I don't have a life...

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oh my goodness...
you guys...
lighten up

I said I don't have a life because I was on my comp and not out doing something.


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your the ignorant by writing that ? who has a life ?? well you the ignorant if you alive of course you do! but thats my opionion PEACE!!!

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Ha I do I am going to an early showing of a movie tonight its going to be AH-mazing and get some friends or a boyfriend they will make you have more of a life

what do you think the truth of life is?
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It's called SARCASM to all the ignorants out there.

Would you save a strangers life?

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Yeah, I do. If I didn't, I wouldn't be here on funadvice answering a question whether or not I have a life... :P

Life saying
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lol...I don't have a life either.

What does low life mean?

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everyone living here have a life I do and I mke the most out of it and so should you things are not going your way lkife suck at times you feel like you wannna die or not be here yeaaa!! been there done that but now I've realized life is short and you got to enjoy no matter what! sop cheer up my friend!!

who would you say has had the most invluence on your life?

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of course not

what is the biggest disoppointment of your life to date?
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nah, I don't.
thats why I'm on the computer, in my room, on a friday night.

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned?

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