How to make a home made vibe or dildo?

Hi, I'm a girl and I want to find new ways to masturbate and was thinking a home-made vibrator or dildo,can't buy one, but not sure how. any ideas?

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I like tape a giant sharpie like those really big ones to an electric toothbrush(so you don't havta throw it awy are somin) I dk im onlii 13 im a lil hore though lolz! Kiddin (maybe)

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paper mache

Homemade dildo?
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If you want a really neat, but discreet vibrator of your own. Purchase a battery operated cross action toothbrush with ultra soft bristles. Use some KY for lubricant, just a dab. Gently use the brush on your labia and in between moving up to your clit. You can even reach your G spot with it.

Keep it extremely clean and do not let anyone else use it. ever ever ever!

Or, use your fingers and a lubricant! :) :)

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Electric tooth brush, banana, cucumber, shower soap bottles, pop bottles, eating utensil handles, frozen or thawed, hot-hot dog-sausage/ depending how big your $ussy is.

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