How to use byakugan?

I now how to use sharingan but not byakugan please help

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ok ill try to attempt to get sharingan but please tell me I wont go blin and its justa joke because I like to see

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all you need to do is stare at a white light after focusing your chakra yo your eyes then if you can roll them back and they should get stuck BUT you will be able to see if you do it right

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got dam my msn is princeofpersia2warriiorwithin (all one word) 2 I's.. at msn if it shows then that means you can't add the msn at end of word.

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srry bout the long paragraph but not a lot of time on comp and kinda excited again thx.
by the way is your msn: fun mail me mine is yes 2 I's and I meant my friend should be making one in 2-3 days about how to do it send back so I can know about the msn thing

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just get youre chakra to center around youre eyes and focus on a bright light and 2 hrs later look in a mirror and you might see three back dots by the way my msn is

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thx and I don't know why but I can't fun mail I'm not getting the letter on my msn or something... but anyway thx for that finally someone tells the right way...the site I was talking about just google it "how to use the real byakugan" and look around there tells real things about the eye and how to turn it into the byakugan(real scientist) he/shewrote something on the sharingan too kinda understood it but didn't really know how to do it..

p.s:if doesn't help my friend might be makin one that shaould 2-3 days and oh nvm found link didn't want to write whole thing over..The Byakugan Theory

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I know a place a place that tells you about the byakugan and how to activate it(real life) etc. but in exchange I sm trying to figure out how to get the sharingan and I'm close but most people are saying different things and I can't tell if I'm doing the right thing or not so. if you would tell me how to actually get the sharingan I'l give the site on the byakuga. and this is scientific not fake site everything on how to transform the human eye into the byakugan

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there are chakra pores around your eyes but not on them... Does anyone know any advanced Jyuuken (Hsing-I) techniques that I can learn?? (I can do eight trigrams 64 palms, shadow dance, 16 palms of divinity and sortof rotations...) also if you wish to reply immediately and if your going to reply please please pleas just text me 205-410-5266
and if any of you want to learn any jyuuken or taijitsu or ninjitsu or genjitsu or jiu jitsu or ZaShikaku jutsu or synjitsu (yes I can do two of the deadly arts,,,the third is byukagan) I have black belts in all of the above and I can help you =P text me!

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u wont go blind

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by the way if you have a msn/yahoo..etc could you write down so im much faster

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...I'm suggesting your asking about a game?

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how do you get the chakra to you're eye(s)

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how do you get the chakra to you're eye(s)

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how do you get the chakra to you're eye(s)

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ya srry bout mixed up wrds what I meant was: is your msn mine is

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How to concentrate my chakra in eyes?PLS TELL ME: my yahoo Id is: dark_mysterio_666

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