I am ready to kill this cat

I have a blue russian cat that is about 13 months old. my question is how to stop this cat from chewing up my bedding, destroying anything that belongs to me. he digs in my plants and throws the dirt out on the floor, he dumps his water bowl and food bowl. he does not bother anything that belongs to my husband, just my stuff. I am so over him that I don’t know what else to do. I had to have him declawed because he would scratch me so bad that I have scars now from it. now he just runs up to me and bites me for no reason. please give me some suggestions.

Answer #1

Take it to the animal control center, for a few dollars they will put that awful cat to sleep.

Answer #2

cats suck

Answer #3

Good advice “phrannie”

Answer #4

cats are the spawn of satan. get rid of it. they are not intended to be kept as pets. release it. it will probably get torn to shreds by some ferrel cats. I love how people jump to blame dogs. if a dog pissed and shit all over and bit and clawed people till they bled it would be put to sleep. stop the double standard. that cat is a danger to you!

Answer #5

get a 12 gauge and do some target practice

works great

Answer #6


I do accept the fact that writing down previously about this cat was all wrong…but trust me EVERYONE out here reading this..AM NOT BEING HEARTLESS…!

neither did I mean to throw the cat out of the window while the cab is running (as all of you did mistake it)… thats obvious, once the cat smells the hands…it raches you sooner or later somehow..

I have cats and kittens of my own… and being honest they are angels..!

I have never heard anybody declawing cats cause thats what they have..it’s a weapon they get naturally! but according to “kitten 22” - she’s ready to even kill this cat as she seems so damn irritated and out of tolerance…

I don’t know if she really wishes to send it to some kinda shelter but releasing the cat away would be better than KILLING it, if you all agree!

nothing to be offensive…!

Answer #7

Thank you for all of your answers, I am an animal lover, but I don’t understand a cat acting like this, I have owned 3 cats before, from kittens to adults and none of them acted this way. They were the only cats in the house and didn’t chew up things, bite me or claw me. Charcoal (the cat’s name) has all kinds of toys, I try to play with him, but as I said he just turns on me. He literally knocks pictures off of the wall, has chewed up maps that I have hanging, ripped the sheets on one of the beds, he just seems to be a distructive cat. Kirstyn, you gave me the most knowledge and information regarding this cat. Thank you, and if anyone else can give me more advice on this cat, it will be accepted. I don’t want to get rid of the cat, because he is more my husband’s cat, and I WOULD NEVER take him and dump him. That is why I had him declawed and fixed because he would never be going outside.

Answer #8

get a 12 gauge and do some target practice

Answer #9

No, finding it a better home would be better than killing it OR releasing it to fend for itself. Are you aware of what happens to cats ESPECIALLY if they have been declawed? They are attacked and torn apart by dogs because they can not escape. I am assuming that you are young and do not think things through. So perhaps you should watch what you say and how you word things. There are crazies who would take what you say literally and do harm to the cat.

Answer #10

YOU DECLAWD THE CAT?!?!?!? DUDE next time spray him with water don’t ruin his life by declawing him that causes some serious problems and can affect him in the long run, is he nuetured? and if he hates water then thats your best bet and have it on a mist form not a long distanced sharp pain one you don’t want to give him bruises an yes it is very well possible for him to get bruises if you have it on that kind of spray, the next cat don’t declaw it just get the water gun and spray, the claws are the cat’s best defense don’t take it away from them

Answer #11

please hand this silly thing to some local animal hunters… they might like his flesh…! well jokes apart…if you really wish to have this cat out of your life…then put it inside a sack…close the mouth and drive off to some far away place…there…just open the mouth of the sack and empty it right from the window without coming out of the cab.. go home in relief cause it will never come back…at least not in this life time..

Answer #12

you can’t dump a cat out of a window of a moving vehicle- THAT IS POSSIBLY ONE OF THE MOST SADDISTIC AND HEARTLESS THINGS I HAVE EVER HEARD.

it definitely sounds like you and the cat are not such a good match. it happens, not much you can do about it- the cat actually sounds kind of feral to me.

it is circumstances like this that ANIMAL SHELTERS were invented- MY ADVICE- TAKE THE CAT TO THE SHELTER. cat is taken care of- you are happy- cat may find a better family to live with.

Answer #13

Do not under any circumstance injur this cat. I agree with what Phrannie said and if that does not work and you are fet up then pass it on to a rescue league or shelter. Both of you deserve a happy life, and they may not be with eachother. Please do not place this cat outside, Without claws that would not be fair. I hope all works out for the both of you.

Answer #14

“releasing the cat”??? RELEASING is a term usually reserved for wild animals, like a mountain lion, or a bobcat…this is a domestic cat…not at all prepared to “care for self in the wild”…

And now I really wonder about “loving animals”…hmmm…Ever hear of a rescue or a shelter??? They feed them there…


Answer #15

The cat bites you??? Just give it to some home or charity, you can’t let a cat bite you!!!

Answer #16

I agree dump the cat out of a moving car I agree with fionance dude

Answer #17

( sorry if I already answered this ) Russian Blu’s are not lap cats , Buy a floor to ceiling cat scratching pole that will help you tons . My mom owned one and I was scared to death of it as a kitten , vet recommended the pole and also when the cat is fixed , now shes 6 and I love the cat , also russian blu’s are also a 1 person cat ( like (siamese) . I also noticed they arent the type of cat that you can hold or handle they will cuddle with you , and purr their hearts out but once they get irritated , they will bit or scratch , If you truely want to give it up . Id take it , they are a nice cat to have around , you just need to know what they like and dont ( kinda like men ) lol goodluck

Answer #18

fionanance - you have taken the original question and turned this thread into something completely about you. Your profile does say that you are an animal lover… if what you said was a joke, NO ONE got it. You just came off as a cruel, selfish animal abuser.

As for the cat, he needs to be fixed and now. He also sounds bored. He does not tear things up to be mean. He is probably picking up on your reaction to him. Animals can tell who likes them and who does not.

Answer #19

My God I sympathise. I had a couple of part siamese kittens that just drove me nuts with their constant miaowing. One time I kicked them both so hard they flew across the room about 10 meters and smashed into the wall! After that I thought mate, they gotta go else I’m gonna kill them, so I put them in a box and dropped them off at the animal shelter. And I actually like cats, but I think these ones were the spawn of Satan himself.

Answer #20

Look, do the humane thing. Put it in a box and run a hose from your car exhaust into the box. It will just go to sleep and feel no pain. And thats the end of that chapter.

Answer #21

fionanance, your profile says you’re an animal lover…so was your advice some sort of joke?? Careful what you advise, someone might actually follow it…

So…no…as much as you dislike this cat, I can’t imagine dumping it off to starve to death, since it has no claws to defend itself or catch prey (not that claws would necessarily do it any good in the wild)…

I don’t profess to understand cats or their behavior…but I do have enough animal sense to know that all behavior stems from somewhere. The cat probably doesn’t recognize the plants as YOUR plants…and LOTS of cats dig in plant dirt…It sounds like he’s “playing” with his water and his food…boredom?? The fact that he bites you, now that he has no claws…cats not only have their own body language, but they read it in other animals…humans…included. Because you’re so angry with him, he may be reading that…and the best defense is offense.

Maybe try engaging him in “play”…do you think he’d fetch (many cats do)…there’s also the little toys that you drag around…something to burn off some of his kitten behavior…Did you hand wrestle with this cat when he was kitten? That’s a great way to teach them to bite…only cute when they are very small.

Keep in mind, also…he’s still very young and full of it…a teenage kitten…It always takes time to change behavior in animals, not matter what type of animal it is…

Maybe rehome him…to someone who understands cats…??


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