How to get a guy to get clost to you and have sex

I am 14years old. And im wondering if I can find some people to give me help with this question because I can get close to guys but its like there affraid or something so im wondering how I can get them to come closer to me and have sex or me getting closer to him.Please Help Me

Answer #1

if the guy is scared, then that means he is aware that he is too young to be having sex and you should respect that, and consider being abstinant as well

Answer #2

That is the meanest thing in the world miguel you pervert you should be embarassed I wish I knew who you were so I could smack the sh*t out of you asshole!!!

Answer #3

I agree with Broom Rider. At 14 my sweety, your life is just starting and concentrating on sex is often the case because of our curiosity for more freedom. I’m about the coolest mom in the world, at least I think so… (I’m modest too).. ;) What I say to my 13 year old daughter and 16 year old son is that IF and WHEN they believe they are ready to have sex, they should understand that they are saying that they are ready for the possibility of having a child. Creating a reputation of being easy is very damaging too. Fast sex feels awesome and then you feel empty which will lead to feeling badly, which pushes you to keep making other bad decisions for yourself. We are all awesome people, we deserve special and fun times.

My best girl died from sleeping with people she hardly knew but was very attracted to. She was diagnosed at 23, but had been sick without knowing it for many years. She didn’t finish college, was never taken out by an awesome guy she could totally connect with and laugh the night away, never travelled, never married or had children of her own.

I also tell my kids to think of themselves from the outside. The “YOU” in 5 years, when you’re 19/20 years old. What is that person you will become expecting from the “YOU” right now? Everything in this life is decisions decisions decisions. That anyone on this site would give you advice on how to have sex at 14 when you should be protected is beyond me and should grow up a little and realize the impact of this advice. None of us can take back our first kiss, our first sex experience, our first trip to a hot destination etc… You have to make sure that on your death bed, hopefully when you’re old and gray sweety that you look back at a good life where you had a great time, with people that made you feel as special as you deserve to feel. Having sex is a lot of fun when you’re doing it for the right reasons and when you spend time first with someone you really like - it’s be build up to sex that’s awesome. The act only lasts a few minutes… Take good care and don’t give yourself to some undeserving, hormone driven boy who just wants to practice with you. Keep yourself safe beautiful.


Answer #4

First of all you need to decide if you really want to have sex with guys. At such a young age it's easy to get rumors spread about you that will haunt you for the rest of your school years (and possibly longer!). At 14-yr-olds aren't that sensitive or mature about sex.

Second of all if you decide to have sex you need to step up into those shoes and get the proper birth control and protection. Pregnancy and STDs are a real scare out there and condoms are only effective about 82% of the time! (they break every so often!) It's best to ask your parent(s) to help you get birth control, but if you can't here's the next alternative.

Go look in the phone book for a family planning center near you and call them. Ask if birth control is available for minors without parental consent. Some of them offer to minors who are 14 and over. Really look into this because it is worth it! Family Planning centers get alot of funding, so birth control pills, exams and condoms should be free.

Thinking about birth control is part of thinking about having intercourse. Some people choose to engage only in sexual behaviors other than intercourse – some because they prefer other forms of intimacy; some because they're not ready for intercourse; and some because they don't want to risk pregnancy.

As far as getting close to have sex… that sounds like you just want a guy to use for sex. Being close to a guy means your he's friend and someone he can ultimately trust. Not he's sex buddy. Sex is for when you're both READY to put complete trust in eachother.

Any questions, just ask!

Answer #5

i would wait a lil longer but ur gonna know eventally n e ways so if u and ur guy r wathcing a movie or laying by each other then whisper this to him “ i love you alot “ or something super sweet and lay on him or kiss him a lil then that should work if not then idk good luck

Answer #6

I will definitely side with kitcat on this one!

13, and 14 yr olds don’t understand that in order for sx to be a good thing, you need two people who are mature enough to really love and trust each other. When you don’t have that, sx is bad and leaves the girl feeling like she’s been used.

It is really normal for a 13, 14 yr-old boy or girl to think about sx a lot, be curious about sx and even want to try having s*x. Sometimes these feelings may be overwhelming. Masturbation can help relieve sexual feelings .

Some very powerful hormones have started to surge through your body by the time you’re 13. These hormone surges begin during puberty and have probably just started recently for you. These intense sexual feelings are something almost everyone experiences at some point. Some feel them as young as 13 and others when they are older.

Here is what is really important: Even though you may feel turned on or horny, it doesn’t mean you are ready to have sex. You aren’t!! There is a lot more to having a good sxual experience than just feeling desire or being curious about what sx might feel like. It is really, really important to also have a healthy and trusting relationship with a partner before you have any kind s*xual experience.

It is also important to understand all the good things and bad things that can result from having sx. Sx is just one of many ways to share intimacy with a partner and it has the most serious consequences, like getting pregnant or getting a s*xually transmitted disease (STD).

Some teens find that masturbation can help relieve their s*xual feelings if they become overwhelming.

Eventually, you will decide when you are ready to be s*xual with a partner. At that point, be sure you can talk openly with your partner, so that you can explain what you do want to do and don’t want to do. For example, maybe you feel comfortable kissing and rubbing with clothes on, but don’t want to go any further. Both partners need to know each other’s limits, so that no one feels forced, uncomfortable or regrets something the next day.

Someday you will feel ready for s*x. Many teens wait until they’ve graduated from high school or are in a certain kind of committed relationship, like being in love, being with a person for a certain amount of time or married. At that point, make sure it is something you are 100% certain about and won’t have any regrets about. Talk to friends, parents or someone you trust to make sure this is a healthy decision. Take time to talk to your partner about it, too, and make sure it is what he/she also wants.

I wish hun, that you had a mom like mine. She taught me about morals, and self respect! Your virginity is something to be cherish! Think about your body as a valuable treasure - something priceless and rare and incredibly special. It should not be shared with just anyone who treats you nicely, even if you really like him. Rather, you should save that kind of intimate physical connection for a guy who proves by his actions over a LONG time - not just a couple of months - that he truly loves you and respects your feelings and wants to be together with you for the long-term.

Most likely if you really take time to make sure you are ready for s*x, then it will feel good and you won’t regret it later!!

Answer #7

well on a good day if you aint ugly show a lot of skin and flirt

Answer #8

Wow 14 and intrested in sex when I was 14 I was to busy with school to have sex. U should enjoy life a little bit . But if you do have sex have him wear a condom for protection and , then get on birth control unless you want a lot of babies crying I dont want to scare you but be sure that you want to have sex with the guy you want to.:) Good luck.

Answer #9

wow I have never seen advice as bad as this before, all you people who are telling her how she can get them to sleep with her. you are not fit to answer this question, I mean how can you tell a 14 year old girl how to get laid, hunny its not like you even got that 1 good guy that you think its worth giving it to, it sounds like you just want to give it to anyone, you want guys to sleep with you, (GUYS) how many you thinking of. you need to keep your pants on and wait till you know the meaning of sex and what its about. sorry hun dont mean to be mean

Answer #10

just let them know u r a valuble to have s*x w/ ! even show some skin as well

Answer #11

could not have said it better myself kitcat, your way to young girl

Answer #12

as us girls know guy always want to have sex! proven that guys have sex on there mind every 12 sec. so be natural ask him if hes ready to have sex . make sure your on birth control and were protection, and if you dont wont to ask start to make out then as your making out take off your shirt then proceed further

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