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My Allergies.. I'm allergic to my cats, but they're always inside.. I don't normally have such bad reactions to them but now I can't control it!!! any way to reduce this in a few minutes or something? I can't take it anymore!!

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...meaning...? You don't like needles?

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I'm a little person... :( I need simple things.

ANSWER #3 of 8 medical insurance?

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I find zertec to work pretty well, and it's OTC, safe for kids, to your doctor though in case you have any allergies to medicines & your parents to make sure it's OK to take it. Usually it hits me in about 30 minutes.

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well... I forgot... I have 2 or more weeks of being totally alone... so I need more reasonable ways for a teen by themself remedies or something... I don't have zertec here. :(

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meaning.. I have no money and no parents to take me to the doctor... my parents are out of town for 3 weeks + and I'm a little person..

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I can't get that though... :( not now at least... I need something right away..

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Cortizone shots work quickly, and last for months.

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