How to get offf the comp?

How to stop using the comp for too long? I got nth to do, so I stick my abutt on the comp seat, help.

Answer #1

theres nothing wrong with it I enjoy using the comp a lot what else can you do? watch tv? isnt any better, and the weathers crap and its always dark out, so im not hanging around on streets… its freezing…

Answer #2

no one is making you sit in front of your PC, get up and get out…

Answer #3

I know its really hard to get off the computer since I’m also on mine everyday until I get to bed. The only times I’m not on the computer is when I’m out and about with friends and resting or watching TV. You should do the same. Watch TV, go out with your friends or family, play a game with your siblings if you have any, work out like one person on here suggested, ect. Computers can be addicting but, in a way, there is nothing wrong with being on the computer especially when the weather is nasty and such. Its better then comitting crime and getting in trouble with the police. Also, what you could do to get yourself off the computer is to set a time limit such as your alarm to make time for other things. You could also help your parents with chores around the house as well so that you could be active and such. Its really hard though not to be away from the computer since I know the feeling but, I’m able to take breaks from the computer when I’m away or wanting to do other things. I wish you luck and Marry Christmas!!

Answer #4

You may wish to consider posting this in a different interests forum. However, I will still try to help you out. I too use the computer a lot and typically stay up quite late using it. Just because you use the computer a lot (excessively) doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice anything as such.

Organising get-togethers with friends is always good motivation for getting up and away from the computer. Maybe try going to the gym or even buying some fitness equipment for your home and that is a way to get yourself active and keep you healthy. Instead of using instant messaging programs to talk to your friends, why not give them a call or something? Although I’m fit, I used to sit at the computer for hours and do nothing until I decided just to change things up a bit.

Give yourself a program or something along those lines. After 30 minutes or an hour of being on the computer, get up and be active for half that time (or more). Inevitably your activity level will increase. This is also a great means of relieving yourself of stress and other such issues. Going outside and getting some fresh air is also a great help, especially if you follow-up on that by taking a walk or a run, etc.

There is an endless number of things you can do to get away from the computer. Friends and other aspects of your social/ family life are always great for getting you away from the computer, so never be too shy to ask your mates to have a night on the town or play some sport with you. Use your imagination and I’m sure you will come up with a lot of alternatives to help you get away from your computer-chair. Despite how awesome swivel-chairs are (lol), it’s a big world out there. Have some fun :)!

Answer #5

I use computer a lot myself, I findit hard to get away because I think its my own customized world. I can do watervr I can watch films, chit chat get naught watver

I think I dont have very close friend whom I can talk to that’s why I think I use computer.

if you r not alone get a friend and spend time with them than you will see you r not using pc for long time.

but I know its hard to get a friend nowadays people are too busy with their own work.

but anwya good luck

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