How to meet robert pattinson

How can you meet robert pattinson liek I know he is a celeb and it probably wont happened but I think he is sooo hot!

Answer #1

oo because 1- im not a stalker im just a fan ok so drop that and 2- I don’t know any drawings and stuff I just guess ill have to wait till he cumes back to nyc lol

Answer #2

haha they’re filming twilight like 5 minutes away from my house. so you could fly out here and meet him lol

Answer #3

im 15 and I’ve been trying to meet robert since I first heard of him. e-mails, phone numbers… the whole not a stalker or anything but I REALLY want to meet him! like you said, he is so damn hot!and when I hear him sing “let me sign”… he is amazing!I play piano too and I even checked on this horoscopes site, and me and him(capricorn and taurus) make the perfect cupple!

if you live in america you are f-ing lucky because you just might have a chance to meet him, but me? I live in a very small county in Europe with no hope of him comming here because’ the only celebrity thats been here in all of history is P!nk. and she came when I was little and didn’t know who she was so I didnt go to her concert, now im a big fan of hers and I would kill to go to that concert! what irony and bad luck for me!! anyways, if you live anywhere in america, england or any big, famous country you just might have a chance to meet robby at an autograph signing of his. remember to never give up! look at me-I know ill never have a chance but I still hope for it, I still wish for it… LOVE YA ROBERT PATTINSON!!!

Answer #4

oh dear girls teenage crushes ain gna get you no where im afraid lol, how old are u lot? think you all need 2 tek a gud luk at your sels and stop bein so silly, rob pattinson is a man not a boy and fantstic actor not a vampire!!!

Answer #5

I heard they was doing a casting call…u could enter and work with him and get him to go on our upcoming you tube video called “the moo cow show” lol! I might to the casting call thing. hope this helps.

Answer #6

oh dear girls think you all need 2 get a grip lol, how old are u all? please rob pattinson is a man not a boy and shld b loved 4 the great work hes doin and yeh he is a gud looking guy and defo shld b praised 4 that, bbut the “omg I love him sooo much” and the “how can I meet him, I cant live without him crap” is alil sad. rob hates the attention and screamin of young fans, 1 he ain gna date a fan and sorry 2 shatter your dreams girls. just love the guy 4 his fab acting and inspiration and if you eva do get 2 meet him don’t hound the guy!!!

Answer #7

I heard they was doing a casting call…u could enter and work with him and get him to go on our upcoming you tube video called “the moo cow show” lol! I might to the casting call thing. hope this helps.

Answer #8

Maybe your in love with edward not robert because robert is terrified on his fans he litterly said”I think of them as the gate of hell” he gets all nervous around crazy fans but it would not be possible enev though he does look so0o hot in his movies especially the part in twlight with glasses can you say …H…O…T

Answer #9

dunno who that is but anyways.. is he in a band? or a tv show or something? then go to one of their shows and go round the back of the concert hall, and pray you see him. I met all the Mighty Boosh from doing that

Answer #10

You are probably never ever going to meet him… : /

I guess if you really want to, you could probably enter a contest or drawing.

Answer #11

LOL..its funny that the apparently “older” or rather “more mature” bloggers here suggest that you “younger” and “silly stalker girls” need to get a grip and get over your young girl dreams of ever meeting your crush. Its so sad when cynicism kicks in. Ya know, Katie Holms used to dream of marrying Tom Cruise…hmmm. Besides, if you are blogging on this page Im willing to bet you have a crush on Rob…aka Edward. Its only right to aka him Edward, because lets face it, without Edward…we wouldnt be on here. Am I right? Further more, I am 28, mature and totally aware that Rob has a million options out there but hell yea! I want to meet him too! I actually am ready to have my neck sucked till my blood is totally absorbed in him and ya know what…then I’ll be his Vampire lover. SO Nahhh…yea I know really mature! LOL

Answer #12


I agree with you here. It’s obvious that I’m on here, because like so many others, I think Rob is great as well. He’s very intriguing and I think he’s a terrific actor. I enjoy watching his interviews a lot too. His sense of humor is fantastic and he’s so charming. But anyhow, though I’m not the teenage, screaming fanatic I am a fan. And I WAS once one of those screaming, fanatical teenage girls… probably until I was 14. I had crushes on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Hanson, The Moffats as yearly as 10 years old… and when I saw the two bands in concert, I was screaming my head off! In fact, one of them was at the House of Blues in Chicago and it was all open, no seating. There were so many girls pushing to the front (where I was) that I passed out from being squished! Funny.

Okay, back on track now. It’s okay to dream about meeting your fantasy crushes. It’s okay to believe that one day you’ll meet them. You DO have a chance, you just may have to work very hard at getting what you desire. Often times though, you’ll find, that it’s nearly impossible and you just accept that. But don’t get down on the girls who want to meet Rob. I understand that he doesn’t like screaming fans all that much. It would probably be quite scary, and you all can understand that. It’s just part of his job, ya know? He’ll be fine. :o)

So go on and enjoy yourself girls! Keep dreaming about meeting Rob. I even think about how awesome it would be to have a sit down with him and talk. Like I said, he’s fascinating. I know I’ll never be able to meet him though. I’m a wife and a mother of a beautiful baby boy. I don’t know where I would find time to go off and meet with him somewhere, lol. But I think Rob’s friends are very lucky to have him.

Answer #13

I think it would be great to meet him too. Him or any other great actor. But, I don’t know of any contests or anything like that. Twilight is an amazing movie and Rob is a great actor.

And, as for the two who are talking about a teenage crush, maybe you should enroll in a few english classes, learn to spell, and then leave a comment. Because you are just making yourselves sound as much like teenagers as all crazed girls who want to meet Rob.

Answer #14

okay first off I seen your long paragraph on how we dont need to meet rob because he hates the fans actually no he dosent or he never would of became on actor you just need to shut up:]

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