’t make life hard for yourself enjoy time you have at college with friends and study hard. I hope you have as much luck as I hope fully will Good luck x

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