How would you reach out to Pete Cashmore of Mashable?

So, I’ve been trying (without success) to get a write up about on Mashable which is the largest social networking blog out there. Given our unique one click photo integration, the recently launched and our growth rate this year, I have been hoping to get the attention of some more influential writers to talk about our story.

FunAdvice, in case you didn’t know, is run as a part time hobby - we don’t have any full time employees, and in total, only six people work on the site, part time. Being the first question & answer site to truly be international - Yahoo Answers has a UK version, but everybody who knows how the ‘net works knows a UK site doesn’t end with “.com” :) - is something we’re very proud of, and we have more incredible stuff in the works over the next few months.

So…any ideas on how we could “get the word out” to a guy like Pete? Or any other bloggers, influential or not? The more people who get what we’re about, the better the site gets for everybody, because we get more questions, more & faster answers, and more things to see, click, read, and view.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Answer #1

Thats a good question, I don’t know how easy it is getting a person to write about you, unless they notice the spike of interest in your site in some way or something that is very very unique and will be interesting for their users to read about… maybe you could ask them if they want to trade advertisement space on the right side? Sometimes companies are willing to do this because it doesn’t cost anything to throw an ad up, then once they notice you, maybe some of the writers will notice you and get an article out there… getting your site out there is tough. In my experience optimization helps very much i took a look at your source code and well i noticed you don’t have keywords in your meta tags this could improve your pages more if you draw words out of the question and throw them in a keyword tag it wont be a huge improvement because most search engines dont use them now a days but its always good to have them. You have done well with making your links search engine friendly… ie dropping the querystring question mark and using H1 tags on the question search engines like this….. Another thing you can do is buy some software that looks at your site the way a search engine would this will help improve you in search engine ranking. Another thing you could do is add buttons for, and digg and all the other tag sites out there… this way you will have people saving your questions… well i hope that helps… let me know if you have any more questions or need me to elaborate on something.

Answer #2

Thanks, snowboarder.

It’s somewhat ironic…my day job is a search engine consultant, for my own company. FunAdvice is my “hobby”…what you mentioned (meta keywords tags specifically) those are ignored by Google, and have been for years, and since they have 60 ish percent marketshare, it’s worth an incremental boost in Yahoo traffic we could get if we implemented them, but unfortunately not high on our priority list.

Also, I worked at Yahoo as their first internal SEO manager from April, 2004 to Jan, 2006. Then the company I left to start worked with them for a year after that on SEO projects :)

(the “delicious” link is just below the question, btw) Digg buttons we’ve considered, but not implemented, mostly because we’re leery of too much incremental noise on the site.

So far, the most influential write up we’ve had was the one from, Rafe is a great guy & was very amiable:

I talked to Om Malik from GigaOm too, but no write up yet :(

Answer #3

Just a suggestion…maybe the site needs more advertising, how exactly is it advertised now? I mean i heard about his site through another person on another advice site and came to love this one so much more and started using it. Maybe if it is advertised more, the word will get around alot quicker about how great this site actually is and how helpful it can be for people.

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