How to make it grow faster or calm it down?

Is there any possible way to make your hair grow faster? And also I have really curly hair are there any products that can help calm it down??

Answer #1

Oh my goodness why would you want to chemically straighten your hair? I have curly hair and personally I like it natural. People need to stop changing how they look and learn to love what God gave them.

Answer #2

Keep trimming your hair! Every 6-8weeks have a trim! Doesnt have to have much off but this will improve the growth in your hair. DO NOT LISTEN TO agent orange! Massaging your scalp ( in my proffesion known as pettrisage) will only stimulate the sebo glands ( the glands what produce the greace in your hair!!) Trust me im a hairdresser haha good luck!

Answer #3

I have to agree with the person who said that trimming it doesn’t “make it grow faster.” That’s impossible. If hair grows from the scalp, how does trimming the ends effect it? It desn’t. Regular trimming maintains a healthy look b/c you’re getting rid of the split ends and preventing breakage. This is what I did to make my haor grow fater and it worked: Take hair vitamins (I took GNC Ultra Nourishair and Biotin) and I only trimmed my hair once every 6 months. My hair needed fewer trims b/c the vitamins were helping it get stronger and have fewer split ends and the less you cut it, the more it grows.

Answer #4

massage your scalp. it feels awsome and it stimulates the skin cells.

Answer #5

NEVER TRIM YOUR HAIR, IT DOESN”T HELP!!!!! However, I recommend this all-that scalp massage every day. You just rub your scalp with your fingertips or nails every night for 5 minutes, then take small sections of hair and pull them hard enough so that you can feel it. I’ve been doing this a wjile and my hair definately seems to be growing faster. Try it, you’ve got nothing to loose!

Answer #6

triming does help …even if it doesnt … it makes the hair look healthier

Answer #7

It’s simple just trim your hair every three months to keep it healthy and growing fast and to calm it down maybe you could use Sun Silk it works great and maybe some stay-in conditioner or relaxer!!!

Hope I helped!!

Answer #8

Hair does not stop growing when it reaches a certain length. Your hair falls out at a certain rate, and it grows at a certain rate. When the rates equal each other, your hair stops getting longer.

For example, if it takes 4 years on average for each hair on your head to fall out, your hair will never get longer than 4 years worth of growth. It SEEMS like your hair has stopped growing, but it hasn’t, it’s just falling out about as fast as it is growing.

Answer #9

The trimming the hair thing really works. -plus some people’s hair stops growing at a certan length. I’ve always had my hair very long and I just chopped it all off a few months ago. It’s amazing how fast it grows now! I have to get it cut every 2 weeks to maintain the style I want.

Answer #10

trimming your hair regularly stimulates growth, strang as it seems! this gets rid of split ends, and spilt ends make your hair look less healthy and stunt its growth. a good hair-calming product is ‘frizz-ease’ (by john freeda i think) if you use this and let your hair dry naturally you can get really nice defined curls, or you can blow dry it straight n it looks really smooth… hope that helps!

Answer #11

To make curly hair less curly, you have to “unflatten it” with heat and humidity. I’m not a hair stylist, I’m just talking about physics. I suggest going to a real stylist and asking about it. There may be hair products that can do it for you. Also, I’ve heard electrical stimulation can promote hair growth, but I don’t know if it’s true or not. Basically they zap your scalp for a few minutes, and it doesn’t hurt, it just tingles like shampoo bubbles or something.

Answer #12

you can get your hair chemical straighten, or again you can buy many products for controling your unwanted curly hair bed head again has many products for this all you have to do is go to a store and ask them for something to help you control your curly hair or just simply blow dry your hair with a big round brush.

Answer #13

Yeah there is!!! I had the same problem!!! What I did is went to walmart and got a straightening kit and it calmed my hair completely. (if you do this apply the gel on the hair and not on the scalp!!! and use the whole bottle). And after that my hair looked longer bc it wasnt curly. SOmething else…I took vitamin E to help grow my hair for a healthier look. I think it gives it a healthier fuller look.

Answer #14

if you apply lemon juice from a lemon, like squeeze a real lemon not from the bottle and apply that on your hair twice a day and it really works! First when someone told me to do that I thought that’d never work but it really does, believe me!

Answer #15

Uhh yes getting it cut does help, first person. If you have too much damage, it won’t grow any more. And when you’re dead, your hair grows, like your nails

Answer #16

Your Hair will grow every month…and fall out every day like while your brushing or combing it or even taking a shower/bath…so dont worry!

Answer #17

try using a ghd hair straightner

Answer #18

horsetail(the herb) will make your hair grow faster also massageing the scalp in a circular motion will as well as making it thicker for curly hair use a wide(very wide) tooth comb & leave in conditioner to let it curl rather than frizz but really I don’t think you should come it less it’s wet & also honey will help repair any damage(it’s a natural conditioner) BUt hoenstly I think you should seek advice from somebody who has curly hair(thisisexperiencetalking seems like they know what they’re doing) I only know what I know because of my niece. best of luck

Answer #19

yes to make your hair grow faster, buy a book, The Old Farmer’s Almanac. They have a section called “best days” it will list the best days of each month to cut or trim your hair to increase or retard hair growth, plant flowers, etc. My Uncle lived by this book and it works.I also have curly hair, and I use Redkin’s outshine, keeps the frizzies away and also use a good leave in conditioner. People who tell you not to trim your hair it does not help it grow are wrong. Obviously they are not in the beauty business. You must trim your hair or it will break off! My hair is dry, and if you hit your hair with a blow dryer or flat iron, needs a trim more often. I trim my hair every 6 weeks and it grows fast and is healthy. Broken ends are ugly and you want your hair to look healthy. Hope this helps!

Answer #20

im a hairdresser, and yes when you trim your hair it helps it grow. but if your ends are fine then you wont need to trim it. Whoever told you trimming doesn’t help they have no clue what they are talking about, unless they have their license for doing hair if not ignore them. If you don’t trim your hair you split ends travel up and when your hair is damaged it slows down the rate of growth. Trim you hair every 8 weeks, people think a trim is like an inch or more, but its just the split ends which are less then half an inch so it really doesnt make your hair shorter at all, and when you have no split ends its healthier and grows faster because the hair is not damaged.

Answer #21

Hey. I have really curly and frizzy hair too! Try these products to calm it down. First use a shampoo for curly hair (I use pantene for curly hair), then sqeeze out all the excess moisture. Put in the Conditioner, and with a wide toothed comb, gently comb through your hair starting from the ends (because you can break your hair if you start off right at the top of your head). Slowly work your way up. When you are finished combing, put your hair in a shower cap and finish cleaning the rest of your body/shave etc. Then rinse your hair with the coldest water you can tolerate. That step is so important. When I come out of the shower I sqeeze out the water. I then apply a body moisturizer, abt 2 pumps for my chest length hair (seriously! It really calms down the frizz and clumps the curls better) Then I add a leave in conditioner (any will do). And then I finish off with a frizz controling cream. I use Sunsilk defrizz cream, its in a Green bottle at any drug store in the shampoo isle. These products help to elongate my curls, leaves my hair shiny, and frizz free. When your hair is dry curl the front with a curling iron and I swear this looks amazing. I get complimented all the time.

Answer #22

I wish that I had curly hair. I guess everyone wants what they don’t have. I have to have a permanent (for the body)and then have them cut my hair in the style I want that really looks great on me. I cannot get to the length you want because of what I do to my hair. My daughter has long beautiful hair, she shampoos it daily and uses a good conditioner on her hair. She also leaves the conditioner on with a towel wrapped around her hair for a limited time then rinses it out, blows it dry and then uses heated curlers (large ones)and when she takes it down and brushes her hair and her hair lays in soft long curls. She only has the ends trimmed, and will not have it cut. It is really beautiful and she has natural curl. Stay away from chemicals, they will ruin your hair. She takes excellent care of her hair. I had it cut when she was a little girl and she hated it and said never again. I only had it cut because, it was matting up underneath and I would have to almost use a bottle of conditioner to untangle the matting of hair, but after that her hair has become her crowning glory. It isn’t thick, but the way she takes care of hir hair, it is truly beautiful.

Answer #23

I have long(lower mid-back)thick hair that is very curly (1/2 -1/4 inch curls) and have had 19 years to try and figure out what works. first off, trimming you hair does not make it grow faster but it is imperative to growth. if you do not get your hair trimmed then it will become weak and brittle causing the hair to break off and keep any new growth from appearing. I get my hair trimmed about every three months but that is because I am very careful about my hair so it does not get very damaged. I wash my hair every 3 days. this may not seem like a lot but the curlier hair is the less oil it produces so overwashing it causes damage. I never brush my hair or even run my fingers through it unless it is wet and has conditioner in it. be very careful to work out knots and nit pull them out. pulling only creates more split ends. I brush in my conditioner (try mane - n -tale it has horses on the front. absolutely amazing for long hair) and them apply Cholesterol (wal-mart in the black haircare sec,$2)from mid way up my head (avoid the roots) and brush it through.I get out and put enfusium 23 leave in conditioner, brushing it through from root to tip. I then turn my head up-side down and apply a very liberal amount of loreal light headed gel (3 bucks at wal-mart) from root to base and run it through with my fingers. next, scrunch your hair. scrunching is so very important because it will help to train your hair to hold the curl. what ever you do do not pull at the curls. this will mess up the curl and it will be stringy and frizzier. I also do a deep conditioning once every 1-2 months (over conditioning can weaken hair) I always sleep with my hair down. I know that it might be had to get used to but putting it in a bun, braid or pony tail will flatten the curl, making it look nappy (not to mention the hair tie will only damage your hair) I never use hair ties unless im working out. go to wal-mart and buy some small hair clips, you know, the ones with six little prongs on the end, they work great!I hope that this will help you out! just keep it healthy and strong and you’ll be fine!

Answer #24

Well what I think people mean when they say your hair will grow faster by trimming it is not neccessarily that it will grow faster, but that it will take less time to grow it out as compared to if you didnt cut it. The split ends in your hair causes breakage, so by not trimming your hair, you’ll have more breakage that slows down the time it would take to grow your hair out. makes sense?

Answer #25

You got two separate issues.

Issue # 1: Hair Growth- To grow your hair faster try: coconut oil its great for the scalp, buy some good vitamins, B complex. Try taking some ginseng it works. Try F.A.S.T shampoo, which is sythenic or Beauty 4 Ashes super gro products with are all natural and work well if you have slow hair growth or thinning hair.

Issue #2: Calming Curly Hair. Try shampooing your hair more often with shampoos that contain citrus. I believe all nature products are better try either Aubrey Organics of GodHead Silky Smooth by Beauty 4 Ashes. I know the Silky Smooth will tame your hair because it keeps my girlfriends new growth flat between perms when it trys to puff up and get really curly.

Answer #26

I also have curly hair. I chemically straighten it, in a salon. That costs a lot. There are a few home chemical relaxers. For example, Ogilvie Straightener works very well. And if you want your hair to grow faster, NutriSilk Vitamins work very well. Also the electric shock thing, it works well too. I have had it done 4 times, and my hair did grow a lot faster. If you trim hair regularly, it doesn’t make it grow faster. It only seems like it because your hair has less breakage. When you have a split end for a long time, it makes its way up the hair shaft, so hair looks thinner, therefore looking shorter.

Answer #27

Heyy well i dont know…but i have really messy hair because i dyed it for alot of times and there are alot of split ends…my hair is naturally curly but not like the EXTREME curly…and since its curly its very messy to comb and theres knots everywhere and it looks really short coz its curly(but its accutly veryy long)…ive read some facts that it will grow longer if u trim the split ends but im afraid if i trim it, its gonna be really short coz it looks short already. I wanted to go out and make it striaght but my hairs too damaged. Any ideas?? P.S. and is it REALLY true that it’ll grow longer if u trim the splt nds?

Answer #28

If you want your hair to grow faster, throw away your shower cap. You must wet your hair every day in the shower. The shower massages your scalp and when you get out, brush it and let it air dry. Hair is heavier when wet and encourages growth. Hair is really no different than like a plant. The more you water it, the faster it grows.

Answer #29

there is no way to grow hair faster…have you ever heard of the saying “ patience is a vitue” maybe you should take that into consideration.. about your unruly hair - ask the hair dresser to thin it out..and I mean thin - like very thin..then go out and treat yourself to a wet2straight hairstraightner and your set to go..

Answer #30

horsetail(the herb) will make your hair grow faster also massageing the scalp in a circular motion will as well as making it thicker for curly hair use a wide(very wide) tooth comb & leave in conditioner to let it curl rather than frizz & also honey will help repair any damage(it’s a natural conditioner) best of luck

Answer #31

no you just have to wait trust me my hair was short! I wanted it longgg but it dont grow fast enough for me just get some extentions make sure you clip them in because glueing them in isnt going to help it ruins it! dont get narsty tacky extentions make sure there 100% human hair, there not a lot

Answer #32

Deep condition it every week. get it cut every month to six weeks. Don’t over-process it. I use One Source Teen Vitamins, and It’s kicked my whole body into mega-grow!

Answer #33

oh just too correct some one it’s a common mis conseption that your hair is made from dead cells, Actually it’s dead protein there are women’s beauty vitamins at your local gnc with all the vitamins you need to produce great hair nails and skin.

Answer #34

opps I forgot to finish it … it helps it grow because instead of focusing the energy of it repairing ti self it focus’s on growing … I hadn’t got my hair cut in ages .. I got it cut and in 6 weeks my fringe that was above my eyebrows was below my eyes … its slowed down know

Answer #35

where do you find nutrisilk vitamins?? i had really long hair and yesterday i had it all cut off….OH HOW I HATE MY HAIR NOW!! i want my long tresses back and im depressed just thinking about how long thats going to take!

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