How to put Limewire songs on iTunes?

Okay this is hella pissing me off. I’ve downloaded loads of songs on limewire and they all opened up in my itunes in a folder called limewire under the category “SHARED”. ( I didn’t tell it to that it did it on its own) Well all the folders under shared will not go onto my ipod when I plug it in. ?? I have no idea why it just wont. I’ve tried several times to click and drag the songs to another folder but no matter what they just wont go. I’ve also tried to drag them straight from limewire onto my itunes but that also doesn’t work. and dranging them is how all my friends do it. Its also how limewire tells you to do it on the web page …? Its it my computer? is there another way to do it? Help please =]

Answer #1

go to library on limewire hit explore hi lite the songs you want and send it to your documents and from your documents send it to itunes.

Answer #2

Go to itunes, hit file, hit add folder to library, and although i don’t know your computer i’ll assume if you have a windows XP, go to my music, and if the folder is where you make it seem to be, just click on the limewire folder, not the little plus sign button thing, just the folder, it should look like it’s open now, then press ok and everything in your limewire folder should appear in itunes after it all uploads, and btw NONE of my music is in my itunes folder, you have to extract the music from various folders on your computer unless you actually bought the songs from the itunes market but who the hell does that anyway =) lol hope i helped oh and if a song is not yet in your itunes library you can drag it straight from limewire to your ipod tab if that is your goal, unless you use the whole sync ipod option which would make that sequence useless once you got it working but w.e anyway yeah peace -JL/BC

Answer #3

what you do is you open up the itunes program and the limewire program. have the limewire program up. you click on the song twice and the second time hold onto it. Then you drag it to the bottom of the screen where it says itunes. itunes should open up. then you keep dragging the song to library and you let go. your song should be in your folder now.

Answer #4

Ok when you open itubes your limewire libary is on there open that then select all songs an then go to file an click ad folder to library select itunes then itunes music then press ok an then plug up your ipod and ad songs like you normally do Good luck!!!

Answer #5

Limewire downloads directly to your shared folder.
Goto: -Mycomputer -C: -documents and settings -click on your user name -shared

Once your in your shared folder you can just drag all your music files to another designated folder.

Answer #6

Theres a much easier that I just recently found XD

Just enque the songs you want into the playlist.

Highlight it.

Drag it into your open itunes library.


Answer #7

Go to Limewire, click library, there will be a icon that says explore, click it. Your shared music will pop up, it’s a pain in the butt, but you can drag all the songs from there to your itunes library.

Answer #8

Here’s an easy way:

After you have your downloaded songs, click Explore. Then it will bring you to the Shared folder.

Select all the songs you want and right click, then click Send to My Documents.

Go to My Documents and create a folder where you’ll keep this music.

Move the song files into this folder.

Then go to iTunes and click File, Add File to Library. Select the song you want and click Open and bam, it should be in your library. Just make sure the songs are in the correct mp3 format when you download.

Answer #9

k there are two options.

I know for sure that they both work on PCs.

  1. drag and drop selected songs from limewire after youu’ve downloaded them into itunes.

  2. on iTunes, go into FILE, then IMPORT, then selct the songs you want.

hope this helpss :)

Answer #10

Select the songs in your limewire library that you want, then “Enqueue” them. Click save as and save to somewhere you can get to. Then on Itunes, click “File” —> “Import” then find the saved songs. It will then put them in a new playlist.

Hope this helps.

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