How to stretch your ear?

Ok I want to gauge my ear, I’m in the standard size hole, I wanted to know if there was any possible way to start streching with a house -hold item. I’ve actually tried a nail and that did’nt go very well .. My parents are still thinking it through, about the gauge, or what not. I think its pretty a big juncture mainly of my age btw I’m currently 14. But if theres anyone/any who could give some advice or w/e hopefully there wont be to many tortousness arguing with my parents about getting them Well basicly my mom thinks that I will get a scar if I try to I know it’s possible 2 if you skip sizes but basicly I want to show ,my parents, that there just like normal earings and that there not ugly.

Answer #1

I wouldn’t go against your parents wishes - they’re looking after your best interests and they love you…Take care !!

Answer #2

seriously I would not do it with a piece of cotton or any other household objects, just buy some tapers or jack them from a hottopic, your going to do w/e you want tho so w/e and as far as the sizes go if you go to fast yeah you could blow your ear out which is when instead of distributing the cartilage evenly you push it to the back and that can be really bad and uhm the girl who introduced me to this had a 00 and she took it off and it healed back to normal, id say dont go past a 00 your chances of it actually healing back to normal are better, im not saying it will go back to normal every1 heals in different ways but yeah, and lol dont tell your parents just do it try to hide it tho, by the time they actually find out what are they going to do? you only live once yo when im 70 and I probably have stretched out dangling ears atleast ima be able to say ya know I had some dope as.s ears back in the day and im 70 can saggy ears really make me look any worse?

Answer #3

just buy tapers !!! :D

Answer #4

stretching your ear is eazyy just start if in a 14 gauge but if you have small ears start at 16 because you dont want them to get infected by forcing sizes I stretched mine from a 10 all the way to a 6 then to a 6 all the way to a 2 I pretty much skipped a lot of sizes but then when I was going to put some 0 I had some trouble in ones ear the gauge would go in but in the back of my ear I had a layer of skin that wouldn’t let it through but guess what my dumbass did I forced it in and ripped the skin! It bleeded a lot but uhh I was anxious on getting it through .. make sure you dont do that it did hurt but now I have almost half an inch take care if them and clean them everyday for the best care

Good luck

Answer #5

People seem to have answered your question about how to do it safely, but gauges are really expensive. Try It’s sooo much cheaper than hot topic and there are a lot more choices. :]

Answer #6

well,I actualy have a 2 guage myself but im confused about the question, is it how to guage your ear or how to convince your parents to guage your ear well I answered both so here ya go 1. buy a taper that stretchesyour ear to waterver size ya want 2just show your parents the size you want, if its bigger than mine dont do it!

Answer #7

ok. dont use house hold items. I tried and my ear got infected and I had to wait even longer to gauge my ears.

if your friends gauge their ears, ask them if you can borrow their lower sizes.

the best way to gauge your ear is to do it in the shower. I just went to a 6 about five minutes ago and the shower idea help tremendously. dont do it to fast, take your time. I took a freakin probly 30 minute shower just lettin my ears get used to the earing.

but if none of your friends gauge I guess you can just sneek and buy some at hot topic.

oh yea p.s. DO NOT use vasaline.. used water based lubricant. :)

Answer #8

well I wouldnt suggest to stretch them with a house hold item. its not a very clean or safe process. I have gauges mine ar 00’s and I can stick a pencil through them. 00’s are the cut off line if you go bigger than 00’s they will not close all the way but 00’s and lower will close up all the way if you leave them out.

I suggest using horse shoe gauges or tapers, they are realy easy to put in , in the shower. if you have any questions just funmail me (:

Answer #9

Look at the end of the day your parents can’t really stop you because there’s no legal age on when you can begin stretching your ears.

My parents didn’t want me to do mine I’ve just gone from a normal piercing to a 2mm spike stretcher, they still don’t like it but have accepted that I am my own person and personally like it.

I only plan to reach 5mm because then hopefully depending on the elasticity of my skin it will go back to it’s original size when I am done stretching my ears.

As for using household equipment this should never be done because it is dangerous and unhygienic.

I’m sure your parents would rather give you some money to buy proper stretchers than run the risk of infection.

And most importantly never skip sizes the prevent scarring + blow outs.

Answer #10

if you can buy the taper gauges from like hot topic, but if you want to use something at home a small detail paint brush(like a really small one) works as a good taper, its small at one end and gradually gets bigger. If your hole right now is too small the put a couple different earings in your ear at the same time untill its big enough to work with the paint brush.

Answer #11

I stretched my ears, one of them to 6mm and the other to 10mm.

And they went pretty much back I had them for about 8 months from when I started to when I took them out.

The 6mm one went back to completely normal and the 10mm went back to about 2mm.

I’m about to start stretching again but not as big as I had them before.

I never skipped any and used only steel tapers and jewellery, and used a natural ointment as a lubricant.

I waited 2 weeks between going from two to 4 and then a month between all others

my parents didnt want me to do it either but they got over it.

“if you think its a good idea, do it it’s a lot easier to apologise than it is to get permission” ^_^

Answer #12

dude im 15 im doin mine fcuk your parents jst get a cotton bud cut 1 end on an angle and the other end jst straight and jst wet your ear and massage it til its like soft and shove it through gently of jst jam the cuntt in it hurts at 1st but if you want it done you will do it and dn clean your ear with vodka or gin and leave it 4 bout a week or 2 and jst go buy a stretcher and put it through and don’t tell dem till you see dem

btw da person hu left dis comment “I wouldn’t go against your parents wishes - they’re looking after your best interests and they love you…Take care !!” is a fagg bro its prob your mum or dad lol

Answer #13

I started gauging my ears at age 14 & I’m now 18.. I’m at a 1/2” btw. Anywho, I didn’t tell my parents about it because I didn’t think it would be a huge deal. I never thought that I would get this big.. But when my mom saw it– she got mad for a sec. then got over it.. That’s just my mom tho.

But I wouldn’t stretch it with house hold products. Buy tapers at Hot Topic. It’s simple.

Answer #14

I wouldn’t do it with household items, because they’re going to rip your ears and cause scarring.


Answer #15

if you can fit a safety pin into your ears, then you need to go to hottopic and get some gauges.

Answer #16

To answer about using household items, that is not a good idea, its not very expensive to get plastic earrings and you don’t have to be a certain age to buy them. Most malls have a store that sells good gauges.

I don’t recommend going beyond a 6 or a 4 if you have either 1. Restrictive parents, 2. Severe doubts about how you want to gauge your ears or 3. Are afraid of not going back.

You’re parents will most likely not notice a stretch as small as a 16, 14 or even a 12. So go to those sizes without fear. Any higher and your parent will notice. However my parents didn’t want me to gauge my ears (and I was almost 18 for heaven sake) and I got to a size 6 earlier with almost no protest. However my parents hadn’t seen my ears without the earrings. I myself,now, have my ears pierced 8 times each (that 16 total) on just the outer cartilage along my ear. I have the bottom 2 gauged, the first to a 00 the second to a size 6. Its fun, but a size 8 is the highest you can go without a plan HOLE in your ear.


4 is the most safe UNIVERSAL size to COMPLETELY recover from (back to a size 18 or 20). However a good majority of people will say 0.

As for the matter of sizing, go size by size and wait AT LEAST 1 week between each one. The sizes are 20 or 18 at any regular stud. The next sizes are 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 0, 00 and then they start to measure by parts of an inch.

If you plan on going to a large gauge, enjoy stretching them slowly, earrings are expensive and its best to use plastic if at all possible. Have FUN going up to bigger sizes!!!

To safely put a gauge in for even the most sensitive person is to let warm water run on your ear and put it in when you are in the shower, the warm water helps your ears stretch. Make sure to continue daily care like you just got your ears pierced again.

If ANYTHING looks abnormal besides a little redness and pain make sure to check with a doctor/ piercing specialist or take them out.

  1. Bleeding can happen normally when the piercing is first stretched.
  2. Pain beyond what you can normally stand is not good, you are stretching too fast.
  3. Careful of where you buy earrings/ get them pierced.
  4. There are some (but very few) people that get headaches from wearing the heavy earrings.
  5. The Myth: Gauges stink horridly! … FACT: NONONONONO!!! they don’t have to stink, if you clean them daily and after a week take them out to clean them they will not smell so bad other people can smell it. YOU might be able to when you are cleaning them though U_U.
  6. There are such things as FAKE or FAUX gauges for the slightly less adventurous people. (Though they are slightly hard to find)
  7. Great places to get gauges online are: - -
  8. Off-line, I recommends Hot Topic or Spencers, however they are a little expensive.

Finally, make sure you have considered gauging your ears seriously, especially if you plan to go up to big sizes. It is a really fun and addicting process, but it is also kind of painful at times, and can be bad if you are under a lot of stress and/or already have other things that hurt (I.e. a broken bone, stitches or any bad strain)

I hope any of this information is helpful, I want to post this as many places as possible. I took 3 years to do my research before gauging my ears (mostly because of restrictive parents). I have read articles, talked to my doctor, talked to professional body artists, many many many friends with gauges/piercings. ^_^ I hope this helps!!!

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