How to get rid of acne fast?

How to get rid of acne fast?

Answer #1

BTW, the salt scrub thing that lindzf mentioned hurts. It stings really bad and makes your pimples bleed. Trust me, I just tried it. Unless you WANT to be in pain,I wouldn’t try it. And the problem is, it didn’t even do anything for my skin. If I were you, I woulndn’t give this any of my time.

Answer #2

The most amazing thing I have EVER done with my face is a salt scrub…literally. Scrub salt on your face for about 30 seconds and let is sit for a minute or two and then rinse it off. The effects are amazing. You’ll see a change right away. Your skin will feel softer and nicer right away!

Answer #3

I stopped eating sweets. That made a HUGE difference! And wash your face at least twice a day.

Answer #4

use oxy and off brand noxema it works miracles for me you see how clear my skin is

Answer #5

u dont man it just sux- thts how life is! ugh and try washing your face more often and crap- it might work or not… all these websites are lame none of them actually gives you advice that works so I suggest you just wash your face and exfoliate more often and if it doesnt work just live with it- im sure ull find someone wholl luv you including your acne man good luck (your gonna need it-)

Answer #6

I have the same problem. I just use clearasil, because proactive does not work for me. dont touch your face, AND DONT POP YOUR PIMPLES UNTIL THEY BULGE WHITE OR YOU WILL GET SCARES. anyway if your pimples are bulging white, just give them a little squeeze, and bacteria will come out. then just rub it down wit alchol. if you pimples are not bulging white, and you forcethem to pop, you will get scars, that’s what I have because I just CANT STOP popping threm, the white stuff is too much fun.

Answer #7

Another product I’ve found VERY helpful is Clean and Clear’s advantage fast clearing spot treatment. It cleared my zits and pimples in a matter of hours!!! They don’t call it fast clearing for nothing!!!

Answer #8

1 make sure you don’t touch yur face oil and dirt will iratate yur skin and cause black and wite heads & pimples 2 wash yur face daily with a hot wet cloth you can use ether hot water or a moisterizer such as cetaphil or clean and clear cream 3 do this daily and make sure 2 drink lots of WATER not to much juice WATER!! after a couple days yur face will b acne free!

Answer #9

I have problems with pimples, too. But mine aren’t bad. Really, they aren’t bad at all. I can’t seem to help it either and it comes worse around my period. What should I do?? I use a Facial Clay Mask of cucumber, which makes the skin look softer, and Avocado and Oatmeal. You can find these products at Walmart in the face and makeup section. It really works. There’s also another product that helps with exfoliating. St. Ives Apricot scrub really helps!! I use it every time I get in the shower. The truth is, all of us deal with pimples and acne. Just some of us try to hide it!!

Answer #10

all you do is…

keep your hands of your face wash your face with a warm cloth 2-3 a day apply toothpaste of your face before going to bed, let it harden. once a week try putting guacamole all over your face and let it sit for 10-15 minutes! Put honey,lemon juice, I teaspoon of boiled milk onto your face. this may cause itchyness but it really works! Let it sit for 30-40 minutes! it’s worth the wait!


Answer #11

I have had a claer face for the longest time but now I hit 8th grade and my face started breaking out really bad its like terriable I try everything I wash my face every night and morning but I could possible have all this acne because I touch my face a lot but I don’t know cann someone tell me sumthin that really works for acne

Answer #12

well I have good skin like pimple free except at a certain time of the month and somethin that works for me are those little stride x alcohol pad thingies, and then that really cleans it up but it drys your face so u’ll wna use a moisturizer if you dont already, so I only get a 1 pimple when im on my period and I use Oxy maximum acne treatment..and you put it on the pimple before you go to bed. DONT put it all over your face. my friend did that its stupid and a waste.. you only need to put it on the affected area because its an extremely small bottle,

also masks help. I do a mudd mask at least 2 times a week

and it works wonders=]

Answer #13

all you have to do is buy a acne medicine that will make them go away..then every morning and night before you go to be wash your face with it..get a rag and wet it with hot water then put that on your face..that opens up your pores..then put the face wash on it then let it sit for a few miniutes..then wash it off with hot water..then when you have all of it off then wet your rag with cole water and put it on your face that closes up your pores and its harder for blackheads to get in your skin

Answer #14

I have reasonably good skin . only on that ‘special’ time of the month do I get a few pimples . I once had rather badish kinda acne on my forehead but using Proactiv Solution cleared it up in just about a week ! it works wonders for me but also I use the Proactiv Refining Mask and put that on my pimples when I go too bed and wash it off in the morning ! it really helps. Toothpaste over night also really works. another way is drink lots of water and put hot flanels over your face re hearing them when they get cold like 8 times its so good!

Answer #15

arghh I have a Problem with ACNE; I went to my local tescos to pickup some cream called Quinoderm Cream For ACNE and I sucks I apply it, it stings and nothing works, what did work for me was Get some hot honey and rub it on your head, don’t do it when you go to sleep because you will get honey all over your pillow, then if you cook egg for break fast, keep the egg shells’s remaning egg whites and rub it on your forehead (or where your acne problem is) then go to sleep it will harden in the morning then you can wash your face with warm water and soap, if you have already squeezed the pimples out then rub lots of sea salt on your forehead, for about 10 minutes this is allow your skin to compress the wholes; then rub Lemon Juice on your forehead, it will hurt, but try and keep the lemon juice on your forehead for about 10 minutes, I know I tried this lemon juice trick and I could only do it for about 1 - 2 Minutes, but its worth the wait, I also found the honey solution worked very well and tips: don’t eat too much fried food, keep away fromt he sun if you sweat a lot like me, drink at lease 8 cups of water a day and wash your face if you in the morning after school (if you go school) and in the night before you go to sleep. HOPE THIS HELPS!!

Answer #16

I broke out on my forehead due to menstrational issues. Ha, great ( : But I’m going camping with a bunch of people this weekend, and I know the sun will dry up my pimples if I take off my makeup! Which I’m literally scared to do. I hate when poeple see me without makeup. I look like a strawberry. I have acne on the side of my cheeks and my forehead reallly bad. And I want it to go away in 2 days. Is there anything I can do? And I tried toothpaste…didn’t work. I’ve tried benzoil peroxide and that didn’t seem to help. Now I just need help. Something that actually works. I’m sick of going to websites, trying all these different things, and none of them work! Thanks a ton…PLEASE HELP ME!

Answer #17

Though some of the reccomendations may make sense to you that doesnt mean it works… The only solution for acne is The One and only PROACITVE SOLUTION EXTRA STRENGHT… THIS IS THE ONLY PROACTIVE THAT WILL WORK… It contains 7% benzoyll Peroxide. TRUST ME!!!

Answer #18
  1. Keep a good skincare regimen (AcneFree Terminator 10 works wonders; anything by Neutrogena if you need something more moisturizing) Experiment—while salicylic acid works for some people, others need a more potent formula, like benzyl peroxide (be sure not to strip your face of all moisture, though!). Keep in mind the percent of the active ingredient you are using—10% may be a bit much if you’re only working to clear up one or two zits.

  2. Talk to a dermatologist about anti-bacterial medications that may clear up your complexion. Since there is no ONE cause to acne (sometimes it’s your hormones to blame, sometimes it’s that pesky bacteria), there is also no ONE, sure solution. Explore your options and make the most of expert advice.

  3. The reason swimming at the beach works for ‘nzdaniel’ is probably due to the drying effects of the saltwater, which brings me back to my first point…

  4. If you’re a girl and nothing else works to clear your acne, not even the renowned Proactiv® Solution has you singing its praises, you may think about talking to your gynecologist about hormonal solutions. If you’re like me, you may have overactive hormones and will benefit from starting birth control—not only could it clear up your face, but it will also make your cycle more regular and aid in those painful monthly symptoms…especially if you’re not up for the challenge of #5…

  5. Cut dairy from your diet.
    Now, I know it’s hard, especially in the summer when there are ice cream cones everywhere you look, but IT WORKS! For my brother, after years of battling acne with doctors befuddled as to why their cures weren’t working, this is the one thing that finally won the war against the acne army (you know, since birth control wasn’t an option for him…:P).

Hope this helped!!!:)

Answer #19

ok so I have been searching for the cure to my acne and what I found is EXTREAMLY CHEAP AND SIMPLE!!! all it costs is about an hour of your time. what you do is go into your bathroom, shut the windows and doors and put a towel under the door to plug it up. next, turn your shower on hot and leave it on until you cant see anything. fill the sink with hot water, put a towel over your head and relax there for about 10 minutes. take a wash cloth and soak it in the water an put it on your problem spots for about 5mins each and keep re heating the cloth to keep it hot. then put the towel over your head again for annother 15 minutes. repeat this process for about an hour and then wash your face. TRUST ME YOU WILL SEE AN IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR SKIN!!!

Answer #20

I have tried so mny different things like proactive, acne free, sea breaze, clearasail, and a ton of other moey wasters. but the thing I ve found that works for me is:

sclice an strawberry in half fill your sink with hot water put a towel over your head let it sofen your face rub the strawberry on your face for 5 minutes let it sit leave the towell on your head for 10 min then rinse the strawberry off your face and NEVER TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!


Answer #21

First tie your hair back and wet your face with a washcloth after that Wash your face with noxzema cream let it sirt their for about 5 minutes then rinse it off. Afetr it is all washed get a face pad and pour about a quarter size drop of sea breeze and rub over your acne/pimples!! you can find all the products at you llocal walmart. HOPE I CAN HELP

Answer #22

**I have acne problems and I found out that if you put milk of magnesia all over you face it will dry up and remove the oils. I just shake the bottle to make sure all mixed up and pour it into a lil cup (make sure its white creamy paste kinda not the stuff that settles on top) and wipe it all over and let it sit over night. I’ve been doing it for a week or so and its be working pretty good on decreasing pimples

Answer #23

I’ve tried clearasil noxeama. and all of the step processes except proactive and Neutrogena crap. well THEY DO NOT WORK. I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO USE WELL KNOWN PRODUCTS SUCH AS CLEAN&CLEAR AND PROACTIVE. what I am using now is BIORE pore unclogging scrub for in the morning. then after I get done washing with that I put the OXY SPOT TREATMENT stuff. and @ nite I use OXY PADS MAXIMUM strength.( it might be to much so dont use maximum strength). and then I use the OXY thing again. I just got all of it about 3 days ago and I love it. I have acne all over my face but im getting great results. if you want clear skin and like the fresh (mint) feel of your face being clean then I suggest you do this.

tl ~@~ shacole

Answer #24

ddue, honestly, the best advice I have, which has worked for A LOT of people I know, is whatever you do DO.NOT.USE.BRAND.NAME.FACIAL.CLEANERS.!!! they don’t work, they make it worse, I advise washing your face with normal soap and getting NOXZEMA ANTI-BLEMISH ASTRIGENT, stuff’s great, it works wonders (:

Answer #25

put peroxide on your pimples twice a day. then aveeno cream. make sure though right after you put on the peroxide, wait 2 minutes then rinse it off before applyin the cream. your pimples should be gone in a day or 2

Answer #26

cut a lemon in half, then quarters, and just rub it on your face, it’ll sting a bit, but it’s worth it, you’ll feel your face tightning, which is the pores closing, don’t wash it off, then you’ll see a difference in a couple of days! =D Hope I helped x

Answer #27

I have an ance problem too. I found products to control the ance, but not to completely clear it. But I’d try that guacamole thing and that boiled milk,lemon juice, and honey thing. I think I’ll do that actually.^^

Answer #28

I too have a acne problem. I notice if I am in the sea like at the beach and go swimming it helps a LOT. In fact I will do this when I get my bike back so I can go to the beach. Half an hour at least. Every day (as long as no rain)

Answer #29

I have a few random breakouts between my eyebrows. I wash my face all the time with a wash, and use the oxy pads when it gets big. I have also been putting on tooth paste for a hour and washing it off… and it’s still there, any ideas… anyone?!

Answer #30

Hey Guys! I’ve had acne since I was a baby. Yes that is possible. I have lots of experience dealing with it! When treated correctly acne will often disappear within two days. If its mild enough even overnight on occasion. Here are the best tools: “Origins” spot gel – amazing overnight magic! very strong though so be prepared. “Clean and clear; Constant control” – tingles with minty freshness. Honestly? “Proactive” is really expensive and this stuff has exactly the same result for me. Proactive worked but didn’t completely cure me . This stuff is really good for my skin plus the “Clean and Clear” line has a bunch of different cleansers, lotions, toners and astringents so you can mix and match for your specific needs. Its really your best bet both economically and functionally. “Clinique; clarifying lotion” : They call it a lotion but really its an astringent! It comes in big bottles wherever they sell Clinique. I used Clinique for a couple years but this is the only thing I kept up with. It worked,I combine it with the “Clean and Clear.” And last but definitely not least my favorite tools: The wash cloth, and regular soap and hot water! In a hurry? Skin just feeling tired from all of the potions we slather on it? Let it take a day off by scrubbing (really scrubbing!-half the acne on our skin comes from not enough exfoliation) your skin with a facecloth and plain hot water- your skin will glow! Add strong soap like Lever 2000 or ivory all sudsy. You’ll feel and look great!

Before I go let me give you some advice : Don’t be afraid of being real with your skin. It can handle a lot, scrub it with a face cloth, use generous amounts of soap and potions and always protect it from the elements. Keep up with these and you’ll be so much clearer and happier!

Answer #31

My GOODNESS, that’s extensive!

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