How can I learn cheerleading?

Are they any cheerleaders in here?…I’d like to know some tips on how to become one…I’m pretty flexible but I don’t know how to do those back flips…are those importants in competitive cheerleading?/ can I learn.?…what are some good ways to strech?…n dos and don’ts in try outs I’d really glad if you guys give me your advices!!

Answer #1

Hey, I’m a cheerleader. And Hun. It’s a lot of work. And No! cheerleading isn’t just about Round offs. and Back hand springs and Tucks. That would be really nice if you could do that. But, Mostly Jumps and Arm motions. Cheerleaders have to be perky all the time when your on the field or on the court. I cheer for Basketball and football. Ughz! And of course we’re not going to do back flips in a gym!.. On Compations Yes! Atleast 4 or 5 people need to know how to do jumps. But if your small like me. You’ll have a simple job of being a flyer. takes hard work though. don’t get me wrong but it’s better than a base or spotter. you know. Soo. Stretches you can do is most importantly. Leg stretches to get you musles use to it. Because, when I first tried out for cheerleading. It kicked my butt, because I wasnt use to those musles being use. I was a dancer. and cheerleader use totally different musles. but I still made the team though. But. Of course you can be a cheerleader. go to YOUTUBE.COM And type in cheerleading skills and it’ll be a vidoe of ALL you need to know!!! Hope I helped!

Answer #2

hi I am mikayla and I am a cheerleader if you want to get fit then try to the split

  • split tack is bring your knees to your chest keep your knee togther
  • spread eagle keeps your knee forward keep your body straight with out piking
  • herkie bent your knee and put your face down keep your kneestraight leg facing upward
  • toe touch keep your hand and chest up pull your legs to arms up reach for the in step not your toes . GOOD LUK FOR THOSE TIPS
Answer #3

go to tumbling classes, you should get your back handspring, its the most basic thing. join a pop warner team if your new, no try outs for most of them. don’t be afraid to be loud. don’t be shy, and pay attention when you learn cheers. stretch and run every day. and have fun with it. :)

Answer #4

go to tumbling classes, you should get your back handspring, its the most basic thing. join a pop warner team if your new, no try outs for most of them. don’t be afraid to be loud. don’t be shy, and pay attention when you learn cheers. stretch and run every day. and have fun with it. :)

Answer #5

I do competative cheerleading. you can really make cheerleading no matter what skill level you are. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE BASICS:

  • Jumps (Toe touch, hurdler [or hurkie], and pike)
  • 1, and, 2, and, 3, and, 4, and, 5, and, 6, and, 7, and, 8 (BASIC COUNTS)

Try some tumbling classes. you can also search the web for some cheer sites. American Cheerleader magazine is REALLY good!! it gives great tips and such

Answer #6

look up cheerleading routines on the internet, learn one by practicing flexibility and stamina and then perform it in front of your squad at school. WARNING it will take a long time to gt your practiced routine perfect. it needs work.

Answer #7

Okay do NOT stretch cold muscels. run every day. then stretch. im flexible to but cant do flips so i chose not to do cheerleading. but still running helps and stretch every day.

Answer #8

Well im a cheerleader…well I don’t have my back flip and I made it…I made it for flyer…its not really hard if you are already flexible…when I stretch I usually run then I stretch and do some push ups and curl up and stretch my legs for my splits and I do some jumps for m toe touched…

Answer #9

im a cheerleader an im flexible 2 but because of that I dont do flips an stuff I stick 2 splits etc an I advice since you are flexible you shud b able 2 split get sum 1 2 stretch evry weekend are so by sittin on the floor an spreading your legs 2 the widest an get sum 1 2 use their feet an push yours while holding your arms it a really nice stretch

Answer #10

just build up your arm strenghth and when you try you finally try a backflip make sure not 2 bend your neck or the whole thing will b ruined, and your most likely break your head off. backflips are important in the cheerleading arena so you should learn. flexibility is important too so you really should just stretch everyday and the rest will come in time. just work on the stretches and you’ll b backflippin in your sleep.!!!

Answer #11

easy. I have been doing competitive cheerleading and football cheerleading since an early age. Take a tumbeling class. I can do cartwheels, rownd-offs, backhandsprings, front tucks, back-yucks with a spot and frount hand springs. It’s a lot of fun. : )

Answer #12

go on there are great videos about how to do cheerleading, flips and watever you want!

Answer #13

Thank u so much girls!!!

Answer #14

Thank u so much girls!!!

Answer #15

im a cheerleader. strech alot but you gotta run first. go to gymnastics and if your schools got cheerleading then try out.

Answer #16

warm up in a warm/ hot bathh… ooo it helps. and do regular sit on the floor streches [= also join a tumbaling class!! and maybe a city league[= hope it helps!! much love[=

Answer #17

I think everyone above is correct!! good luck PRAY!

Answer #18

I have been cheerleading for 12 years. on the more advanced levels tumbling is super important but there are lower levels to start at that dont require tumbling. try a local team you might have. cheerleading is a lot of fun and a great way to make friends. just jump right in.

Answer #19

okay… i’m not a cheerleader.. but i am a gymnast… and yes. flipping is very important in competitive cheerleading… look at some local gymnastics clubs… take tumbling lessons… run alot to build up your legs.. jump for about 2 minutes straight.. work on tuck jumps, pike jumps, hurkeys, toe touches.. etc… fun maile me.. i can really help ya out in this area.

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