How to replace bathtub drain?

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Things You’ll Need:

* Tub drain wrench
* Plumber's putty
* Drain

Purchase the appropriate tools and equipment. For this repair, you'll need a tub drain wrench. They are available at any hardware including Ace, Lowe's and Home Depot. You will also need plumber's putty and a new drain.

Remove the plug. Put the plug down. Using pliers, grab onto the plug and twist it in a counter-clockwise direction. Continue twisting it until the plug comes out of the hole.

Use the tub wrench. Place the wrench into the hole, and using a counterclockwise motion, unscrew the drain flange and pull it up and out.

Prepare the drain flange for installation. Smear plumber's putty under the flange rim. In order to ensure a water tight seal, this is a necessary step.

Install the new drain. Using the tub wrench, twist the drain into the hole using a clockwise direction.

Screw in the stopper. Twist the stopper in a clockwise direction until it is fully inserted into the new drain.

Test your bathtub drain-stopper. Turn on the water and allow your tub to partially fill up. If it holds water, your repair is successful. If not, try again using the previous steps.

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has step by step with pictures.

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