how to give a lap dance

I was wondering how to give a lap dance. how do you start and end it? is there any helpful websites to learn from? thanks.

Answer #1

I think a two great songs to give a lap dance to are suspicions the tim mcgraw version, not eddie rabbit and black magic woman by santana.

Answer #2

hi,I’m an ex dancer so I can add self helpful advice on how to give a lapdance… Some sexy beat song ideas: ~Drip sweat-david banner ~I touch myself-the divinyls ~get low-li john ~over and over again-nelly ~promiscuous girl-nelly ~angel-aerosmith ~diamonds and pearls-prince ~lets get it on-marvin gaye ~you can leave your hat on-joe cocker

(Anything with a steady ,sexy or slow beat will work)

Here are some more “move” ideas: (this may be too graphic for some so if it is dont read any further,but I dont know how else to say it,than to just say it) ~you stand barefoot on the guys knees and slowly grind your privates in the guys face ~you turn away from the guy and spread your leggs and arch your back and pause to let him admire you… ~you slide your leggs slowly down your leggs while in the above position until your hands are as far down as you can get them and then you slowly slide them back up as you come up ~you turn away from him and lay/lean your body over him as you pinch your nips,and or rub your body ~you grind your hips over his lap with his leggs close and your open ~if youre flexible,you get close to him and lift your leg up in a ballerina type pose ~you turn away from him and lay belly down on his lap,trying not to touch his pelvic area with yours,but just above it,and grind,as if youre having sex,but you arent… ~you slowly grind down to the floor or you squat with your leggs spread down to the ground and then you simulate like youre having oral… ~you put one foot inbetween his leggs on the chair or on the arm of the chair,with that leg bent and the other foot on the ground and you grind ~as you walk torwards him in between moves you can walk forward while rolling your hips from front to back EXTRA HELPFUL THINGS ~do try to feel sexy and turned on ~do use a lot of eye contact ~do dance to sexy music ~the more you wear,the more you can take off ~school girl,nurse,maid,and police woman costumes work well ~sexy lingerie works well too ~remember if you run out of moves to do,you can always repeat moves ~the slower you move,the more sexy it will look ~do not let him touch you…but you can touch him HOPE THIS HELPS…

Answer #3

wow not even I knew that much … I thought it was just dancing above him stripping and caressing yourself slowley…biting your lip time to time…HOTT!

Answer #4

okay now that we know how to give a lap dance, what’s the best kind of music to go along with it?

Answer #5

hahah thts amazin….but cn a ask wts a good song to do it to???

Answer #6

this is fine for giving a guy a lap-dance, what if you’re a guy wanting to give a woman a lap-dance?

Answer #7

Know i wanna go to a party…..and give some one a lap dance.

Answer #8

hehe cool stuff! um any tips on what the women might enjoy more when a man wants to give one to his girl and is a rythemless white boy that cant dance? i baught an outfit though hahaha

Answer #9

first you just got to feel sexy. once your confident it cant be THAT bad.. lol and if your not horny or want the guy.. you will probly suck.. so make sure it with someone you like or want to sleep with hahaha just feel hott and dirty and get your freak on

Answer #10

lol.. I dont care how will the girl do that.. as long as she gave a lap dance.. lolz

Answer #11

wow thanks so much for the info. now i am ready to go out and give my b/f an awesomne lap dance

Answer #12

the idvice here is super thank you .

Answer #13

Let him feel your boobs too. He’ll love that.

Answer #14


Answer #15

My boyfriend asked me for a lap dance the other night and I had no idea what to do, this has helped me a lot.

BUT it says that not letting him touch you is an important part could you just handcuff him to really ensure him not touching you?

Also could you maybe blind fold him at first rub on him a little take it off and then move away so that he had a taste, but he couldnt see and now he REALLY wants to touch you but can’t?

Answer #16

joyas4christmas has the best anwer to this; anything by Maxwell makes me want to do my wife… I’m planning on FINALLY giving her a lap dance for her upcoming birthday. I just need some courage juice! Another song that might be good is Any time Any place by Janet. Also the school girl thing is what she fantasizes about so I got a plaid skirt and am goingn to get some knee highs and wear my “come f* me heels” and a little white button down shirt with a nice white pretty lace bra underneath.

wish me luck!

Answer #17

lol those were really helpful, lols, I was just wonderin if there was anything speciel that you can do, but yeah, im good now, lols

Answer #18

You girls are totally awesome for learning how to give your guys a lap dance. If my girl did this for me, I would never visit the strip clubs again… Never!

Answer #19

You girls are totally awesome for learning how to give your guys a lap dance. If my girl did this for me, I would never visit the strip clubs again… Never!

Answer #20

You girls are totally awesome for learning how to give your guys a lap dance. If my girl did this for me, I would never visit the strip clubs again… Never!

Answer #21

Im going to try that soon:) Yea like what Frostbite Mint said how do you practice a lapdance or can you? Id like some advice on that too.

Answer #22

eye contact is the biggest thing…never let go of his gaze… as you dance for hin, make sure you give him a sexy I want to f*k you look :)

Answer #23

Take it from me (hint, hint)! The type of music you want should be slow, arousing, and exotic…try these songs…Justify My Love by Madonna, Submerge by Maxwell, Sexin You by Maxwell, So Fine by Mint Condition, Sexual by Shai, Would You Mind by Janet Jackson, Scandalous by Prince, Sumthin Sumthin Mellosmoothe by Maxwell, Seems Like You’re Ready by R. Kelly! Perfect songs! Trust me! You must set the tone and let him know you are in control, tell him not to touch you and everytim he goes to throw his hands away. let your confidence in your body emanate! Touch yourself as to let him know you could be doing this and im enjoying it. Then move with the music. Slowly and sultry… do you know how to make your booty clap? It DRIVES MEN CRAZY! Turn around stick it out and slightly pop both of your knees back and there’s the clap! If you don’t have that much I would go down and move it around in a circular motion to arouse him. Make your breast visible but not too visible..don’t start naked because then you don’t leave much to the imagination…sit on his lap with you breast in his face and rub them over his mouth and grind slowly on his lap almost like you’re having sex with him and moan lightly as well. He will feel it ask him, “you like that big daddy?” to give him a little boost. then I would put my hands on my own breast as to say look what I’ve got! Then turn around and put it in his face. Let him know what he can have if he behaves, ask him if he wants it, ask him how bad and then continue to grind. Leave his mouth watering! I woud definitely recommend “Would You Mind” by Janet Jackson…has a very sexy playful sultry feel!

Answer #24

I’m going to use Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack on my beau. He already thinks that song is sexy without us doing anything to it, just having it on in the background when we’re talking.

Answer #25

“why the heck do you want to give a lap dance? it is not like you ar egoinjg to become a strippe when you get older” because it’s a good way to turn a guy on or spice up your sex life. I’m guessing you think it’s slutty? Well to be honest thats like saying giving head is slutty! And thanks for all the tips guys =D x

Answer #26

I noe confidence’s the key but how can you actually practice lapdancing? can you just practice it by yourself?

Answer #27

okayy here’s the basic just be naked be slow tease him and just give him sexy.

Answer #28

ok sexiest lap dance I ever got was just absolutely random. telling a guy he’s getting one ruins the suprise and if you just throw him in a chair and go to work its twice as nice I can vouch for that one

Answer #29

Basicly you just sit on his/her lap.You got to feel the music.It’s just like dancing while sitting down with just a little more sexy movements into it..That’s all!! By the way.. I’m Jasmine

Answer #30

totally planning a lapdance for my fiance, out of my comfort zone and we got into a Sex routine, and i wanted out of it. I LOVE this advice. TOTALLY I am dancing to Buttons by the pussycat dolls. I am nervous but more excited to spice up our sex life.

Answer #31

use music thats upbeat… but soothing… something that you might find at a club and yet it has to fit the mood that you want… make sure the lyrics dont overpower the beat and make sure its something you feel comfortable dancing with. as long as it describes movments with the instramentals and undertone and the lyrics are an additional undertone and even paced, it will be fine.

Answer #32

i advise all of ya’ll to buy carmen electras striptease vidoes!!! there all 4 of them that teach you HOW to give a lap dance or strip dance!!! prefectly appropriate and SUPER SEXY!!! i luv them!!!!

Answer #33

I agree feel sexy, I worked at a place once and the women who get the most money are not who you would think. Men like whats real and they like feeling like they are the only ones you are dancing for so it doesn’t matter what your built like or what you wear just feel it inside and remember the eye contact is the best thing no matter what!

Answer #34

da best songs for lap dancing are #1 drip sweat #2 low #3 give my more #4 toxic #5 I touch myself

Answer #35

red jeans… youre boyfriend should love it either way and hes not a very good boyfriend if he makes fun of you to his friends.

Answer #36

drip sweat by david banner sexy an dirty easy to suduce a boy with an move to

Answer #37

I have really bad self confidence, I really want to give my b/f a lapdance but he has already been to strip clubs and the idea of mine being so bad and him finding it funny or worse telling his friends scares me. I don’t want to embarrass myself I would just ruin what I have left of my confidence! Help!!

Answer #38

start off by looking in there eyes and get in their lap and grind

Answer #39

10 Easy Steps How To Give A Lap Dance… (1)You got to Loosen Up A Bit, Take Your Time, Feel Sexy, Feel The Urge To Dance (2)Place Him\Her On A Chair (3)Once Youve Put Them In Their Place You Beggin To Arouse Him\Her By Dancing 4 feet Away (4)Once Youve Done That Then You Get Closer But Not To Fast You Want Them To Enjoy It And Not Just Jump To The Bed! (5)Moving Your Hips Back And Forth Closer And Closer You Begin To Touch Your Body Like Its Really Turning You On (Dont Forget To Smile) (6)Make Sure That He Knows He Cant Touch You Its A Hands Off Deal! Common Ladies Take Control (7)Now Start Moving Your Butt Closer Too His Lap But Dont Sit Just Slowly Rub Your Butt On His Lap They Love It! (8)Slowly Turn Around And Have Your Chest Out Same With The Butt Make Sure That He Knows Your Encharge Tease Him With I Little Bit Of Touching (9)Kiss His Neck Lightly Then Moan Lightly In His/Her Ear Kinda Like a Sigh But The Kind That Turns People On! (10)Once You See He Is Very Aroused And Cannot Take Anymore! You Let him Take Over!

Dont Forget To Pick A Good Hip Swinging Song To Go With It

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