How to make myself more attractive?

How do I make myself more attractive in less than two weeks(on a cheap budget)?

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Well, you could always get your hair and nails done, buy some makeup, and get some cool clothes. But honestly, I think confidence is the most attractive trait someone can have. Just be confident about yourself and people will find that sexy.

Good luck.

Answer #2

As far as your face makeup goes, always pinch your cheeks to give you some color. It’ll give you a natural glow and automatically brighten your face. And, it’s free!

Answer #3

Grab a tomato, slice it open and wipe the inside over your face. The juice contains AHA’s (fruit acids)-which are included in some very costly skin creams and remove dull or dead surface skin cells to reveal a nice fresh complexion. Strawberries are also great for this purpose or even mashed then applied as a face mask which - if used regularly - imparts a lovely moon- glow to the complexion.

Brush or smear a little vaseline (petroleum jelly) through your lashes every night. It will condition them beautifully and if used regularly makes them grow luscious, glossy and thick. Dab a blob of Vaseline in the centre of your lower lip too for a moist pouty effect.

To remove dead skin from the lips rub them all over with vaseline, then rub them vigorously with a hot damp flannel. Any flakes or loose skin will then come away and lipstick will go on smoothly. While on the subject of lipstick, avoid moisturizing ones as they don’t stay on and so are poor value for money. Buy a hard lipstick and if you need more moisture just add lip balm over the top.

But a tan towel sachet to use on your face. They are relatively cheap (about 85p -£1.00 ) but go for a reputable brand such as L’Oreal. You will have a lovely glow which will last several days and eliminate the need for foundation or too much makeup.

Shapely eyebrows completely alter the character of the face so make sure you tidy them up- NOT by plucking them to within an inch of their lives (!!!), but just by plucking away any stragglers, and ONLY from underneath the brow. If you pluck from above you will ruin the natural arch. The added benefit of losing the stragglers is that your eyeshadow will go on smoothly and not in uneven clumps or blobs.

If you can’t afford much make up, invest in a soft pink or tawny coloured lipstick and then just double it up as a cream blusher. All make up is basically composed of the same stuff. A little subtly applied blusher is always a good idea as it adds sparkle to the eyes, especially if you also put a light dusting at the temples.

For clean skin, fill a basin with boiling water then lean over it with a towel over your head for 5 mins or so. The steam will sweat out all the impurities. Finish by closing the pores with a cool damp flannel.

After washing and drying your hair, put a few drops of baby oil in your hands and rub it through to the ends. Then put cling film round your head ( or a plastic hood) and run a hot blow dryer all over it. Sounds bizarre -but imparts wonderful condition and gloss.

Make your own face scrub using just salt and water.

Grab a jar of household mayonnaise and slap some all over your face. Leave for several minutes then rinse off. It’s a great face mask. You can do the same with honey too as it’s high in antibacterial qualities. If you ever eat avacado’s, save the skin then wipe the inside all over your face and leave for several minutes. You will briefly resemble Shrek, but the flesh is full of nutrients and particularly beneficial if you have dryish skin.

Buy an Aloe Vera plant. Squeeze the gel out of the leaves occasionally and apply to the skin for several minutes as it makes a great face pack and has wonderful healing properties.

Drink masses of water daily -about 2 pints and your skin will feel and look moist, clear and supple in as little as 24 hours. You can always add a dash of lemon or lime to make it less boring and improve the detox benefits.

If your hair is thin or fine, blow dry it with your head upside down and finish with a little hairspray underneath too for volume and lift.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Answer #4

To make yourself more attractive, there is an easy way but it will take time.

  1. Find yourself, oh sure you think you have but when the time comes, you’ll know.

  2. Be confident, no one likes shy people.

  3. Find your sport, and be the best you can! It will make you slimmer, giving you your shape. (I suggest Cross Country or Volleyball)

  4. Lots of water, it makes your skin brighter.

  5. Make up, enough to make look natural.

  6. Grow a marigold plant and used crushed petals, apply to any showable moles that you have! It will dry them up.

  7. Be youself, it sounds stupid, but I used to be really shy and now I am the popular girl, but some hints, I’m not the drama popular, I got there by being kind, smart, healthy, enegetic, etc. :D

  8. Laugh,it gives you personality.

  9. Don’t get too involved in boyfriends/girlfriends.

  10. Get your friends to help you, it works! Extras! Be bright, cheerful, happy, preppy, and joyious. You want good grades also, so you can get into student council, and stuff, it helps you be known. Get involved in as many extra curriculor activities as you can (make sure they don’t bump, I learned the hard way and my coach wasn’t too happy either, then I broke my toenail…haha)and be busy all the time, this will make everyone want you. SOME people can make people want you terribly, and they don’t mean to do it, then they learn how to use it. People miss you all the time, and if you have a boyfriend/girlfrind you break up with and never talk to you again, they can’t resist trying to get you! It gets funny :D Don’t try to grow up too fast, but don’t act like a child either. Drugs DO NOT HELP! There are many other tricks, try acne wash even if you don’t have acne, it helps to never having acne! If you ever have any more questions go to


Answer #5

Hi Stephy

Just a footnote to my answer of the 2nd of August.

For a while, you could also switch to using baking soda in place of toothpaste. It has very good whitening and stain removing properties.

Also, try this modelling trick and after brushing your teeth, put Vaseline on your finger them rub over your teeth. It makes your teeth look shinier. As you’ve probably gathered by now Vaseline is a pretty versatile product!

Also, I know your budget is difficult, but DO invest in a pair of eyelash curlers. They’re a beauty ‘must’ and will last you years! They’re usually about £4.00-£5.00 to buy here in the UK, so I’m guessing that’s about $3.00-$4.00 over there (-as long as you don’t buy a ‘brand name’ or go to a swanky department store that is. Just go to a chemist).

Some people say to use them after steaming the face, as discussed the first time, or after a hot bath/shower. Others say they’re more effective after applying mascara. Just see what works best for you. Squeeze your lashes in the clamps for about 8 seconds and the curling effect this produces will make your lashes look heaps longer and ‘open’ the eyes right up making them look a lot larger.

Finally, going back to the subject of water. When I suggested “2 pints “ a day I should have added ‘AT LEAST’. A good idea is just to top up a drinking glass whenever you have a pause in the day, and to sip it continually.

I think that’s everything for now.



Answer #6

Well sometimes being pretty can take its time… but the first thing to do is look in a mirror be happy with what you see, second have fun and be yourself and thats all the advice I can give you. If you are beautiful on the inside, then it will show on the outside :) x P.S. Take make up off at night… your skin needs to breathe!!!lol

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