caring box, what should I put in it?

It’s been a long week. On October 13 my best friend, Jetamio, was murdered and another, Diamond, ended up in the hospital in critical condition. So I haven’t really had time for surfing the net. I am making a caring box for Jetamio’s sister because she took in the 5 children of Jetamio’s. They went from a 1 child household to a 6 children household overnight.

That is why I want to do the caring box. I already make one. It has cleaning supplies and shampoo and soap and trashbags in it. Stuff that they will need! I want to do a them box each month for them. What ideas do you have? I had the ideas for jumkfood box, baking box (bread, bisquick, sugar, etc), a cocoa box with mix and mugs for all of them for December, a box of socks (I know how the kids go through socks!) but I would like more ideas.

Any that you can think of would be appreciated!

Answer #1

The caring box is a great ides, I can suggest school supplies and craft supplies. When the kids are at school they will have projects to be done when they get home. Glue sticks, coloured pencils and markers and stencils are great items to have and sharpeners. You can purchase alot of these items at a $1 store.

Another suggestion would be for hygene like toothpaste, mouthwash, bodywash and some powder. Samples of hair shampoo and body soad, you can always go directly to a products website and they will send samples. Also face clothes and hand towels are great.

You are a wonderful person for doing this god bless Dawnslight

Answer #2

I hadn’t noticed this thread until just a moment ago. Very, very sorry to hear of your loss. My best wishes for your other friend’s speedy recovery.

caring box

That’s very thoughtful of you. Non perishable food might be a good idea - top ramen, cereal, granola, cereal bars, etc. Also powdered drinks & other foods like mac & cheese would be good.

Happy holidays & hope everything looks up for you.



Answer #3

Wow, good for her.

Most anything could go in that box and she could use it. Mittens and scarves come to mind immediately, but seriously, the list could stretch on forever.

Be sure to put in a coupon for a night of babysitting each month, or a few hours of helping with housework. If you mend or bake that would be a big help too, and wouldn’t require a lot of money.

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