How to ruin someone's life?

have you ever had someone do something to you just beacause they know it will upset you!? I have, and im not crazy (?) but seriously I thought I was doing ok, I really could murder her ( yes I know thats not an option) How can I wreck her life? withou her knowing make Her go completly CRAZZZY and paranoid!!! I dont care how extream it is

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wow, your crazy. Don’t even do anything, just make her think your going to do somethin. I got my roommates really good on a prank once, really good. And they said the payback was going to be 3 fold, I was paranoid for a month because they waited before they got me. make her sweat it. lol, give her some crazy looks, the plotting eyes

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darknesscomes is a crazy

Answer #4

keep talking about how much you are going to do him/her something, wait and make her worry about it each day

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I don’t suggest you do anything such as impersonating them…via magazine orders, or getting their SS #…identity theft is definately prison material…

The saying that “revenge is best served cold” is because when people are in the heat of anger, they do stupid things…Things that they regret…things that can land them in jail.

If what this person did to you is so bad, then have some faith that it will catch up in a way far better than anything YOU can dream up…that’s when you can kick back and have a laugh…and it was them and their own behavior that put them in the circumstance…not you. Revenge is sweet…Patience is a virtue…they go together very well.


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Oh please.. Those would be consider mild things to do to people. You really want to destroy someone? You really want to get back at this person, you have so much hate and immense rage towards this person. Like you just want to send them gay magazines or just ruin their social life, those things are fixable, they won’t leave a whole lot of permanent damage will they? Of course not. Ruining a person isn’t easy and takes time, first begin with small things, things that aren’t so obvious, you shouldn’t ever be obvious until it’s too late for the person to do a thing. First, does he/she have brothers/sisters? If so, get close to them, real close, get them to trust you, no matter how long it takes, but never, I repeat never let the person you’re aiming at get his/her suspicions about you or you’re most probably through and should just give up then and there. Then once you have the brothers and sister trust, once they like you, there’s a better chance of his/her parents liking you. Once you’re got the siblings trust get the parents trust, be exceedingly nice, address them as mam and sir, be as noble as possible at first until you’re used to each other, then become more casual. Try to make conversation if your friend is off, maybe in the bathroom or just getting something. Make sure to say what a lovely son/daughter they have raised, make sure to say how happy you are to have met him/her. In time you’ll begin having regular conversations with them, trying not to be obvious bring up your target, try to get information out of them, also share a few things of yourself with them, even if they’re lies, make sure they’re things parents would want to hear, just make sure whatever you tell the parents, you clear up with your target, if you mess up with one simple lie you’re through.Once you have his/her family on your side, then it’s to the friends. Do the exact same thing, make them like you more than they like him/her.. Get information out of them.. All of this will take time, if you don’t have the patience you obviously don’t despise the person as much as you thought. Spread rumours, rumours you know would upset them greatly.. Make sure he/she never finds out you started them. Make his/her teachers think he/she is a wreck that does not care about school or work or anything, make the teachers hate them, how?.. Simple.. Talk to them more, if you didn’t in the past, it’s ok, they won’t think it’s weird. For example.

“Miss (insert name here) I was just wondering, ugh, nevermind. (If the teacher isn’t stupid he/she will say to go on.) It’s just, things have been so chaotic lately, and I just, don’t really have anyone to talk to. I have this friend, and it’s just he’s/she’s, well (guy) (tell her who the friend is in an UN-obvious way) and he keeps on talking about how he’d like to fuck Chelsea Clinton (some random girl) up the arse, and lately, he just has been so aggressive, I’m worried about him. He’s been talking like, umm, well, he’s just been saying bad things about pretty girls. What would you do, miss? I don’t really have anyone else to talk to and I need some advice. I want to help my friend. (try to sound more dumb, you’re a high school student, or just a student, teachers think we’re dumb, so sound even more dumb) Then just say something like, :I’m, really sorry this was a mistake, then storm out of the room and avoid the teacher until you have succeeded in ruining your target. Do this to all teachers, but with different stories, they cannot clash, just in case the teachers have a discussion about it. So make sure all stories fit and are possible. If you can, do all you can to get him/her into a lot of trouble at school, this will make things hectic at home. Then once that’s done, by now you should no what makes his/her parents angry, what ticks them off, whatever it is, make things worse without drawing attention to yourself. Whenever you can, make things worse. Things can never get better for them, they might gain some hope that things will turn out alright, and they won’t if you know what you’re doing. You want to crush this person, ruin them so bad, they try to perhaps end their life? Of course you do, don’t you? If not, stop reading.. If you have access to some drugs, pills, anything..Make sure to get some that just make you regularly feel down, regularly drug this person. Make them think they are depressed until they finally become depressed. Now they’re depressed, they’re even more vulnerable, with troubles at school, troubles at home. Now, they still have you at this point, start a simple fight, just to make things worse, later, don’t apologise, just pretend like it never happened. So now they’re even worse and depressed, now make them immensely paranoid of everything. Its your choice how you do this, after all you know them best. Now, say you’re a girl, targeting a guy.. Go out one night by yourself, tell him that you’re going out.. In a few days go to his house, say a guy from school raped you. (if you’re not fond of hurting other people, try and make it someone you hate, or someone that did something to you, but if you don’t care about the useless human that’s swell, you should do just fine if you’re not a moron) Anyways.. If he’s a good friend/boyfriend, he will get very angry, and the next time he’s at school, he’ll randomly beat up this guy for nothing, the guy will say he didn’t do it, but he won’t believe it, he’ll get in even more trouble at school. Then at home. If you’re a guy, well, come up with something, with the same basis.

Now, things can’t get worse? -_-‘ of course they can, heaps worse. Now for the simpler things.. You have their email address?.. Sign them up to all kinds of wacky sites.. If they’re fat, sign them up to obese sites, make them feel bad about themselves.. If they’re self conscious, even if they’re not, send them photos of really fat people, making them feel worse, then photos of really skinny pretty models, making them feel even worse. If they’re not fat, well just sign them up to several sites. Do it daily, sign them up to at least five new sites everyday. Until they delete the email, if they think to do that. They will definitely tell you the knew one. Make sure they tell a range of people, so they don’t suspect you to be the one doing it.. Now just continue to do that, and say there’s no point in deleting their email because you’ll always find them. Act like a stalker. Write codes in the passwords so when they receive the emails and it says your password is, you can be all.. “I know that you live (insert location here)”

It’s not hard to hack into an email account, don’t know how? Google it..Can’t be bothered?.. You’re not dedicated enough to ruin this person, give it up your beginner. Something goes wrong, know need to hack, just make heaps of new emails, and when it says, attached email, or whatever, to have email accounts connected, put in their email address. Send them videos of really disturbing things, things that you know would really repulse and upset them. If you can possibly, get a really embarrassing photo of them, perhaps, you could convince them you’re going to have sex. Make them wear maybe umm, some maid outfit, or a g-string, say it turns you on and you can’t do it any more without..Play music, tell them to close their eyes, make sure their pose is well, ugly, and then take several photos, then you can simply say, oh gosh, I just got a head ache, do you mind if we do this some other time? Or something like that, though be convincing..Now you’re got the picture, get to school early, go to the library, all the computer rooms, make that picture the screen saver… When he/she sees it.. “Oh my gosh, what, how did that?.. I swear, (insert name here) I had that on a memory stick, go to show them, reach into your pocket oh, it’s gone, I’m really sorry, really. Start crying, I don’t care what it does to your reputation or to anything, start crying, what you’ve just done is pretty bad, they have to be pretty nice to forgive you.. So seriously cry, seriously say sorry ten million times. They have to believe you, they have to forgive you, but then again maybe not. They have nothing except you, so they will most likely be very forgiving, they can’t risk loosing the only thing they have.. Now, you have the power to turn his/her parents and friends against him/her, completely convince them to have such disappointment in him/her, tell them lies, say he/she did things to you, say he/she said such terrible things, make the lies believable and convincing.. Now, he’ll/she’ll turn to you, you’re the only one being nice to him/her, so he/she thinks.. Now is when you completely burst out all your hate for them, be creative with your words, don’t show much emotion, they have to believe they mean nothing to you and no one, make sure they no how worthless they are, make sure they hate themselves, make sure they know how disgusting and unattractive they are. Then just leave them and watch as their world crumbles to tiny little pieces.. That should ruin most people, because people are so weak. But some aren’t.. So, maybe a few extra things to do, regularly call, everyday, being someone else, you may have to get a friend to talk for you.. Be really annoying threaten him/her also. And their parents. Use a pay phone, just in case they call the police, change which pay phone you use regularly also, just in case. To get them in even more trouble with their parents, hopefully.. post all over the internet about a party with free alcohol, say it’s at his address. Say anyone is welcome.. It would be better if the parents were away the night you tell everyone there’s a party going on.. And then, all that’s left to do is laugh at the fact that you yet again ruined that bastards life.. Great isn’t it?.. Fun?.. Of course it’s fun ruining people. Once you’ve done this once, you’ll want to do it again and again.. ^_^ Have fun ruining people..

Answer #7

make them paranoid. about everything! make their boyfriend/girlfriend doubt them. get them wsted and leave them. feed them laxatives. never give them a chance to speak! they’ll be so upset :)

Answer #8

if you knwo their SSN and their birthday it is very easy. If you need, there are many services available who can obtain this information for you at little cost.

First call their phone carrier. You may need a friend to pose as the male/female you are wanting to portray. The Co Rep will ask to verufy phone number and wither the date of birth or the social. Once you have done this tell them you are tired of your bill being changed by your new girlfriend/boyfriend and you want it STOPPED. Ask them if they can place a password on the account to keep others out. They will. A couple of days later, call again and tell them you have found a better service and they need to turn off your phone immediately. When your victim calls in to find out why their phone is off, they will no information becauase they will be required to provide your password. It will take them weeks to regain their phone service and work out the issues with the phone company.

After a week or so, do the same thing with the cable company, a week later the electric company and so on. Just as they are fixing one problem another arrises. It will drive them crazy.

You can also go to the local Walmart or Bookstore. take all the replay cards you can get from the magazines, fill them out with your victims information and Wah-lahh. they are receiving 40 magazine subscriptions soon to be followed by bills for these mags. 5-10 will end up in collections and it will be a headache for the victim to straighten out

Answer #9

whenever theyre driving call the police and give them their license plate number act scared and concerned about this wreckless driver theyll at least get taken down town ;) waste their lives one day at a time

Answer #10

Tear out all of those little cards in the magazines for magazine subscriptions and send them in for her just a few at a time then as time goes by as many as you can get and have your friends get some for you too. And if he or she has really torked you off, jucie a few fish and strain it, leave it out in the sun for a few days first. Then put it into a squirt bottle and empty it into the vents on her car at the bottom of her cars windsheild. And salt on their lawns is always a good one. Be first and foremost, do not ever do anything along these lines or anything else for revenge, unless it’s really really funny!!! Always wait for at least a month before you do anything and let them think you forgot

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