Does it hurt more when you get your tongue pierced, or when you get your bellybutton pierced?

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Tongue. It's more senseative. but pain varies on person to person and location.

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Tongue. It's more senseative. but pain varies on person to person and location.

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hmmmm do you have ur tongue done?

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Every piercing will hurt, for me my tongue just felt like a slight pinch. But the swelling for the week after was annoying as can be. With the belly button once again slight pinch but nothing to bad, i've had it pierced 4 times but everytime they rejected. It really comes down to which you want more cause both will be uncomfortable to some extent :)

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thank you

Which piercing doesn't hurt at all?
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i just got my belly peirced last hurt for not even a whole day maybe a few ima have to say the tongue

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Tongue didn't hurt me one bit. Just the after effects were, like Mackenzie said, annoying. The belly button hurt like a you know what for me. Maybe because I did it myself. But everyone I know things their belly button hurt more than their tongue, too. As long as you take care of your tongue piercing and do what they say, it shouldn't hurt too much.

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thank you

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thank you

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tongue and you cant eat for a week. i got my bellybutton pierced it doesnt hurt AT ALLL :)

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my tongue web,yes. And i have pierced my own belly

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ok thank you

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ohhh okay... thanks

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np. Just rememeber,if you get your tongue pierced,tighten the barbell!! Because it can come lose and you can shallow it.

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ouch! did that happen to u

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almost lol,like the 2nd day i had it pierced. I was eatting bread and my barbell under my tongue came lose. The barbell was really short and i had to buy a longer one. I tighten my threaded balls to make sure they don't come lose. --The day i got my piercing,one of the people who worked at the shop was telling me how he swallowed his tongue barbell. They come lose easy because of the amount of spit in the mouth. So keep that in mind ^^

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okay thank you

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can i ask quick question u may know the answer?

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my friend told me that if you have a tongue piercing then that means you suck d***, is that true?

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lol. Uh that is a sterotype. yes most people do get tongue piercings for oral but that doesn't mean everyone does it for that purpose. A lot of people judge the tongue piercing to be gross and trashy and sl*tty because they are rude people who want to sterotype others. --Yeah i'm sure having your tongue pierced would be more pleasureable for oral. But it's not only a sexual based piercing. ---I have my tongue web pierced. Under my tongue,not the top. I have it because it's fun to play with. And because i've heard stories about the top being pierced and i just think the tongue web is funner. -XD --I hear having your tongue pierced (the top,not what i have) is great for making out with too. ^^

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hahaha.. really?

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What are you asking really to?

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everything really... i didn't know all that.. i jus thought that my friends were messing with me.. i guess not lol

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lol. yeah most people assume that if someone has a tongue piercing that they are a sl*t,when that isn't true. People are rude. But eiether way,if you want it just because or if you want it for sexual purposes or both,then go for it! I always encourge piercings!

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haha ima get it no matter what.... i really want it

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right on :) --i went to walmart the other day and they had diamond barbells for tongues<3 soo cute.

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ohhh ima have to go there afteri get mine done, that is if i can sneak it lol... ill have to find the right time

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XD ---Just don't change out the barbell for a few months. So it can heal XDand DO NOT use peroxide!

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hahah okay ill try to remember all of that..

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good luck keepn ur tongue still while gettn pierced. im scared to try.

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TONGUE! full of nerves and very sensetive :s OUCHIEZ

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