How to put songs on my phone for free?

How to put songs on your phone for free.
How much can you put on a fore gb.
Is it easy.

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try downloading from limewire or bearshare.. :)

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You can go to on your computer and have the songs or ringtones sent to your phone, (it will send you a link to go on the web with your phone, and sends you straight to a download link) Or, you can go to on your cell and then go from there to download, its free and safe. :]
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How do I send songs from my computer to my phone samsung behold?

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Download some music from lime wire ... its free...
And ye its pretty easy you just have to hook your phone up to your computer...
and em I think for a 4GB you would probably get about 2000 songs... I could be wrong though !!...

What is a website where you can get full songs for free 4 your phn?

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