How to pass a drug test in one night?

I took two hit off a little bowl last night. How could I pass a test today?

Answer #1

You can’t.

Drinking a ton of water, cranberry juice, orange juice, milk, coke, lemon aid, pomegranate juice, pepto bismol, OR apple juice won’t flush it out. Niacin won’t flush it out. No vitamin or supplement, herb or mineral will work. Using somebody else’s urine won’t work- you’ll undoubtedly be caught.

Just accept the fact that you’ve failed yourself and the test and start working on making it better.

Answer #2

they got things at smoke shops,if you do them right they do work.Drink a shiit load of water,go to walmart and buy a sauna suit and go joggin about 1/2 an hr.N screw kdsmm just because you smoked a lil,doesnt make you a failier.I dont smoke but I dont think there iz nothing wrong with it as long as you dont let it smoke you.

Answer #3


you can get it at walmart or heb where the jelly is

do this about 1 hour before you have to do what ever your doing.

and all you have to do is put both packets in a gatoraid bottle like 32oz and shake it.

drink it and the first time you pee it will be the dirty one and then the 2nd time you pee it will be weed free.

it works cause I smoke everyday and I had a interview with a doctors office and I had to take a drug test. I did that and I passed.

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