How to tell if a guy likes you in middle school?

Okay,so I'm 13 and there is this boy in my class who I think may like me.So I was wondering...what are some signs that a guy likes you in middle school?

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he luvs to stare into your eyes when he gets the chance...or if hes the shy type hell only cath glances of you when your not looking. The outgoing type will try to talk to you whenever he can the shy type will often blush whenever he sees u. what you really need to know is this boy shy or outgoing.

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well if he stares or whispers with his friends a lot while your around...
also you can ask him who he like sand if he freaks out with this then ther's a hint he may like you or someone you know!:)8
good luck

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You will catch him staring at you, blushing when you look back... Maybe his friends would know, ask one of them, or have one of your friends ask one of his friends..
At least thats how I remember middle school...

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he will sart at you and copy you and like at u . if you push him and he gets happy he looks u. a boy fell into my arms before.

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A guy that likes you may try to make you laugh, he may talk to you more or even like if they say random stuff to you it could mean that they like you. Also they might look at you often or smile at you if you may be glancing at him or looking that way. some times to they may tell there friends and one of them will come up to you and say "hey I know someone that likes you" it happens like a lot. so hope that helps!!

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Trust me! I went through the same thing too! Some signs are,
Smiles at you all the time
Looks at you
Plays with you
Trys to put his hand around you
Taps you on the shoulder
Gets in close to you
Tilts his head slightly
And Kind of relaxed look in his eyes

Hope this helps! BYE!

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well, okay im in 7th grade and they are probably wondering the same thing about girls.. so flirt a lot. try and make them laugh.. if they smile or laugh back thats a good sign. if they give you a nickname or call you by something that's teasing and they think that is a way to flirt with girls you might find this annoying but they don't. just play hard to get. wait for them to start a conversation. watch to see if he stares or smiles at you. watch his body language if they are leaned in close to you that means they like you. if they play with their hair a lot or trying to get your attention say something.. ALL I have to say is be confident and be YOURSELF!! :)) hope that helps!

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I don't know im in middle school and I never had my first kiss and I have to soon because all my friends have and its like a rule you have to I nmiddle school im I n6th grade

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I like this guy at my school. im not sure if he likes me because he is known for well kinda flirting but he is different with me

he is usally like mean flirty with most gurls but when he talks 2 me he looks me in the eyes and tells me im beautiful and that im skinny and that I've changed but in a good way. he says that he will love me forever and that he will never forget me <3

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