Does this make me a hypocrite?

I’m a Christian…I wouldn’t say a strong one, but a christian nonetheless and lately I’ve been “struggling” with my religion and beliefs. there are many things in the bible i do not agree with, for example : homosexuality is a sin - I don’t see how I can look at someone and tell them it’s a “sin” to love or have sexual relations with someone of the same sex, love is love in my eyes and I don’t believe in condemning them either. There are also many things in the bible I don’t agree with but I still go to church and pray to God and consider my self a christian. Many people have called me a hypocrite because of this. Am I a hypocrite? I’m confused :S

Answer #1

Not exactly, but yes. I mean, you’d be a hypocrite to say you dont agree with homosexuality, but then go a start making out with another chick. I wouldnt say you’re a hypocrite for saying you’re a christian, but that you dont fully agree with some of it. I’d say you’re still a christian and believe in God and follow the 10 commandments. It’s hard for me to really say yes or no to this. Haha, I cant decide whether I think you’re a hypocrite or not. But, i’m going to go with, sort of. :D

Answer #2 is considerd a sin…and no you are not one..yyou just are pointing out things that dont seem right to you=)

Answer #3

*I’d say you’re still a christain if you believe in God and follow the ten commandments.

Answer #4

Think of religion as setting standards for being allowed to believe in their god. If you don’t follow them, they have all the right, according to their religion, to condemn you. God isn’t the problem, it’s religion, think of religion as letting people that don’t have all the answers to think that they do. Believe in god all you want, I’m sure he knows who to send to hell in the end.

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I’m in the same exact boat as you.. The only difference is I don’t like to label myself as a Christian… although I believe in God, Jesus, I don’t, like you, agree with many things Christians are supposed to believe in. I don’t live my life completely in sin, I still try to be a good person, but if I’m supposed to be against homosexual, bisexuals, etc in order to be a Christian, I’d prefer not to be called one… But ANYWAY….. I don’t think you should listen to what anybody says, it’s YOUR faith, not theirs. The Bible says not to judge…so THEY’RE hypocrites for calling you a hypocrite :D

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that’s exactly the way i see it!! lol I actually think it’s un-christian - like and hypocritical to say your a christian and you should love and be kind to everyone then turn around and judge and condemn others because of their sexual orientation :S I believe God loves and accepts everyone just the way they are =] thanks! :P

Answer #7

Absolutely not…i am not a christian but in my religion they say the same thing…should i condemn them for saying that or am i a hypocrite too…Definitely not! You are entitled to believe what you want I too have issues with my faith…you need to know that god loves you regardless of the few minor things you tend to disagree with or find out of the norm, as long as you have complete faith in him…and know he exists…that is really all he wants for you! As for biggets that try to plea some case as if you dont follow so & so to the dot then you are a hypocrite…please…if they believed in that then answer me this, how is it allowed for a priest to to literally molest a child (a boy) and get away with it…now that is being a hypocrite…while preaching about homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of god!!!!

It really doesnt matter what faith you believe in, if you follow the 10 commandments…know in your heart & soul that you are a good person…just stop having others preach to you about what is right or wrong… Follow your heart…your the brains god has given you…make the decision to believe what is in your comfort zone, if others cant accept that then they are the ones who are hypocrites, for was it not god that said, love thy neighbor…(never specified if they were a different race, color, religion…never said only if he believes in the same faith you do for all others are to be demolished did it?! I rest my case…)

Live & let live….respect others before demanding respect in return… dont allow others to destroy the faith you have…for was it not Jesus himself that walked away from the congregation to fulfill his destiny creating a whole new religion which is what you call Christianity…so in that case does it make him a hypocrite for going against the congregation to go with his beliefs…and his faith…see… personally i would tell the people that called you a hypocrite that in fact they are one to call you that for many reasons!

keep the faith! ♥

Answer #8

No problem… we are all hypocrites at some point, when you really think about it… but the ones that call others hypocrites are even BIGGER ones lol another thing that bugs me about Christianity, is I have an aunt and uncle that are genuinely good people. They’re loyal, honest, caring, generous people.. the only thing is, they don’t believe in religion……so that means they’re going to hell? I don’t agree with that.. it makes no sense to me. :)

Answer #9

you make a very good point! thank you :)

Answer #10

so are they atheists? or do they believe in God but don’t have a specific religion? :S either way i don’t think they’ll go to hell …what you believe is what you believe and no one can judge you for that. and as long as they are good people, regardless of what they believe in, they wont be punished :) plus if they don’t believe in God or religion or w/e they probably don’t believe in hell so no they won’t go there

Answer #11

your welcome…just speaking from the heart…but facts are facts…you cant escape them no matter how hard you try to…:)

Answer #12

I’ve never been convinced the Bible really makes any references to homosexual behavior as we understand it today, at least not in the “New Testament”, which is mainly what Christians study and take seriously. Since the parts of the New Testament that do discuss homosexuality are seriously disputed by scholars, I’d say the Bible’s position on the issue is ambiguous at best. So, on that issue at least, I don’t see why you’d feel like a hypocrite for failing to pass judgement on homosexuals when the Christian Bible never clearly, explicitly does so.

As for there being other things in the Bible you don’t agree with, that shouldn’t be a big surprise nor should you feel bad about it. Whether you believe the Bible to be the word of God or not, the fact is it was written by people from very different, very ancient cultures who saw the world very differently than we do today. If their teachings seem strange to you, it’s because you may simply be stepping back and seeing the Bible as a collection of ancient writings by humans, rather than a divinely inspired text that’s supposed to be completely relevant to us today. That’s not a bad thing…it’s ok to disagree with what’s in the Bible. And it certainly doesn’t make you a bad Christian. Not all Christian denominations even believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God.

Answer #13

yes homosexuality is a sin, but discriminating a person due to his sexual orientation is also a sin………..just because he is gay does not mean he cant be there friend……all we can do is work hard on spreading the word of the gospel, and maybe people may change for the good rather then the bad…..

Answer #14

Well, iv been wondering this all my life. lol. i do know it’s a sin, but in the bible it says “A man should not lay down with another man” (not those exact words, i mean you know they spoke all weird back then) so i asked my bible teacher when i went to private school and she said that as long as they dont act on their feelings, then God will forgive the man. sooo basically, if a man likes or is attracted to another man, then fine. if he acts on it sexually or like any other way, then its a sin. that’s what’s been explained to me…

Answer #15

hate to say it, but it kinda does. im a christian, hard-core, and yes, i believe homosexuality is a sin. but like you said up there, love is love, and i try to love everyone around me, even people i dont know. and yes, i know some homos and theyre pretty cool people and i love them. but i do not love their decisions. i dont want to condenm them, so i pray for them. its tough. being a true christian is tough. pray about it. and pray about it hard. God will answer you if you listen for His answer. it might not be the answer you want to hear, but it’ll be His answer. its up to you to decide how youre gonna live from now on.

Answer #16

You’re female, huh? Me too. Yer cute. ;D

Answer #17

Sounds like lesbians are fine, then!

Answer #18

I met my first gay lover in youth group. You can imagine what we did after church on Wednesday night. ;D

Answer #19

Okay, I went through this stuff when I was 13 or 14. Eventually I realized that I wasn’t a christian, that the church is full of sh*t, and I’d been manipulated and brain washed my whole life.

I was forced to go to church, but I did meet a couple of girlfriends that way! Heh!

It was probably the happiest, most carefree, liberating experience of my life and I’ve never looked back. Once you get out of that world, life becomes much clearer and you won’t even remember how you got talked into their loads of bullshit.

I’ve been jesus-free for ten years now. It’s AWESOME.

Answer #20

well I’m straight lol but I agree that it’s not right to discriminate others because of their sexuality and I do have gay friends but where I differ from you you is that I don’t think we should try to change them and I just can’t look at a homosexual and tell them “ what you’re doing is a sin” I really can’t. The way i see it, that’s the way they are and we should just accept it and move on. Frankly, it really doesn’t bother me and I could care less what someone’s sexuality is, that doesn’t change who they are or make them a bad person in my opinion.

Answer #21

Yea that’s what I was thought too. But how can I look at someone and tell them it’s okay to have sexual desires or feelings for someone of the same sex but it’s wrong to act upon those desires ? I mean, I don’t think they can control it and although the bible says it’s a choice…I really don’t see it that way. I try my best not to discriminate others and to be open minded but it really bugs me that I feel like I’m “going against” what I was thought

Answer #22

I’m going through that right now lol. I’m still on the border line with whether I’m a christian or not but I wasn’t force to go to church, it was my choice. Yes, I come from a christian home but my parents never forced me and my siblings to go to church. The way they see it, what’s the point in going if you don’t really want to? So it was MY choice but as I’m getting older and I understand these things more and I become more open minded to things I start to question my self a lot.

Answer #23

I have gay friends as well and I’m straight and I don’t see why we can’t get along. I mean just because my friend is a lesbian doesn’t change the fact that she’s my friend right? Because, personally, I really could care less if someone is gay, str8,bi..w/e.But I don’t really think it’s their “decision” I mean, I’m straight and I don’t “decide” to have feelings for a boy, it just happens…so i think it’s the same thing with homosexuals. And, I have prayed about it and very hard…trust me lol but I still can’t see it as I sin, I really can’t

Answer #24

the bible made reference to it mostly in the old testament, in Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Romans 1:26-27,Genesis 19:1-13 and Leviticus 18:22; 20:13 not so much in the new testament as you said. But thank you! There are many ignorant people out here who have been calling me a hypocrite and even “assuming” I’m gay (which I’m not lol) I’m just completely against discriminating others and it kinda bugs me that some Christians act like their better than everyone else and think have the right to try to “change” and force their religion on others. It REALLY annoys me - _-

Answer #25

thanks!! that’s exactly what I tell ppl! lol but you know how some ppl are…

Answer #26

hmm… you kinda make a good point but I don’t think I fully agree. So are you saying I am a hypocrite or not? lol. I don’t think they have the right to condemn homosexuals or me for defending them. Because, sin or not, who are they…or we…as humans to judge others? I try to stay open-minded to things and because of that, those real hard-core, die-hard Christians condemn me …UGH! it’s kinda frustrating. Just because I have an open-mind about things doesn’t make me a bad Christian does it?

Answer #27

“Just because I have an open-mind about things doesn’t make me a bad Christian does it?”– Well I would say no. Because truthfully, even in Christianity itself there is a ton of divisions. For example you could be Catholic, or Lutheran, or Non-denomenational!(lol, i spelled that wrong). Being that they’re different, how could they all be right? In fact, I don’t think ANY of them got it ALL right. Yet for example, I believe that someone could be Catholic, and have a VERY good relationship w/God, just as much as someone could be Baptist and have an amazing relationship w/God. So basically, I don’t think God would punish any of them, unless he punished all of them. You see? It’s not about the religion. It’s about him. So I think God made it a puzzle for you in the first place. I do NOT think it makes you a bad Christian to be open-minded. As for your General First Question, that’s pretty hard to say. Sometimes, I’ve often wondered that if when God came back, he would be like Surprise! Homosexuality IS okay. Lol, I’m pretty sure God loves to surprise us, especially when we think we’re so right all the time :) But Idk, on the other hand, why is it in the bible that it’s an “abomination” to the lord? On the OTHER hand, why would it say we can’t eat things like pork, yet we do nowadays? Sigh,, so many questions arn’t there?

Answer #28

I’m familiar with those references, and in the case of the NT ones, the Greek terms Paul uses. It’s not clear what he’s referring to…it could be homosexual prostitution or promiscuity, not necessarily any act of homosexual love. But many scholars agree Paul’s understanding of sexual orientation was very different than our own, there’s just no consensus on what exactly he’s condemning, especially in Romans 1:26-27.

Genesis 19:1-13 again makes no clear reference to homosexuality, and even Ezekiel 16:48-50 confirms the reason for God’s apparent destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was lack of hospitality to strangers and concern for the poor, not because the inhabitants were gay.

Answer #29

in my opinion, absolutely not. I think its far more hypocritocal to go around judging people for their so-called sins.

Answer #30

Christians have overloaded religion with their own views. Years ago many churches justified slavery by saying that black people carried the mark of Cain. Even though the Bible never actually says what the mark of Cain was Christians used it to justify slavery and later to justify segregation and oppose mixed race marriage. Were believers who were against slavery hypocrites since some Churches were for it?

Many Christians approach the Bible as a rulebook and comb through it looking for anything they can use to justify their own views. Instead of being moved in the direction of the Bible they move the Bible in the direction of their views. Most of the sanctions against homosexuality are in the Old Testament; note that modern Christians ignore most of the Old Testament rules but they still lock in on anything they can find to justify their own bigotry.

Christianity is a tree with many denominations each with their own viewpoint on things. I sounds to me like your problem isn’t with Christianity in general but rather than the teachings of a specific church.

Answer #31

Hey thats what it says in the Bible. I dont know so dont ask.

Answer #32

Here we go, it seems that everyone has the same point of view, so lets throw in a new one. Christians are called to love one another, and what you’re saying is that they are condenming homosexuals…Does that make sense? I thnk that Christians dont CONDEM them, they merely don’t believe that thats what God wants them too do or believe. They still love them, nonetheless. God created man and woman….so the human race will keep going. I have absolutely nothing against bisexuals/homosexuals…This is just a different point of view, and I hope that no one takes offense to it.

Answer #33

lol, im christian, i aint against gay people

Answer #34

No it doesn’t. You have the right to believe in what you want and shouldn’t have to follow guidelines. I believe in God and I don’t have a religion. Believe what you please and don’t worry about what close-minded judgmental people have to say about it.

Answer #35

well…i don’t remember which verse it was but one of them said, “ a man should not lie with another man as with a woman” and when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah the men that were staying with Lot said something about “bring these men so we can have intimacies with them” ( i don’t remember the exact words) and God destroyed the city … it’s so confusing LOL!! cause they r many things the bible says we aren’t supposed to do but yet we still do it like it’s nothing… :S

Answer #36

It doesnt make you a hypocrite but your pretty much just going to church and praying to god for nothing, you dont agree with what god is telling us with the bible. Even if you dont agree with certain things that are in the bible too bad thats what god said is wrong in his eyes, he said it for a reason but people Dont care and do it anyways. God wants us to pray pouring our hearts out and sincerly but not just for whatever. God knows what is in our hearts and he knows us better than we know ourselves so dont think you cant “serve god” and not agree with what he ask of us not to do. Its considered invalid. god is not asking us to do something we dont want to do, If we really want to serve god we have to do it with all our heart.

Answer #37

hmmm….good point :) thanks

Answer #38

The Scripture states that we are not allowed to judge one another in TERMS of getting eternal live/condemning one another. But in more than one place we get TOLD in the Scripture that we HAVE to judge the actions of others….just be sure your are clean from the same transgression First. I am not a Christian but I follow the Creator and belief in His Messiah, Yehshua. It is not your religion or mine….but HIS….Look at how He wants you to serve Him…and then decide. [link removed]

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