How to get rid of a pointy nose?

I have a pointy nose and I want the end to be rounder without plastic surgery,,what can I do to make it round?

Thanks =]

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stick your chin out like a chicken and run as fast as you can into a brickwall=)

just joking...
there is absolutely nothing wrong with a pointy nose=)

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well... you can use a bronzer or a powder make up with a small make up brush to kind of shape your nose to how you want it to be by shading... but you can't do it heavily, just enough to shade and make a difference.. and trust me.. it makes a difference. experiement with it a little bit.

for example... someone with a wide nose would shade the sides of their nose to make it look narrower.

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you can't change your nose!! but here's what you can do:
my nose is nice, normal, natural, and I don't need to change cause I think I look nice with my natural nose!! (you should say this to yourself!! it will make you feel better and have more confedince!! you can try the shading, but you won't be comfertable, cause you won't be able to wash your face, kiss your boyfriend :), and it will show in the sun sometimes, so I think you should accept the way your nose is!! cause you can't change it!! that's how you are!!
hope I helped!! if you have any questions I'm only a funmail away!!!

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I agree with fivedashes that was my habit when I was a kid but now I want my nose pointy T_T the rounded nose I have now is ruining my imgage anyone help? please reply T_T

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rub and rub your pointy nose down down with a scarf or any other things =]
that was my habit when I was a kid but now I want my nose pointy T_T the rounded nose I have now is ruining my imgage anyone help? please reply T_T

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Make up will do you justice, really you cannot change your nose, because it is what god blessed you with, take what you have and make it HOTT. :]

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all of ya'll [who are saying "accept your nose"] need to be quiet! if you had a huge nose, you wouldn't be so chill about it, now would ya??!
hun, get plastic surgery. my mom is soo beautiful and she got a nose job. people couldnt look past her nose because it's the middle of your face. but now she's beautiful and people stare lol! don't let your nose stop you from fulfilling your inner beauty potential.

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I had the same problem, some months ago, but now it's not pointy anymore. 2 things you can do:

1. stop observing it and thinking it's pointy and bla bla.
2. with your fingers you can press the pointy part of your nose (I used to do it quite a lot, I kinda got used to it, so all the time I do it, I didn't even remember the pointy thing). Well just do that a lot. And you'll see results in about 1 month or 2.

Hope it helps!

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stick it in a loo with diarea in it

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Press on it all day long every day. Look in the mirror three weeks later, you nose will be flatter guarenteed by me!

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