How do i tell my parents that i smoke?

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Smoke what? Just regular cigarettes?

You don't have to tell them. But if you want to, just let it out. I'm sure at some point in their life they have smoked when they shouldn't have.

Here are some tips to quit, if you'd like. My dad was a smoker, so I know that even once can hurt. I know that this is a long, irritable process.

- Get help, your parents/school counseler/therapist/trusted adult etc. will not get too mad, tell them it was a mistake and that you want to quit. They'll help.

- If you're really craving a cigarette, try a sucker, this will give you the same effect.

- You usually gain weight when you're trying to quit, so don't give up. Keep trying.

I actually posted an answer on another question about this, look under my questions to find it.

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Just "accidently" leave something out foe them I find, such as a lighter or ashes. You could even leave a cigg. Butt out like on thenporch or in an ash tray in your room. Thats what I did.

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You didn't ask for advice about smoking, so I won't give any.

I'd simply recommend that, without a cigarette in hand, you find a time when the two of them are together and come out and tell them that you smoke and that not telling them is like living a lie and that you don't want to keep living a lie.

Since it is illegal to smoke or purchase cigarettes in Arizona under the age of 18, don't expect them to buy your cigarettes for you.

Also, especially if they don't smoke, don't be surprised it they are a little disappointed with you.

However, all of us make mistakes and each of us must live and learn from our own choices.

Don't be surprised if they set conditions, such as not smoking IN the house. Try to respect and abide by their wishes.

If they demand that you stop smoking, please try to abide by their wishes. Their demand is made only because they are trying to get you to do what is in your best interest. You can always start smoking again when you turn 18.

You're only 14 and are breaking the smoking law. Are you going to start breaking the drinking law when you get to 16? Keep in mind that with each rule or law that you break, the next one becomes easier to break. The choice is yours, to break society's laws that are meant to protect you or to respect them and expect other people to respect and abide by them too.

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I'm 17 and really want to tell at least my dad because I'm tired of coming home and trying to cover the smell of smoke up by washing my hands and face and stuff. I think if I'm just straight forward with him I'll be okay, or should I just wait another 3 months till I'm 18???

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Im 15 and I have been smoking since I was 9 years old.
My parents still don't know and I plan on telling them even if she decides to get pissed about it.
Ut's not like she can stop me.

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I need to tell my dad. My Mum knows and they live together, Im 16 so it is legal to smoke but not buy.

Its killing me going behind my dad's back, its my only bad habit, I've smoked weed before but I hate it so never did it again, I've tried other drugs like methodrome aka mKat, Hated it. All I do is smoke cigarettes.
The only problem is when I was younger I made my dad stop, well he stopped for me, and now its me who wants to smoke. He probably already knows as he has caught me twice before at party's and such.
He grounded me.

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Well, as long as you aren't underage, you have nothing to hide. I would just get it over with and they should come to accept it. No matter what you do, you are still their child. I remember wanting to tell one of my parents something. It began with, "I have something I want to confess..." and then I just said it, stating the fact that I was no longer a child and wanted it to be my choice. But don't be cheeky about it, or it may start an argument. Just admit that you don't want to go behind your parent's backs any more. Good luck.

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They most likely already know and are waiting for you to tell them - trust me its easy to notice. Even if you smell it, if you're parents aren't smokers I can almost guarantee they know. When you're a smoker you don't realize how much you smell like cigarette smoke but when you're a nonsmoker thats all you can smell when the person walks in the room.

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well last year I had 2 tell my parents I smoke and believe me ther is no easy way just b straight fwd with them or just let them catch you smokin then you wont havd 2 tellem

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im 13 and I smoke it started in may and I have been smokeing ever since how do I tell my parents so they can help me?

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ANSWER #11 of 12'm slowly killing myself with toxic chemicals

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how old are you?

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