How to win a game of Capture the Flag?

Tomorrow me and some friends at school are playing a game of capture the flag. Last time I played my team lost (probally because we didn’t have enough players). Do you know of any good stragedies me and my team could use in order to win the game. We have about 14 players on our team, and can have 4-8 attackers. Thank You for your advice, it’s really helpful. :)

Answer #1

Well, there are many ways you can go about doing this.

  1. Make sure you have a strong defense. Pick people that will pay attention, because every single moment counts, especially when your getting attacked. I don’t know if their is a certain amount that should be guarding, since I haven’t played in such a long time, but make sure you have a good amount.
  2. Pick attackers that are actually…fast and good at the game. It’s kind of obvious, but some people don’t understand that.
  3. When you start to play, don’t all go and attack at once. First, get 2 or 3 people to attack for the flag. When the other team is busy, use the rest of your attackers all to go at once to steal the flag. This works out a lot.
  4. Also, when the other team goes to attack your team, as long as you have a strong defense, and since most of their players will be attacking you, this is actually a good time to go on the offense and attack them, because most likely their will be so much turmoil their team will have a lot of difficulty paying attention and being awaare of all the attackers coming at them.
  5. And, if you want to totally get into the game, for the defense, you can size up the players of the other team and each person from your team can pick another person from the other team to “watch” so that if that person comes to attack one of the players on your team will always have their eye on them, and they would not be able to capture your flag. Well, I hope I helped a little bit. Good luck with your game! :]
Answer #2

Thanx for your help clawjaw. At least you were helpful, not like nickisgay. Thank You so much. :)

Answer #3

Thanx clawjaw and zimmyzimmyzoomzoom really appreciate it

Answer #4

Your welcome :)

Answer #5

If you guys would pay attention, I need a stragety, A S-T-R-A-G-E-T-Y. Ofcourse I know how to win the game. I even wrote that I played a game on. Try reading what I write instead of blurting out that I’m an idiot when you can’t even read!

Answer #6

dont be so abusive nickisgay… if you would have read his post all the way through you would see he wants strategic advice…

Id havea mix of strong and weak to attack and defend 50/50 like

if your flag gets taken 50% of attackers fall back and help defenders

Please note: I take no responsibility if you lose haha

Answer #7

your welcome Tweety :)

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