How to Pass a Home Drug Test ?

My mom is giving me a drug test , Not sure when. But I know if I don’t pass it I don’t get my car for my birthday & My birthday is May 27th. I’ve smoked weed , & also took Extacy. How can I pass a home drug test ? also I’m pretty small. I weigh about 90 pounds , Ha so shouldn’t be so hard to get all of it out my system.

Answer #1

All you people who say “DONT DO DRUGS” are freakin retards!!!

if he didnt do drugs he wouldnt be asking the freakin question

but the way I’ve been passing is with baking soda,

it tastes horrbible, and messes up your stomach but its worked for the past 4 months

you eat two table spoons of baking soda and drink a gallon of water about 4 hours before you test,

I normally eat 1 tablespoon and then drink a half gallon of water and then repeat.

Answer #2

why don’t you just stop being a idiot and stop taking drugs? no offense but you’re being pretty dense for taking drugs in the first place. you wanna screw your life up that early? geez…grow up. a car means nothing if your health takes a nosedive…

Answer #3

Drink a lot a lot a lot of water and cranberry juice I mean everyday it will clean your system up but you have to drink it even if your body cant take it. Also drink a lot of water and cranbery juice the same day.

Answer #4

well theres the way of cleaning it out that way or depending on if your mom watches you take it or not I know this sounds gross but what I did was I used someone eles pee that was clean I put it in a condom wore a sports bra put it in my bra and had a saftypin or paperclipp and I passsed but …like the first guy said I wouldnt do it for a little while at least im not one to tell someone they shouldnt do drugs because of my past but I was clean for 3 years now I get medical drugs even my green card and I hate it now sorry just mummblin hope it helped

Answer #5

Sorry but you got aat least 2 weeks of it in your syystem no matter how hard you try to get it out lol

Answer #6


you will enjoy life so much more if you quit drugs!!!

that how you pass a dugs test!

if I failed a drugs test I would be out on my arse mate!

Answer #7

Lots of water and cranberry juice lots!!!

Answer #8

drink water allday today lots of water pee like at lease ten times.keep tomarrow keep drinkin water fours hours before test drink half can of redbull mix 3 spoons bakin soda in other half and two more redbulls pee two times then test you will pass works for me ( I smoked yesterday morn and passed tonite)

Answer #9

any other drug takes 3 to 5 days the only one that take 2weeks - 1 month is weed it mite take even longer then one month depends how fat you r or how much you smoke

Answer #10

OK I’m taking a drug test tomorrow and I smoked yesterday. today I woke up and took a ear from the garlic and cut it in small pieces and then 1 hour later I drank apple VINEGAR and I also drank water and Jamaica water no sugar its nasty but its good for your system I was trying to get more info from this page but most of this people don’t know what they are talking about like I said any other drugs take 3 to 5 days in your system but weed takes 2weeks or 2 month depends on your weight and how much you smoke and what you eat stay away from fat foods and weed takes 12 to 24 hours to get in your system so pretend I’m going to smoke weed today and I need t to take the test in 2 hours it wont b in your system yet well like I said I’m taking my drug test tomorrow and ill post up if what I did today worked until tomorrow people

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