Does anybody feel like there is something missing?

I was just wndering something. Does anybody here ever feel like there is something missing in their life. Well I always feel like that. I feel like a part of me is missing. It’s not that I’m lonely because I’m not, and I have friends. It’s just that I feel like something is missing in my life and I don’t know what it is.

Answer #1

Often when you feel like something is missing, it’s an emotional emptiness. How is your love life? Maybe you’re just looking for someone to share you’re life with. Also, do you have a fulfilling job or student career? do you feel like you’re being appreciated? that could be the problem.

Answer #2

It’s human nature that tells us that we’re missing something.

It’s not a higher consciousness, it’s not God -though religion can be fulfilling- it’s not the 10 second juicer you just saw in the informercial on tv. Its Just a basic human drive to keep accomplishing more in your lifetime. Other than that, it doesn’t really have a deep profound meaning. I think that’s what sets us apart from most species, though I cannot say we are superior (our knowledge, ingenuity, and volatility make us dangerous). AS humans it is hardwired into us that we search for more over the horizon.

Answer #3

yeah, it really bothers me. I just keep thinking there must be a point to all this, but I don’t think there is, we’re all just stuck on a loop.

Answer #4


glad I’m not the only one who feels like this…

it’s very hard to define or accurately describe the feeling - but I think katielucille had it down quite well - an emotional emptiness. I have a good relationship with God, I’m in my mid 20’s and in a long term, healthy relationship, I have a good job - although it is boring most days and it’s hard to find the right one, and I’m a Masters student… So, I think I’m relatively fulfilled in those areas… but, there’s another facet of my life - I don’t know what it is - but, it’s here where I feel somewhat alone… I’m not sure if the empty feeling has been there all the time, and if it’s just more prominent now since my grandfather and then best friend passed away within the last 2 years… my best friend of nearly 14 years passed away 2 months ago… I think that could have added to the emptiness… still, it’s sucky feeling that way… I do find comfort in the fact that there are more people who feel this way - so I’m not out of my mind!

So, here’s to us all - hoping and praying that in time we find that “missing something!” And, pls - drop a line when you do!

ciao, L

Answer #5

I will never be complete, I will just be boring old me for the rest of my life and there’s nothing I can do about it. that makes me restless ,I need something that will never be boring! I have God, and family…now what? I guess when we meet Jesus we will be fulfilled.

Answer #6

I feel the same way too.

Answer #7

well how do you feel when you go to church cause if you dont feel anything happen in your church you might feel that your just missing GOds presence

Answer #8

our commercialist society festers that thought in you. every tv ad out there claims they have the one thing you are missing. you arent really needing anything but subliminally trained to be looking for the bbd.

Answer #9

I feel you.

I often feel lost and confused…completely unfulfilled. BUT, I have realized that most OVER ACHIEVERS feel like they are not realizing their full potential. We may always feel unfulfilled because of our “conquer the world” syndrome.

Answer #10

Feel the exact same and it’s nothing to do with anything mentioned above. Really can’t put my finger on it either. And its not as if I’m depressed or anything, I’m in my early 20’s, have a brilliany boyfriend, great friends, perfect family, no worries, but this feeling crops up every now and again… I can’t shift it. Really really weird, I have no idea what it is, but would love to do something about it! Atleast I’m no the only one out there thinking this!

Answer #11

I feel that way too, but I don’t think that it’s any of this other stuf that they’re talking about. I feel like no matter what you do you always need something eles. some say that its a relationship with god and I think that’s a big part but I still feel like im not complete like im an art work in the making. bad way to discribe it. ok, lets try this, I will never be complete, I will just be boring old me for the rest of my life and there’s nothing I can do about it. thatmakes me restless for life to restart into somthing eles, something that will never be boring! im starting to freak you out aren’t I sorry, I have wied ways of disribing things. I hopethis helped(probably not <: )

Answer #12

well your probably mising Gods presence I know someone who was just like you with a nice life but always felt he was missing something and then he started going to church and now he feels so much better I know some great churches that will help you lose that feeling where do you live and ill suggest some

Answer #13

I feel great when I go to Church. I like hearing the pastor talk and say his sermon. I like the whole feeling about church and that is why I don’t think it is God that is missing. I also pray every night. Except for on occations when I am really tired or sick, then I kinda just go to bed.

Answer #14

Well, yes there is something missing for me…Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga!!

Answer #15

Yeh I think that I have a hnger for something but dont now what it is, like when I learn something to answer a question there are another three questions from that so I end up getting confused and fell like I need something to end it but have no idea what or if I need something to distract me from it, I dont have a certain talent and get bored easily so…

Answer #16

I just wanted to let you all know that I too feel the same way! I am a married woman with three wonderful children and a very loving supportive husband. I have a very good and well paid job, have been to university and studied for qualifications and have carried on gaining new qualifications since leaving university. I have a very close knit family and some very close friends, I also have numerous colleagues and aquaintances that I can call upon at any time. God and Jesus are also an integral part of my life. So why am I unfulfilled? What am I missing? Why is it that I have everything, though it doesn’t feel like it’s enough? Why are we as humans designed to always want more?

Answer #17

yeah I feel that way all the time.

Answer #18

well I already go to church, so I don’t think that thaht is it

Answer #19

Maybe you haven’t discovered your hidden talent yet. Once you do, you may be able to parlay it into a career that will fulfill you. Good luck.

Answer #20

I feel empty also. I know life is beautiful, I see good in people. I do love life, I sometimes feel like I am ment to do more here on earth, and am often afraid that I will choose the wrong path, although I do know everything will work out I just want a purpose. Its weird when I am sad and crying I often say “I want to go home” whatever that means. I feel as though I am not complete. I am 24 and do not want to feel like this forever, but its not the worst thing or nearly close. Just remember your not alone.

Answer #21

I have recently started feeling this way as well…I know that I want a relationship and I need a career basically I need to find my path…but it’s more than that this feeling and it has been tugging on me hard core lately. Since I know that I want the relationship and love etc…I know it’s not that…And when I read this post an overwhelming feeling came over me…having grown up in church I know what it was…It’s definitely God. I’m not sure what it is but I think it’s a calling of some sort…so my suggestion for myself and others is to pray about it…there is a sense of peace in knowing that when I put something in the Lord’s hands it will be taken care of.

okay…I stopped typing for a second and I was praying for the right words to put in this answer…then my daughter came to give me “an early mother’s day present” and she had her guitar and she sang me a song…which is a song that she was making up as she went…in her song she had a one liner that moved me deeply so I know that was God letting me know…she said “the past is done” I then found myself on a christian band’s [[Falling Up]] web page and the song I heard was confirmation…it says it all…the lyrics say:

“Good Morning Planetarium”

The fight is over now, the bright lights turned somehow The strength I have is running out, the current pulls me down

I’m wondering

Is anybody out there, who’s cold and incomplete, inside? I can hear Him calling Come and follow me, my child

The twilight turns to day, with all your love displayed The stars they bow in awe, when the lost return to you

Draws up my heart deep from the well I know He’s Finding every lost and broken dream.

and here are the words I’ve been given…I know it’s a scripture or something…or atleast I know I’ve heard it before…but anyway… I prayed for words…and this was what came to me..

“be still and KNOW that I am God”

Answer #22

Jesus is missing. He’s just waiting for you to notice.

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