How to transplant a palm?

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There is virtually no way to transplant a very big palm without a crane, the root system can exceed 5m underground! I'm not sure what sized palm you want to transplant but I'll tell you what I do to re-plant my smaller (1-2m tall) palms. Make sure that the area and soil where you are transporting the palm to, is the same as the soil it was been living in. If the soil and climate change is too different, the palm may die. Anyway, what you want to do is put on some gardening gloves and dig up some dirt around the palm by hand, just a bit to see where the roots are. Once you have established the diameter of the roots, you can use a shovel to cut out the palm (being careful not to cut the main roots) and dig it up. Put it in a wheel-barrow and make sure you already have the other hole pre-dug. Re-plant the palm, you may want to use some fertilizer or plant food specially for palm trees. Give it a nice drink of water, but don't flood it! Keep an eye on it every day for any signs of dying.

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