I caught my sister watching porn

Ok I caught my sister watching porn I was mad and why would a eight year old girl will be watching porn on the computer. I was like WTF. I was wondering if I should tell my parents because I caught her watching porn like 6 times...But how did she got the site in the first place? Mabey somone in her class gave her the site or somthing. So what should I do?

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dont tell your parents! it will embarrass her. it vould have been a friend or something that gave her the ws. however, I would talk to her. if I saw it again, I would be like "if I see this again, I am telling mom, breaking your most prized posession, and also, I get a freebee on the next out of line thing that you catch me do.

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yea dont be angry w/ her cause you know you do it too you just dont get caught lol im jokeing but just talk and tell her to be aware of creeepy guy or girl that wanna chat etc...

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dont be angry at her
she could have a good reason for going on
maybe people in her class told her to and she did not realising it was bad for a 8 year old...
maybe it was a pop-up too
dont shout at her or she wont tell you anythin

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This is a matter for your parents. You are not her mother or father, you cannot correctly address the issue. They need to be informed of this in case somebody has sent it to her or has instructed her to watch it.
If this is the 6th time she's watched porn that YOU'VE caught her, she's not just curious anymore and she needs to be redirected in a mature fashion by your parents. She doesn't need to feel ashamed, don't embarrass her or make her feel like a 'freak'- she's not- but she does need to know that those things are inappropriate for an 8 year old girl to look at.

@Vonbrett, the Freudian Phallic stage occurs between the ages of 3 and 6- she's too old for that, and Freud was a nutter.

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I wouldnt be mad with her.
I understand that its a shock to you couse she is 8.
just aske her about it and be nice.
and like once you ask her about it be like if I catch you on it again ill tell our parents.
then if yall do this make a promise or something yall do when yall make promises. I hope I helped. :)
♥- -Nikki- -♥

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talk to her about it, and tell her how awful it is and if you catch her again tell your parents

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well callthe parents

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