How can I get rid of sunburn peeling?

I went fake and bake andgot burnt and now my back is peeling and its all in spots it looks sooo bad is there any way I can make it peel faster of get rid of it because I have a wedding in a month and dont want my back to be ugly please help as soon as possible thank you

Answer #1

Here’s some info:

Good luck !!

Answer #2

Just wait it out. The same thing happened to me a WEEK before prom, and I flipped out! But even a week was plenty of time for my massive sunburn [all over my chest, back, shoulders, and arms!] to peel, and the night of prom, I was very comfortable in my strapless dress.

You can’t stress over it. Let it peel, exfoliate it if you wish, and keep it moist for sure, but DON’T try to “stop” the peeling.

Peeling is an essential part of a sunburn, where the damaged cells are removed. This process is important because the cells run the risk of going haywire and becoming cancerous. So the best thing to do is just let your body do its thing!

You’ll be glowig in no time! =]

Answer #3

hi what I do I put aloe I perfer(hawaii tanmarker) or get the plant and chop of one of the steams and squeazit out ant rub all of it on you skin . sorry about the spelling I’m only 10.

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Take a shower and use some really good body wash, I prefer Arbonne FYI shower gel. Instead of using those little puffs that are usually great for putting body wash on, Use a natural brissled body brush. After you get out of the shower, use a good thick body butter, once again I like the Arbonne FYI body butter. (these products can be purchased in a set at After that I usually throw in a nice pair of sweats, and relax for a while. The body butter will get onto the inside of the sweats, but you body will still be exposed to the lotion, and will still absorb it. Good luck. (I am a surfer and have been through some really nasty sunburns)

Answer #6

((1))cut on tha shower ta really really hot ((2))once tha bathroom iz fogged, cut down tha temp. ov water ta warm ((3))get in tha shower n wash wit Johnson’z Shower Gell ((4))stay in bath room after bath ((5))blot ur body,((ur body should be damp)) ((6))use lotion,((Cocoa Butter)), on affected area ((7))put on clothez, n walk out bathroom ((8))continue this for a week

Answer #7

haha! i peeled mine off! in class…. its a good way to get it off fast while entertaining urself…. i tried ignoring in but then it just peeled on my clothes…..exfoliate wit a loofa or sumthin.

Answer #8

get someone to scrub your back with a sponge and soap in circular motions. first to the right then to the left. after your shower.. Make sure to put LOTS of cream on it, (vitamin e included works best because it rejuvenates and restores it) if you scrub ur back every other day it works best. picking at it will make the peel uglier just exfoliate it off( scrub and moisturize) DONT take baths or long showers either it dries out the skin MAJOR making it peel more. the skin color will change dont WORRY! youl look great by the time the wedding comes.

Answer #9

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Answer #10

Aloe vera is no good for sunburn, my doctor said that it just drys it out.

Answer #11

what I do is take one of those dog hair remover things. the sticky roll thing, and I just roll it around over the peeling shin and it takes it off in sheets. works fast

Answer #12

How long you guys peeling? Sounds bad. Best way to get rid of peeling is to put normal lotion on it gently, even the new skin if it’s showing. Also, wear clothes, regardless of how disgusting the dead skin is on your clothes. Speeding it up is simply done by when it starts peeling, take off the dead skin that’s folding up. Don’t peel it off of yourself though.

Answer #13

dont go in da sun

Answer #14

Try a loofa (ph) sponge. Or there are some other products that women use to defoliate their skin, it will help. Next time immediately use lots of alovera gel every couple of hours. You can immediately feel it taking the “burn” away and it will keep you from peeling as badly. But must be done as soon as you come in.

Answer #15

the best peeel n natural scrub for u wud be

rub that affecte area with lemon

it feels like burning..but soon the sunburnt area wil b fine

Answer #16

scrub scrub scrub it might hurt =( but after you scrub it put on a thick lotion, like cocoa butter, or a balm. good luck!

Answer #17

DONT PEEL IT….. that only makes it worse.

Answer #18

I have a question.. my skin is peeling and I peeled some of it already. but my mom told me not to peel it just leave it. but my skin tone is different now. is that normal?? and should I keep moisturizing it?

Answer #19

im peeling really bad right now!! its horrible!

Answer #20

how long will the peeling stay on my face for?

Answer #21

I just went to the beach last weekends and I got a horrible sunburn and it’s peeling really bad and I’m supposed to go back to the beach this weeked and idkhow to get rid of it! I tried moisturizing but I don’t know what to use.

Answer #22

lotion lotion lotion lotion lotion lotion

Answer #23

use lotion every time befor you go to bed and when you wake up and when you go some were

Answer #24

I have peeled all over my chest and it is peeling realy bad it looks horrible I keep crying, I have got a party in a couple of days and I am suposed to be wearing a boobtube dress I dont know how to get rid off it.

Answer #25

Take showers and gently slough it off. Put a mixture of baby oil and cocoa butter lotion on your skin after every shower and before bed and as often as you can.

Here is a list of lotions you can try:

  • Palmers Cocoa Butter
  • Burt’s Bees After Sun Moisturizer
  • Hawaiian Tropic after Sun
  • Banana Boat Sooth-A-Caine Aloe Vera Spray Gel

Anything with Aloe Vera as one of the main ingredients should help your sun burn heal. Apply it often throughout the day and wear light, loose fitting clothing as it heals.

You’re a month out from the wedding, it should be fine by then.

There is no reason to burn and peel so bad at the fake and bake! The staff should be helping you pick an appropriate time so that you don’t burn like that. There is usually a chart on the beds that clue you in as to how much time you should be spending.

I have medium skin and I only do 4-5 minutes my first time out and work up to 10 minutes in about two weeks. Next time, just go for a few minutes, less the lighter your skin tone is.

Answer #26

I don’t know what to do. this is the first sunburn I have ever gotten and it is BAD. very very bad. all over my chest shoulders and thighs. there are half palm sized discoloration patches on my body now from where I’m peeling (and I admit I have peeled some of it of because it has been irritating me so much). how long will it take for the discoloration to go away? :(

Answer #27

The best product I have ever found for that is Banana Boat pure aloe gel. I would assume other brands would work too. If you put it on dry peeling skin it literally makes it dissappear and it smells good and works fast. When I used to wear make up everyday I would use little amounts of it on my face to make any dry or peeling patches on my face disappear before applying makeup.

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Answer #29

never ever ever try to peel the skin off yourself. bad idea. your skin may look horrible for a while but it will pass. keep the skin moisturized. NIVEA is a good choice. do not reveal your skin to the sun, it will only make it worse. bt if you must, cover it with sunscreen even if its only for a while. when taking a shower do not scrub hard. it turns red and its the same as if you were peeling your skin off…and plus, it really hurts

Answer #30

Eat them with a little tabasco

Answer #31

just keep it moisturized

Answer #32

take a hottt shower!(:

Answer #33

Put on cocca butter lotion let it soak for a few then just rub it off with a dry wash cloth it will hurt but it works…u will be red for that night but back to normal the next day hope this helps

Answer #34

It’ll be gone by then don’t worry. And as for getting rid of it you can’t thats just the natural way of things but im sure it will be gone before your wedding though. When I had a bad sunburn it took it like a week or two for it to go away not more than a month.

Answer #35

you cant really get rid of it, but it burns at first then sort of sooths is if you put a little bit of non perfumed lotion on your back, if you use perfumed it will stink like hell.

dont try it, it really hurts.

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