How to protect water faucet in winter

I covered my faucets with electrics tape is that good? I bought a cover from Home Depot but it always not completely covered because it is not the same shape of the faucet. Please let me know.

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??? You live in Texas! How cold does it get in the winter?

There are two things you can do. First, do as Magicman22 says. The second is to simply let the faucet run at a slight trickle which should keep it from freezing.

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if your referring to your faucets on the outside of your house then you really need to shut them off from the shutoff valve on the inside. Every line has one and you should be able to trace the line back to the first shutoff starting from the point wherte the line meets the outside fo the house. After you do this open up the outside faucet all the way to let any water in the line drain out. This way you don't have to worry about any excess water in the line freezing and cracking your pipes. You are now winterized! Hope that helps!

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