How to take care of baby Molly fish?

I got a female molly fish that had 32 baby fish and I want to know how to take care of them?

Answer #1

seperate them and feed them carefully with crushed pellets…

Answer #2

Our mollies just had babies and we were able to save one (we call him Nemo) from being eaten by the other fish and he has been alive and growing for about 2 months now! We just put it in a seperate tank and fed it a tiny bit of fish food about 6 times a day and he has been wonderful and happy!

Answer #3

Have aquarium plants where they can hide. Adult mollies and many other fish will eat them. If you feed your fish flaked food, make sure that some if crushed small.

Answer #4

Yeah…don’t listen to me, not that I thought you would…do what Heather said :)

Answer #5

LMAO @ sensei and shtel! :) PLEASE don’t listen to them!!! Just do what I said! By the way, my molly is still doing good! He is a little survivor!

Answer #6

I have 2 male mollies and 3 female mollies, I happened to look over at my tank and noticed a little black speck swimming so I looked closer here it was a baby mollie, I then found 2 more and put them in my breeding net. I am so happy that I found them as I was trying to get some. I have another female that should be having hers anytime, is it ok to but both batches of fry in the same net being they are so close together? How much do I feed them? I have the powder food, remember right now I have 3 babies.

Answer #7

Move to asmall tank about 5 gallons should be fine and feed about four times a day with small amounts of brine shrimp[about as much as they can eat in 2-3 min.You can also suplement with frozen blood worms and powdered flake food. just make sure that you change the water often and you have the right whater condtions. I sugest buying a water testing kit and the babies should be fine.

Answer #8

I got 4 mollies one day and 2 were boys and 2 were girls, heres a little bit of advice. the girls have very short fins under their stomach. and the boys have long ones. my mollies had 32 frys and they were doing so well. then one day they were lying dead. but I’ve now discovered that my girl one is pregnant. and I dont think the other girl is.

Answer #9

keep your baby safe from mother molly. because I experienced with 93 mollies

Answer #10

I had 3 mollies in the tank but I have one. He is so courage, coming out in the open while the other fish are swimming nearby. I am going to have to move him ASAP!

Answer #11

when my baby mollies are big enough can I put them with there mother…

Answer #12

leave them in the seprate tank or container for up to six - 8 weeks depending on the different types of fish in your tank the larger the other fish the longer you should wait and obviously it also depends on the size of your new fry I ahve just released my first ever bathc of molly fry after six weeks of seperation from the main tank and they are doing good !

Answer #13

my goldfish died his name was bubbles but my parents are gonna get me a mollie fish I want one girl and one boy I want to have little babys

Answer #14

My baby mollies are now three weeks old. Some are bigger than the others, but they are all thriving. Not sure how many there are since they tend to hide in the rocks and the live plant, but there’s at least 25 to 30 of them. Wish I could post a picture!

Answer #15

Put the baby’s in another tank or they have breeders you can put them in. That’s what I have my 5 baby mollies in. Then you can put some food in a plastic bag and smash it with your fingers until it is in a powder form. Once they are double in size you can release them. Here is a website to go to that is very helpful.

Answer #16

Today I bought a female sunburst mollie to replace one that had died. As I was emptying the pet store water to put her in the tank, I noticed all these little things and was like “WTF?” My mollie had her babies in the bag!!! I am so syked! I’ve put them in a smaller tank and now just had to figure out how to feed them. THANKS GUYS!!!

Answer #17

I just bought two black and white mollies. The guy at the fish shop said I had a male and female. Got home and thought how cute it would be if I had a baby fish. 2 days later there is a tiny baby fish swimming about. We just left him (Junior) and he is fine. The mother fish is actually very prtective of him and a week on and he is still alive and he has not been put in any diffferent tank. He is still in the same tank with his mum and dad and he is fine. When I turn th efish tank light off he comes right up to the glass. Very sweet :)

Answer #18

I have 22 baby black mollies in a 1 gallon tank. All you have to do is put gravel and feed them a very fine powder of crushed fish flakes. I prefer Tetra Color flakes at petsmart.

Answer #19

I got 4 mollies today, and apparently 2 of them are pregnant. How will I know when they are about to give birth so I can put them in a seperate tank so the babies can survive?

Answer #20

ok so we got 2 mollies and I thought they were guys so there names are as followed poblo,yohon,diego. well poblo had babies lol :) I’ve only seen one im suprissed it hasnt been eaten. im not looking for babies so its okay if I come home and thers no little kane (thats what we call him) :)

Answer #21

Feed them a little tropical fish food(crushed up) like powder if you can, now remember they are babies so keep them warm, at like 74-76 degrees. If you can gget a diff tank to put them in because the mom will eat them including other fish.

Answer #22

go to petco and ask for a baby fish net, they will show you something that you can hook onto the side of your tank so you can put the babies in until there bigger than the biggest fish in the tanks mouth. make sure to feed them really realy crushed up fish food FLAKES not pellets. the pellets are to big. my mollies alwayse had babies but they never grew up cus the tank we have is cursed. no baby fish has ever survived. I just got fish two days ago and one already died from fin rot within a day. its name was micheal angelo… very gorgous looking guppy. he was blue, with a glow of green and his tail was black and blue. very pretty. hope my advice helps. very usefull website actually…

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