Am i masturbating wrong?

I'm 14 years old going on 15 in april and I can't finger myself. I used to be able to finger myself at about 12 years old lol ... I mean I know where my hole is, but it just wont go in. I made sure I was really wet, but as I tried to stick my finger in, it kinda hurt and I just couldn't do it.
is it because I have a small hole?
or im too tight? (im a virgin)
or im not doin it right?

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make sure your horny and not tense... yes im a guy but trust me... if your tense you will close up... and take it easy...

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yeah you do that a lot dont you lol

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;probe around the outside until it feel good your clit mybe some KY gel until you are good an wet relax and go with the flow.

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Use tampons so you'll stretch yo hole lol and then you'll be able to stick your finger

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kay. you need to. Get arroused and loosen up and it is okay somepeople have trouble doing this you need to be comfy and loose your self up a little havefhn LOL and I'm a girl I've been there and done that LOL

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