How to moan on the phone?

When a boy asks you 2 moan on the phone what do you say what kind of sounds do you make when you moan would he like or not I want 2 kn0w how 2 m0an on the phone and what 2 say when I moan

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well my girl can moan but no1 can tell you how 2 moan, you just have 2 try and try. if you need anythin let me know :)

ANSWER #2 of 2

well when a guy ask me to moan I tipically say that he needs to do something for me to moan (sometimes he trys to get me to finger myself but thats besides the fact) normally my guy will say something really really sexy and I just can moan because it makes you hot. and if your worried about the way it sounds practice different moans lol practice makes perfect!!! hope I helped!!

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