How to get rid of acne easily?!

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thanks so much!

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To clear up your acne, find Doctor Tichenor's Mouthwash. It's this peppermint mouthwash/antiseptic concentrate that will clear it up almost overnight. all you have to do is wash you face with it, it'll burn a bit at first because of how strong the peppermint is, but trust me it works.

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sometimes acne is caused by eating a bunch of junk... this is debatable...

but you may have a food allergy causing your acne. if you have tried all the skin products and they don't work for you, try eating better and exercising daily.

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proactive works good.

or if its serious go to a dermatoligist.
but remember to be patient, most products dont work right away

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toothpaste dries it out and no im not kidding also keep your face clean and stuff you work with daily eg your phone fat gets transferred from your phone onto your face you might not even notice it.
Remember blackheads are caused by skin peeling not just dirt alone
that blocks the pores so try and keep your face clean.. wash it at least twice a day.

Also im on this medication called Purbac works like magic.
if it is really that bad then go see a dermatologist

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