How to write resume for scholarship?

How to write resume for scholarship?

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GENERAL OUTLINE (follow this process before you begin to write)

Brainstorm relevant data in each of the following categories. Do not include activities/awards from your elementary school years unless to show longevity of involvement.

Academic Achievements

Include all grades or percentages, awards, Honor/Effort roll standings, grade point average, etc. Record any competitions entered and their placings, science fairs, etc. Mention any placements in PACE, Honors or AP classes, and classes taken outside of school hours (I.e.: Camosun College, French Summer Language Bursary Program) Athletic Achievements

Include all awards, team memberships, organizing of or helping with events (both in school and the community) Include solo athletic activities such as running, swimming, equestrian, etc. Achievements in the Visual and Performing Arts:

Record all involvement in drama, music, band, choir, art, etc. Include all competitions entered and awards won (placings, etc.) School Involvement:

List all school volunteer experience (give some explanation) Include membership in any school-based clubs or committees (I.e.: ICBC Counter Attack, Student Link, Creative Writing, Weight Lifting, etc.) Community Involvement:

Include membership in community groups, church groups, etc. (I.e.: volunteer firefighter, United Way Youth Committee, canvassing for various charitable groups, etc.) Any volunteer work in which you have been involved (I.e.: summer day camps) Seminars/Conferences Attended:

Record anything attended in or out of town (I.e.: Holocaust Symposium, United Nations Model Summits, Red Cross Training, Food Safe, ICBC conferences, anything subject-related, etc.) Skills/Personal Attributes/Interests:

This category can be broken down into separate areas if need be Include computer skills, languages spoken, positive attributes (I.e.: those highlighted on the Myers-Briggs test), etc. Work Experience:

Paid work experience from summer or continuing jobs Career Plans:

In a couple of sentences discuss what your intended career goals are Keep it concise, but with enough detail to allow the reader to see that you have some sort of a plan ** For all categories, list chronologically, beginning with most recent and proceeding back in time

** Be aware of your margins and spacing: make it pleasing to the eye. Also, group the appropriate areas together from most important significant to least significant.

** Note: Omit any of the above categories in which you have little or no experience

What areas can you enhance in the next 6 – 8 months?

YOUR NAME 3067 Jacklin Road Victoria, BC V9B 3Y7 (250) 478-5501


2002 - 2005 Belmont Secondary School

1999 - 2002 _ Middle School

1997 - 1999 _ Elementary School (not completely necessary)

Academic Achievements:

Grade 11 Semester One French 11 93% Biology 11 88% Chemistry 11 78% P.A.C.E. 11 94% Semester Two: Math 11 89% English 11H 95% Physics 11 90% Socials 11 92% Grade 12 Semester One: AP English 12 93% Calculus 12 96% History 12 88% Acting 12 97% Semester Two: Chemistry 12 91% P.A.C.E. 12 99% Geography 12 89% French 12 84%

P.A.C.E. Program for Academic and Creative Enrichment AP = Advanced Placement

Awards and Honours:

2005 - English 12 Award of Excellence - Belmont Secondary 2005 - Passport to Education Award - Province of BC 2004 - Kindree Spotswood Memorial Award for the student who best exemplifies a spirit of adventure (or format it in this way)

Student Citizenship Certificate - awarded to the Grade 11 student who best exemplifies . . . Winner of Belmont’s Gold Pin for excellence in 3 or more academic subjects (Grade 10) Achievements in the Visual and Performing Arts:

List in same format as above (if applicable) Athletic Achievements:

List as above (if applicable) School Involvement:

List any clubs, teams, events in which you participated, plus the time frame/dates involved School/Community Involvement:

List together or under separate sub-headings, depending on amount of listings List what have you been involved in around the school, community, etc. (include dates/time frames) Seminars/Workshops/Conferences:

List anything appropriate I.e.: Computer courses, SuperHost, Holocaust Symposium, ICBC Road Sense, Tourism / Technology / Entrepreneur / Community Group seminars or conferences, etc. Completed Food Safe Certificate - Spring 2005 Attended Red Cross seminar on . . . Record dates of participation (I.e.: month/year, Grade 10, Spring 2005, etc.) Write a quick blurb for explanation (if necessary)


Record in a short paragraph or list individual interests in categories (I.e. athletics, arts, hobbies, past times)

Reading Quilting Tai Kwan Do Orienteering Skiing Horseback riding Rowing Skills/Personal Attributes:

Record in paragraph or list form Focus on strengths and positive qualities that enhance who you are and give insight to your character Sample qualities to consider: “organized, attentive to detail, dependable, excellent memory, outgoing, positive demeanor, strong verbal and written communication skills, able to work effectively as a team member or individually”, etc. (Note: use results from your Myers-Briggs test) Work Experience:

List paid jobs and any duties that you think would enhance your resume List volunteer job experience as well, if not previously mentioned Career Plans: (Future Plans?)

In a paragraph of 3 to 4 well-constructed sentences, state your what your intended goals are in relation to post-secondary schooling, (ie: where do you plan to apply for/attend, what program will you enter, what degree(s) will you attain, etc.) If you do not plan to attend university immediately, discuss any work plans as they relate to your overall educational goals Consider exchange/travel opportunities and discuss how they will enhance your learning process References:

List at least three names (two being Grade 11 or 12 academic subject teachers or people who can attest to your academic/athletic/school or community service) Ask permission from each person prior to using them as a reference Follow the layout format below.

Mr. Biology Teacher-Belmont Secondary School 3067 Jacklin Road Victoria, BC V9B 3Y7 250-478-5501 Name (use Mr./Mrs./Ms) Title/Place of Employment Address City/Province Postal Code Phone Number

Answer #3

It is just like writing a normal resume used in applying a job for a corporate company. Personal details, work experience (academic achievements for scholarship resume) and references.

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