How to get straight a's

ok, I am in 7th grade and mi dad sed that he wood get me a laptop if I got strate a’s.I need sum tips on how 2 git strat a’s and also I need sum laptop ideas 2 incase I can git 1.

Answer #1

A great book to read is “How to get straight a’s and have fun at the same time” Major points: 1.Be at every class.

  1. Sit up front.
  2. Take notes, and review them.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  4. Do your homework BEFORE class.
  5. Don’t study up to the last minute, it frustrates your brain.

Good luck! I wish my dad gave me that deal!

Answer #2

The best thing to do is to stay focused. When you’re not focused you will get off track and your grades will go down. I would suggest setting some time aside for just homework and homework only… Turn off T.V’s and video games and cellphones, if you want to listen to music while doing your work that’s a great idea. When you are in school sit in the front of the class or if you don’t want to ask questions! No matter what, I remember a time in school where I didn’t get something I would make the teacher keep explaining it over and over until I did. You can also get a tutor or maybe sit next to someone who gets what you are doing and ask for their help… but NEVER cheat it will always come back to haunt you. Write down notes too that always helps me especially when a test comes up and most importantly: STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! Study until your brain can’t take it anymore.

I hope I helped and just do the best that you can!

Answer #3

well for one, pick a laptop tonight or tomorrow, get that out of the way, so you’re not using your brain for that… Find the laptop you want, and then get a picture of it. Put the picture in a couple places, in your school notebook, on your bedroom door so you see it everyday before school. Know that this is your goal. Vizualize yourself as already having the laptop and enjoying it. Now, with that in the back of your head, do the same with your report card. Visualize yourself showing the str8 A report card to your dad, it already happened, thats how it is, and you’ve got to beleive that.

Goto school, and PAY Attention… Take notes on everything, taking notes helps you retain information. Don’t chit chat, don’t hang out, don’t do anything but work. It sounds tough but you’ll love the pay out… Do your homework every night.. Double check your work too, everything… if you study hard, and you really want it, and you visualize yourself as a sucess you will meet your goals…

Answer #4

basically, just listen to the teacher and take notes if you have to. Maybe make flashcards to study with-I know it’s cheesy, but it’s worth the laptop. Also, as was already mentioned, try to get a seat in the front. That makes it impossible not to pay attention. I wish I could get a laptop…:)

Answer #5

welll…I get straight a’s by paying attention in class so I don’t have to study. as for the laptop… get a touch screen one on that comes w/ a pen. they’re cool.

Answer #6

okay when I was in 7th grade I was a big trouble maker dont do that trust me lol but do all your homework and study really hard and make sure you dont have any late or missing assiments that can really bring you down hope I helped good luck

Answer #7


  • Homework first
  • Take notes
  • Stay organized: Get a planner and write all your assignments and stuff
  • Only join an extra curricular activities if you know that it won’t interfere with school
  • Ask questions if you need help
  • Pay good attention
  • Don’t be a disruptive brat, even if your friends are
  • No side conversations, you miss stuff that way
  • Be punctual
  • Try not to miss any school days, you’ll get behind in your work

Plus, remind your dad that a laptop will benefit your school work, maybe you’ll get it sooner than he intended to give it to you.

Good luck!

Answer #8

I totally agree with heyjay2 in both things…about the studing thing paying attention in class helps you about 80 % and when u’ll do your assiments u’ll complete onother 10 % so all you have 2 do is 10% studing…actually that’s what I do and it works but remember the most imortant thing is 2 pay attenction to what your teacher is saying and if you have a small notebook or something 2 write down the important nots that you think you might forget


Answer #9

pay attenion concentrate be a good little person give no headaches and actually DO your schoolwork..

get the HP special edition.. it comes with a freakin webcam and a whole bunch of SH* its soo freakin awesome!! my dad bought it for me for doing what I just I wanted this laptop so I worked for it how I was suppose to!! (and you can choose for it to be touch screen whenever you want!)

Answer #10

I got straight a’s for doing my homework, being organized and finding the shortcuts in the books

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