How to make her more wet?

how do I make my girlfriend more wet?

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WOW, I guess my boyfriend is bless!!
I lost my virginity to him after dating two years I was 17 going on 18. I'm a Model I've won many beauty pagents. long Blonde-hair light-brown-eyes Perfect round and very firm 36c-bust 24"-waist 40"-hips. I'm Highly intelligent, mature, loving and caring.

Where I'm trying to go with this is about the part that you said you'll get lucky if she sucks your d*** I suck my boyfriends dick everytime I see him up to three times for more then 45 mins... That's if I'm just teasing him meaning that I switch moves or speed so I won't make him cum... Then if I just get to the point I make him cum in no time!!! just using my mouth while I play with his balls with one hand and the other on my breast...
I'm sooo freaking good at it!!! Because I make it better everytime.. I get into it!

My boyfriend Has only made me cum twice!!!
He only got me wet once!
He Never touches or kisses my beautiful breast!!
And never touches my extra smooth light tan skin!!!
(People love my Skin! they say They hate me bc My legs are naturally hairless..)

He hardly kisses me..
and even when we're making love..each time we switch possitions I suck his d*** really good...

So I'm glad you gave that advise to these guys!!!
I wish he would even touch my p***... Don't get me wrong he love me... And cares about me... He just doesn't know about 4play at all!!!
I'm his first love and his my first men and love..
But I most definitly CAN do the walk to walk and talk to talk!

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cantsay11, you sound like a total fucking narcissist.

How to make a girl wet?
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I need help I think ... I don't know what's wrong with me... I'm 14 and male but I've berm dating this girl for a while now and well... When we kiss I get ...hard ...that bad?... I don't know if she has noticed but I get so embarrased ... She going to dump me? :(

How do you finger a girl, and how do you get her wet?
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Its not that hard to make her wet even if you dont know what your doing. Everytime my girlfriend and I have sex I make her wet almost to the point in the bed is soaked and she can hardly feel anything if anything at all. Just as Grover had said the easiest way is to fingure her but there is an easier way to the point when your hand is numb. The stronger you are the better it is my hand used to go numb and I can bench 310.It wasnt untill after a year and a half did I find out how to do it. If she is layin g down stick your fingures about three inches into her clit and instead of going in and out go up and down (towards her back and then towards her front.Do this very fast and you will see and in no time you will have her soaking wet in know time. Be sure to do this only after she is in the mood kiss her on the lips then work your way down. Im not saying this will work for every girl because every girl is different but this is only my experience. So ya guys good luck try this if you need it.

How do girls get wet?
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WORSHIP HER BOOBS! do not underestimate how turned on a girl can get from boob stimulation. while you're making out, this is a great way to get a girl wet. slip your hand under her shirt and unbuckle the bra. to whatever you want: gently squeeze them, rub them, massage them, touch them all over, the tip of the nipple is really sensitive - she'll be wet. but tease her some more before going south! if her shirt is off - LICK them, suck on them, nibble, you can even (gently) bite on them. to make your way south: have your mouth on one boob, your hand on the other boob, and your other hand roaming and exploring, until you make it inside and under her pants. keep your mouth on one boob, one hand on her other boob, and use the other hand on her vag. stick your fingers in to lubricate your fingers with her juices (because she WILL be super wet, trust me), and rub her CLIT first. tap it and rub it softly at first. then make your way deeper, rub the labia. your fingers should be slippery because she's so wet. this will make is easy to insert your finger(s) in her. Go in and out, slowly at first and then faster. remember to vary the movements. don't do one movement for too long - part of the pleasure comes from not knowing what you're gonna do next - surprise her! don't forget to keep fondling her boobs with your mouth, or making out at the same time, if you can!

When a girl gets wet, is it cum or discharge?
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the only way I found that you can make her wet is if you f uckin finger her forever,cus your fingers wont cum and fuc k it up. like when your fingering her with your point finger and middle finger or one at a time,,, with the other hand rubb/massage her clit,,,do this at the same time,, do this untill your hands get tired and numb,shes going to move and figit but dont stop thats why you are rotating, try to do this forever I know your going to get tired but when your doing this think about ish you got to do the next day like pay a bill or what should I eat tommorrow or what wheels should I get for my ride etc just so your time can go by faster and you dont get tired of it and just give up or start boning,,,shes going to get soaked like crazy,,finger her till she cums or she tell you to bone her or whatever, JUST DONT STOP fingering her,,,no pain no gain hehe...if you did it correctly you will put your d ick in her face and shes not going to think twice about sucking it. shes going to be to horny thats shes going to crave that coc k in her mouth

How can I tell if my girlfriend is wet?
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dude relax, its perfectly normal for a guy to get hard when hookingup. most girls like it because they know their guys excited and she shouldnt dump you for that because its gonna happen with almost every guy she hooks up with

getting really wet
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Aww she not going to dump u I'm 14 years old and my boyfriend had that problem to and he told me and at first I blush and kinda laughed but were still happens sometimes but I take as a coplment

Wud you get wet if a boy feels yer boobs?
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Aww she not going to dump u I'm 14 years old and my boyfriend had that problem to and he told me and at first I blush and kinda laughed but were still happens sometimes but I take as a coplment

how can I get her wet.

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